09 Jan 2019

She raised her head off my cock, saliva unning down and glistening on my shaft. She wiggled her wet cunt a bit deeper into her hubby's gagged face as she kissed me, pushing her tounge into my mouth. "You like the taste of you precum on my tounge, don't you?" she asked me with a naughty smile on her face, "It makes me so horny."

I could see hubby gag was dripping with his wifes juices and my precum. He was so hard it looked like he was close to cumming. "You know what would make my pussy really wet now?" asked the wife. I want to suck that hard cock of yours so close to my hubby that he can nearly feel it." She commanded me help her husband off the chair and throw him on the bed. His hands still bound behind him and his legs bound together with his rock hard cock flying proud. I could see his precum glistening on his tip. He lay on the bed unable to move facing the ceiling. His wife got on top of him and stared licking at the gag in his mouth "Mmmm she moaned, I love the taste of all our juices." She motioned me around so I was knealing at her husbands head, looking down at him. She reached out for my cock and pulled me closer as she took me in her mouth. I felt the ball gag of her husbands brush my cock. She started morking her mouth up and down my shaft making it so wet. Inbetween mouthfuls of cock I felt my shaft slap and fall on to her hubby's gag, I could tell by his murmurred moans he was enjoying it.While the of them were enjoying my hard cock, I could see the wife was using husbands cock as a dildo - slapping and stroking her pussy with it but never using it to penetrate herself. They were both so aroused, you could hear it. I was getting close to cumming and I think they were too. The wife got up and 69 her busband. She wriggled her drenched pussy on her husbands gag. I wondered how he was still breathing - it must have been like being waterboarded. While she rode hubby's face she brought be around and got me to straddle her bound husband so both our cocks were flying hard and were aimed right at her ravenous mouth. "Listen carefully" she said while stroking both our cocks in each hand while she continued to writhe on husband's face, "I want to suck both these cock, but I want you to cum first" she said to me. "I want you to cum on my husband's hard cock and I want I want to that cum covered cock inside me...that will make me cum so hard." she said with a devilshly naughty smile on her face. I was so hard and turned on at how horny they both were and how much they were enjoying this.

She started slobbering on both our cocks, trying to fit them in her mouth. She stroked our cocks together, our precum oozingh and mixing and she greedily sucked them both - there was no denying she was loving it. "You're ready, baby? I want you to cum on my husband's cock for me. She was stroking my entire shaft with her mouth and hands. I could feel her husband's cock twitching in excitement. Her moans were getting more excited and it was going to ake me cum...

Just before I exploded I pulled out of her mouth spurting some of my cum on her nose, lips and chin. She grabbeb my spurting cock and continued to stroke my cock and aim it on her husband. I was surprised at how much I was cumming. The smile on the wife's face said it all as my thick creamy load squirted out of me. Spurt after spurt cum was shooting everywhere - on her husbands cock, ropes, stomach and on her arms and hands. She quickly turned around on hubby who was hard as a rock and coated in my seed and guided it inside her. She gave out such a moan as she pushed with all her force down on his cock. I backed away as I watched the 2 of them in this bizarre act. He was still bound and gagged as she used him.

She turned her head towards me, 'Does that look hot? Grab the camera, I want to see this later." she said. I grabbed the camera and started filming them. She was so wet and I could see my cum dripping down his shaft every time she thrusted up and down on him. She started talking to her hubby in a hushed voice, encouraging him to shoot his load inside her. I felt myself getting aroused again and started stroking my limp cock as I filmed. I found myself getting harder and so did the wife as she glanced back. "Mmm hard again are you?" Just then her hubby let out a loud moan as he came inside her. It was a big load. I could tell she was close to cumming. She looked back at me and with the naughtiest look she said, "You want some sloppy seconds?" I wasn't sure what to do and before I could decide, she decided for me by grabbing my arm and pulling me into them. Hubby's spurting cock slipped out and I had stoked myself hard. She pulled my close and I felt his cum and her juice on my cock and gave myself a few more strokes as I entered her. It was so wet and creamy, I glided in with no resistence.She started moaning as I grabbed her neck and tightened my grip as I thrusted inside her and that is when I felt her gush. She squirted all over us as she screamed in absolute pleasure. Her moans edged me closer to cumming as my wet hand covered her mouth as she screamed. I thrusted as deep as I could as I came inside her. We collapsed on the bed drenched in each other, our bodies still spasming in pleasure.

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