06 Aug 2019

Its a cold grey rainy day in Cape Town today, I am sipping coffee at my desk and look out the huge office window accross at the hotel opposite our building.

I catch myself fantasizing about being in one of those hotel rooms a few floors up ,naked ,with a well hung male . Me down on my knees sucking his thick cock in front of the window for all to see. My pussy getting wetter throbbing yearning for his cock to fill me. Then he turns me around bends me over as he kneels and licks my wet cunt from behind tasting my sweet pussy juice. He has to feel me so he stands and shoves his hard thick cock deep into my already dripping wet warm cunt. I bite my lip , moan loudly and get more excited knowing that anyone accross at the office building or looking up could see us fucking at this hotel window. I cum within seconds he pulls out I kneel and suck his tasty cock covered with his cock juice and my pussy juice until he explodes in my wet warm mouth cum dripping down my tits. of my many fantasies