22 Sep 2016

(This is one of the few chapters where you need to have read the preceding chapter for it to make sense. Please read Chapter 8 first)

Lori met the older man a few times after that, sometimes alone and sometimes with his friend. They were lousy fucks, but she grunted and squealed when they fucked her, and they seemed happy with their performance, believing that their little cocks were driving this young woman crazy. (They were right, - crazy with boredom!)

The Cruise ship ‘’BLUE MOON’’ sailed to Santorini, and docked there for 3 days, while the rich and pampered guests toured the island, snorkelled and drank wine and Ouzo till they collapsed.

The older man, whose name was Arthur Emsley the third, found Lori at the pool one afternoon, sat beside her, and with difficulty tore his eyes away from her huge boobs, barely covered by a tiny bikini top ( he was sure he could see the tops of her nipples at the edge of the two patches of fabric) , her pussy lips clearly defined in the equally tiny triangle of fabric at her crotch, and suggested to her that she may want to join him and a few friends at a nearby villa for drinks and dinner that evening. Realising that she may say no, he added ‘’we wouldn’t want your mother to know about us, now would we?’’ – A veiled threat if ever there was one.

He added that it would mean a lot to him if she came to the ‘’party’’. Being a clever girl, she asked

‘’how much would it mean?’’immediately.

He said that he would give her a gift of the Piaget watch she had been admiring in the ships boutique.

She agreed to think about it seriously.

What he didn’t know was that Lori could have cared less what her mother thought about it, but she kept quiet and said she would think about it.

She didn’t know whether the invitation was just because he wanted to be seen to be able to pull an attractive and much younger woman, or whether there was a plan to fuck at the party. Not that it made much difference to her- as long as he and his friend kept paying, she was happy- but the night would not be a freebie to him, she resolved.

What she did need to do was to tell her mother where she would be that evening! Lori may have been promiscuous, but she was not an idiot- she was not going to go to a villa at night without anyone knowing where she was and who she had gone with- she didn’t want to end up in a harem in Saudi Arabia fucking the Sheiks 10 sons for free!

She thought about it for a while and then went to her mother .

She told her that she had met this older guy who was very nice, that it was just a holiday romance, and that she wanted to go to a party at a villa that evening with him and his friends.

Her mother was able to read between the lines as well as anyone, and knew that Lori had been fucking this guy- but so what? At the end of the cruise they would go back to Cape Town and Lori would go back to her boyfriends there- let her have some fun.

Lydia agreed that Lori could go, but then added

‘’your father will be out tonight at a golf party. Why don’t I join you at the party?’’

While Lori was surprised, she was not averse to the idea- her mom was a stunning woman, looking easily 10 years younger than her age of 45, and was known as a real party animal by her friends ( at least until they discovered that she has fucked their husbands- then she was known as a slut)

Lori went back to Arthur and said that she would attend, but so would her mother, if that was ok.

‘’she is a lot of fun, you will see’’ said Lori.

It wasn’t quite what Arthur had wanted, but he couldn’t very well say no, so he said it was fine, see you at 17h00, and gave her the address.

The two women got ready after a late lunch.

Lydia’s husband Alexander had already left for the golf day and dinner, and Lydia was horny as hell for some reason.

When the shower refused to mix water properly, she called housekeeping to send a maintenance man ‘’and very quickly’’

She waited, her towel wrapped around her, until there was a knock on the door, and the maintenance man entered the suite.

She had seen him before- he was a really cute, dark-haired Italian guy , maybe 20 years old, and she had perved at him a few times as he went about his jobs on deck. He filled his t shirt very nicely, and his tight shorts left little to the imagination when he cleaned the pool.

He went into the bathroom, and in a minute had sorted out the problem.

He was about to get out of the shower, when Lydia said

‘’show me that it’s fixed’’

He turned around and turned the taps on. Before he could get out of the shower, she was behind him, her towel on the floor, her naked body pressed up against his, and her hands on his cock. She turned him to face her, pulled his pants down and took his hardening cock in her mouth.

Suffice to say that within a minute they were on her bed, his cock pounding her smooth cunt, till she came with a squeal.

