18 Aug 2016

If you have come here from my advert then I hope you enjoy this.

We are in the lounge, enjoying a bottle of wine. The wine has made us both a little tipsy which has just dropped our inhibitions. We both know what we want out of the evening and the thought of it is making you wetter than you imagined. I lean in for a kiss and you sink into the kiss, enjoying the feeling of my lips against yours as my hand finds its way to your soft, warm inner thigh. You spread your legs just a little; an invitation to my hand to continue on its journey.

Our lips have not parted but your legs have continued to spread, a little each time but the result is that my fingers are gently touching the soft cotton of your panties. I can feel your wetness and it only fuels the passion of my kisses. I break our kiss and whisper into your ear "I think its time we took this to the bedroom." You smile back at me and put your glass down. I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom.

At the foot of the bed I turn to you and help you out of your skirt and top. Your cotton panties show off your lust with a beautiful wet spot which immediately captures my attention. I pull you close and give you a kiss as my hand cups your pussy. The warmth is like a fire now and you push your crotch towards me, aching for more of my touch. I throw you down on the bed and hook my fingers into your panties, switfly pulling them off your shaven pussy. I lean in and give your clit a little kiss before passionately giving your pussy the type of kiss that only your lips have experienced. You let out a moan and push your pussy into my mouth. Your taste is incredible.

I remove my lips and tongue from your pussy and go back to your mouth. I give you a quick kiss and then whisper "you are going to get pregnant tonight." You grab my head and give me a deep passionate kiss. With my free hand I undo my belt and unzip my jeans, quickly freeing my cock from my boxers. I then guide my cock to your hungry pussy and without giving you a moments notice and plunge it into the depths of your warm and inviting pussy.

Your wetness allows me to thrust my cock deep into you and with every thrust you let out a deep moan. You get wetter the harder I thrust and your pussy is doing everything in its power to milk my cock of its seed. You can feel the build up in my balls and you instinctively wrap your legs around my waist forcing my cock inside of you. But there is no need. Tonight I wanted to fill you up with my seed, put a baby inside you and make that belly swell. I want you to bear my offspring and I start to fuck you harder and faster. As I release a gush of seed you have a full body orgasm. Your legs lock together and I am held inside you as every last drop of my cum is sent deep into your womb.

Once you relax you leg me free. I put a pillow under your bum and remind you to keep your legs up for a few minutes. I give you a kiss and you have the biggest smile on your face. You look me in the eye and ask me "are you still going to fuck me when I am pregnant?" I smile back and you and reply "until the day you pop, and then we can plan your next baby."