Written by Non de plume

09 Sep 2019

There we were hiking up the last ridge to get to our overnight camp spot, a hut fit for a dozen or so campers so it would be ample for us eight going up there.

Finally destination in sight and we would be able to relax and rejuvenate for the next long day of 16km.

In the group there was myself, a middle aged man, a trio of university girls (their assets made up for their nagging and chatting on the trail), and two couples, middle aged like myself. All in all a nice group, there was no slacking by anyone when it came to making the dinner and cleaning up. But the events which will unfold that night will change my perception on a group of strangers forever.

It started when we were hiking and the trio of girls started the sexual conversation, clearly they realized me being single and the two other guys were staring at their asses when they were in the lead. They bragged about their house parties and how they would ride a first year guy so hard he would beg them to stop... a man's dream to be milked so bad ...

Well as the fire died down the conversation started to quieten up, the two couples turned in for the night as if they knew when the other was about to go to sleep..

I stayed awake looking at the clear clean night sky, the girls well they just did the marshmallows and painted their toenails.

While we were there outside we all started to hear distinctive moans from the ladies inside, the girls giggled and I let out a very big smile, keeping my look of being extremely horny to myself at that point. A good half hour had passed and the noises were not growing slower or softer, when the two guys came to huddle by the fire ... suddenly the penny dropped - the two wives were treating each other.

The girls quickly added up and saw that, hey they are three and it's three guys outside...

Could this turn into a nice orgy out under the stars?

Sure as shit they let slip their outer garments and suggested us guys throw a few blankets onto the ground so we have space to play and also enjoy a few orgasms...

Never seen three guys get blankets onto the ground in such speed and not to mention getting naked. Clothes flew simultaneously as we spearhead the blankets, the trio were ready, their nipples hard under the moonlit sky, shaved smooth and lustful minds eager to punish...

Hands groped, bodies writhed, moans and groans and juices mixed, as we shared each other. We all got a turn to fuck each one of these university girls, they had energy unlimited , however I think they didn't realise that with us being a bit older than their normal 19year old guys we maintain and drag out our time to cum. While we were busy with our thrusting clocks pounding away at tight wet pussies, their lips and mouths ravaging our long hard shafts. A total bliss of pure carnal fuckery.

The two wives had clearly finished their shenanigans and were quite content at watching us, and the last to notice the wives watching were their husbands.... almost apologetically they started, the wives spoke ... I hope you enjoying your alone time cause tomorrow night no one plays alone ....