She paused for a moment, then sat on him cowboy style, his impressive cock sliding easily into her slick cunt-lips. She ground backward and forward till he began to buck and thrust, and he came in her cunt, the squirts of hot cum shooting into her.

She patted him on his bum, gave him a kiss, and showed him out the door. The whole fuck had taken 10 minutes at most.

She was happy, no doubt he was happy, and she went to shower and get dressed for the evening.

Lydia was in little doubt that the invitation to her daughter was based on the older man’s desire to fuck her that evening. She had no problems with this- she shared a very open and frank relationship with her daughter as far as sex went.

When Lori was young, her mother, seeing her body grow and develop (and particularly when her very big boobs just kept growing,) realised that Lori would need more than just a talk on the birds and the bees-she knew that men of all ages would be drawn to Lori’s angelic face and pornographic body- a combination men could not resist, and Lori would need to be far more aware and calculating that the average girl with braces and a 32A chest.

Lori had discussed with her when she planned to first have any form of sex with a guy (him feeling her boobs), when she intended to go further (mutual masturbation) when she wanted to do more (oral) and when she was going to allow full penetration.

Her mother guided her every step of the way, and made sure that Lori knew what she was doing and why.

The night that Lori was going to allow her then –boyfriend to actually fuck her, Lydia was upstairs listening to her daughter being fucked, making sure that she was safe and not hurt.

So the prospect of going to a party with her daughter where her daughter was going to fuck a guy was not worrying to Lydia at all. She also hoped that there would be a good looking guy (or two) so she could have some fun herself.

Lydia took out some of her extensive collection of party outfits to choose something suitable.

As it was a hot day , and looked like it was going to be a stunning evening, she chose a Royal blue summer dress, mid-thigh (well, maybe a bit above mid-thigh), with a very low halter-neck front to show he huge boobs to perfection. The sides of her boobs were not covered by the halter , and the firm, tanned décolletage was magnificent. She did not wear a bra, and her prominent nipples were erect and poking through the thin fabric in the air-conditioned cold of the suite.

Twirling around, she saw her reflection in the mirror, and was pleased with what she saw. Voluptuous, firm, sexy and available- that’s what the dress said, and that’s what she was.

‘’truth in advertising’ ’she thought to herself.

She put on a tiny pair of white panties, which just covered her bulging pubic mound, thin enough that her slit was clearly visible to anyone who got close enough to look.

She selected a pretty bag to go with the dress, and put a pack of condoms (one never knew how many good looking guys there might be) a small vibrator ( guys loved seeing a woman pleasure herself) and a tube of KY jelly in the bag, as well as the usual tissues, lipstick (red) , tissues and her cell-phone.

She had had her hair styled and her nails done just before lunch, and had a hollywood wax the day before, so she was as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

With one final check in the mirror, she left the suite and went down the passage to Lori’s suite.

Lori had also been getting ready, and opened the door when her mother knocked.

She was wearing a pretty blouse, tied in front under her boobs to reveal her hard, flat tummy, and the shortest shorts possible- her slit was visible in a distinct camel-toe, her tight bum-cheeks exposed at the hem of the shorts.

Her blonde hair was styled in a loose style, framing her face and cascading onto her shoulders. As she turned to close the door behind her, Lydia could see that Lori was wearing a bra, but only just, the light-weight fabric doing little to hold her huge firm boobs from moving slightly under the thin fabric of the blouse.

The women went down to the shore-level floor, and went out onto the quayside where a taxi was waiting for them.

20 minutes later the taxi arrived at the driveway gate of a huge villa, set high on a hillside overlooking the bay. They drove in, paid the taxi driver and got out. The taxi driver, looking in the mirror, got an eyeful of Lydia’s thinly-covered pussy as they exited, giving him an immediate hard-on.

They were met at the door by a young man with a tanned, muscular figure, dressed in a very skimpy speedo, and an equally young brunette woman wearing a thong and nothing else, her pert small breasts tipped with small dark nipples.

They gestured to the two women to come inside, and showed them out to the large patio, where a party was already in progress. People were dancing to the music of a 3-piece band, people were swimming in the huge pool, and others were standing around the barbeque, chatting with drinks in their hands.

The patio overlooked the edge of the cliff on which the house stood, with a view over the bay, a warm evening breeze wafting from the sea, and the smell of the barbeque mixed with the plants surrounding the pool was a stunning setting!

Two men detached themselves from a group and came over to Lydia and Lori. Mike and Artie, two of the men whom Lori had fucked, looked with lust at the two women.

‘’Mike, this is Lydia’’ said Lori, ‘’Lydia, Mike’’

‘’and I am Artie’’ said Artie, barely able to take his eyes off Loris boobs.

Lori did not elaborate on who Lydia was, but both men recognised her from the ship immediately. Both thought it odd that Lori had brought her mother, but the mother was clearly dressed for the occasion, so they said nothing.

The party was fairly evenly mixed between men and women, some younger and some older, but all very well groomed ‘’beautiful people’’.

Drinks and snacks were being served by the scantily clad young men and women. Lydia counted 4 of them, all very good looking, and all almost nude. One of the young men, who couldn’t have been more than 19, caught her eye. He was a blonde surfer-type, with very big muscles and a speedo which seemed barely able to contain his cock. She watched him for a while, getting turned on by his gorgeous body and seemingly big cock.

Once they had got comfortable in the group, Lydia looked around.

There were 7 people in the pool, 2 women and 5 men. All seemed to be nude, as is the custom on many islands, where costumes are really only worn on very public beaches, and then only on some of them. The one woman, a petite red-head, was standing facing out of the pool. Behind her, a tall swarthy man stood, his hips thrusting at her, as he fucked her from behind. Another man stood next to her, fondling her breasts while she played with his cock.

Lydia looked from them to Lori, to see what her reaction was, but Lori was holding onto Mike, her arms around him, his hand low on her bum, his fingers resting between her legs.

Lydia went over to where Artie was standing with two other men.

‘’nice party’ ’she said. ’I like a relaxed vibe and no inhibitions’’

Artie smiled

‘’I was worried you might have a problem with Lori being here’’ he said

‘’she’s a big girl. She can look after herself, and what she does is her business, what I do is mine’’

Everyone in the group laughed, and Lydia felt right at home.

‘’I’m hot’’ said Lydia. ‘’Where can I change?’’

Artie took her hand and guided her inside, down a passage and to a large bedroom where clothes were neatly hanging on rails.

She put her bag down, and Artie said

‘’I’ll see you back outside’’

‘’no, wait.’’ Said Lydia. ‘’I wont be a minute- I wont find my way back to the pool- this house is huge!’’

Artie stood in the doorway, not quite sure whether to look at Lydia getting into her costume or not.

Lydia undid the clasp behind her neck and let the dress drop to her waist, her huge boobs swinging freely as she bent down and stepped out of the dress. Artie got a glimpse of her boobs, and was immediately aroused by their size and fullness.

Stepping out of her dress, her long tanned legs and firm bum were presented to him, the tiny thong disappearing into her bum-crack.

He rubbed his hardening cock.

Lydia, still with her back to Artie, took of the thong, and reached into her bag for her bikini.

Artie was mesmerised by the sight of her full pussy lips between her legs as she leaned forward- she seemed as uninhibited as her daughter, and he had a momentary fantasy of them both side by side on a bed, his cock buried in first the one, then the other. He wondered whether Lydia knew that he had fucked her daughter.

Lydia stepped into the G-string bikini bottom, snuggled the string between her bum, and let her boobs hang into the equally tiny top, tying it behind her back and neck.

She turned around, and Arties cock grew even harder as he saw her huge boobs spilling out of her top, her nicely rounded tummy and pubic mound, her slit visible as a deep dent in the thin fabric.

She smiled as she saw his eyes run up and down her body. Walking past him to the door, she put her hand on his obviously hard cock and gave it a squeeze and rub, saying

‘Later big boy’’ as she went past him.

They walked back to the patio, Artie gazing longingly at Lydia’s bum bouncing in front of him.

Lydia took a cocktail from the gorgeous waiter, giving his cock a light touch as he took the order. He grinned at her, and she went over to where Artie was sitting on a lounger.

By now, many if not most of the people were undressed to one stage or another, and Lydia began to feel quite overdressed in her tiny costume.

She went over to a lounger where another woman was lying, nude, and tanning, covered in suntan oil. She was Lydia’s age, with short blonde hair and an athletic body. Her smallish breasts were pointed and firm, with light pink nipples. She had a dark blonde triangle of hair above her cunt, although her cunt itself was shaved smooth.

She looked up as Lydia approached, and smiled at her. Lydia sat down, took off her top and bikini thong, and lay down on her back to enjoy the sun.

She had no sooner closed her eyes that the woman next to her said in heavily accented English

‘’ you will burn your skin like that. Do you want some of my oil?’

‘’thank you, that would be great’’ said Lydia.

The woman stood up, showing her long legs to perfection, and leaned over to get the oil from her bag. Lydia had a good view of her cunt from the back, and of her puckered arse-hole.

She introduced herself as Sherry, and offered to put some oil on Lydia.

Lydia thanked her, and turned onto her tummy.

Sherry began to rub oil on Lydia’s legs, working her way up her thighs. Then she did Lydia’ back, working her way down to her bum.

She oiled her bum cheeks, then the inner part of the cheeks. Her hands drifted lower until she was touching Lydia arsehole. She rand an oiled finger around the hole, then down to Lydia’s cunt.

Lydia was wet by this stage, and Sherry’s finger slid straight into her cunt. Sherry wasted no time, realising that Lydia was willing to play

She thrust three fingers into Lydia’s wet cunt, feeling for her clit at the same time. Lydia lifted her hips to give her better access, and Sherry fingered her hard. Lydia felt very aroused, and was really beginning to enjoy this party.

She looked around to see if anyone was watching them. Seeing that no-one seemed to be, she turned over onto her back.

Sherry stroked her huge breasts, pulling on her nipples lightly.

Lydia was a little unsure of exactly how much open sex was acceptable at the party- after all, she wasn’t in the pool, and anyone who looked over in her direction would see what was going on.

Sherry followed Lydia’s gaze, and realised what was going through her mind.

‘’don’t worry’ ’she said’’ with this crowd, anything goes. Some will fuck, some will watch, its all good’’.

Lydia smiled at her, and Sherry lay beside her on the lounger, their hot oiled bodies pressed together.

Sherry turned her head and kissed Lydia full on the mouth, her tongue probing between Lydia’s lips.

Lydia was not bi, but she didn’t mind playing with a woman if the time was right. She had several mutual masturbation sessions with her girlfriends growing up, and while none of them had gone as far as oral sex, she was willing to give it a try one day.

Sherry, still kissing Lydia, reached down to Lydia’s cunt, found her wet slit, and, parting her lips, slid a finger into her. She masturbated Lydia for a moment, and then transferred her mouth to Lydia boobs, mouthing her nipples.

Lydia lay back and enjoyed the feeling of Sherry’s finger in her cunt. She was getting very aroused by now, and while it was nice playing with Sherry, what she really wanted was a good fuck with a big cock.

She looked around to see where Lori was.

Lori was in the pool, sitting on the steps, surrounded by a group. She was lying back on the step, with her top off, her huge firm boobs sticking out of the water. Next to her, a man was sitting, naked, his mouth on her nipple and his hand under the water between her legs.

Lydia could see his erect cock, big and rigid, sticking out of the water. Lori reached for it, and began to stroke it. He kept sucking on her nipples, then stood, faced Lori and kneeled between her legs. Lifting her hips, her put one hand under her bum, and pulled her miniscule thong down her legs. Lydia saw her daughter’s smooth bald cunt lifted out the water, the man’s hand between her bum cheeks. The man lowered his head, and began to eat at Loris cunt.

A short, plump woman, about Lydia age, went to stand behind the man, put her arms around him and began to pump his rigid cock, the water making a splashing sound as her hand thrust up and down. Next to Lori was another man, quite fat and bald. Lori reached for his small cock under his beer-belly, and stroked it, her hips lifting as the man eating her got deeper and deeper into her.

After a while, the man eating her got off his knees, and pulled Lori to her feet. She was now totally naked, her slim body shining with water, her magnificent 32 E boobs firm and dripping water from her erect nipples.

He turned her around to face the edge of the pool, and she bent over, presenting her bum to him.

Taking his cock in his hand, he gave it a few strokes, and then pushed it between her legs, feeling for her cunt.

She reached between her legs and guided his cock into her.

No sooner was his cock in her, than he began to pump hard, slamming into her. She gave as good as she got, ramming back into him with each thrust. A small crowd had gathered around the couple, the guys masturbating, some of the women playing with their nipples, some just watching.

The guy and Lori fucked like that for a while. Then he withdrew his cock and Lori stood up.

She turned around, bent forward and sucked his cock. The she got out of the pool, wrapped a towel around her, and went to get a drink from the bar.

Lydia was amazed- she knew of course that Lori was sexually very active, but the ease with which Lori fucked in front of everyone took her by surprise.

Taking Sherry’s hand from between her legs, she got up, leaving her top on the lounger, and joined Lori at the bar.

‘’you seem very keen to let everyone see you fucking’’ she said to Lori

‘’its just sex. Mom’’ said Lori.’’ We all have fun, I am careful, and it’s perfectly natural. Don’t sweat it’.

Lydia took her drink, and walked with Lori back to the lounger where Sherry was lying on her back, her toned and firm body gleaming with sun-tan oil.

Lydia and Lori sat on the lounger next to Sherry. They both took off their towels so their backs could get tanned.

Sherry gazed at the two pairs of huge breasts facing her- Lydia’s very full, only slightly enhanced, with big nipples, and Lori’s stunning 32E breasts, very firm and very full, with her hard body tapering to a very narrow waist.

‘’my goodness, those are something special’’ said Sherry to Lori. ‘’are they all natural if I may ask?’’

‘’all my own’’said Lori with a grin, ‘’but you are far from the first to ask. When they started growing when I was 10, they just didn’t stop!’’

‘’and you seem very popular with the men. I noticed you in the pool earlier- I don’t think their cocks have gone down yet! Certainly my husband enjoyed the pool!’’

‘’who is your husband?’’ asked Lori

‘’the man who fucked you’’ said Sherry-‘’he can’t resist a young girl’s firm body- when I saw you in your bikini I knew he would want to fuck you.’’

Lori blushed, and started to say something

‘’don’t be embarrassed sweetie’ ’said Sherry’ ’we are all grownups here, and what we do is up to each of us- and he will want to fuck you again if he gets a chance!’

Lydia got up.

‘’I am going for a swim’’ she said, and, wrapping the towel around her waist, she walked to the pool.

The people at the bar turned and looked at her- the men in particular eying her huge boobs and curvy figure.

She dropped her towel at the edge of the pool, and slid into the warm water.

The very cute waiter who had met them at the door came over to the two women, and asked if their drinks needed topping up.

‘’no thank Julio’ ’said Sherry. ‘’but I want to introduce you to Lori, she is from South Africa’’

‘’I am pleased to meet you’ ’said Julio.

Lori was looking at him with interest- he was really cute, very well built and still wearing the tiny speedo-it seemed to barely contain his cock and balls, and Lori could see that he was semi-hard from just standing there and looking at the two naked women.

‘’May I tell Lori our secret?’’ said Sherry to Julio

He blushed and nodded

She turned to Lori ‘’ the hired staff are also allowed to play with guests if they are asked and they want to’’ she said. ’Last year I took Julio here to a bedroom, and he fucked me for an hour non-stop, everywhere! He has a very big and very thick cock, and the stamina of an athlete. I came too many times to count, and by the time I had had enough I could barely walk!’’

Lori looked at Julio with even more interest.

‘’maybe we will meet up later’’said Julio, and walked away.

Lori looked at his tight bum as he walked, and felt herself getting aroused.

Sherry noticed this.

‘’why don’t I give you a nice massage?’’ she asked

Lori had seen Sherry fingering her mother, so she knew what Sherry really wanted, but it was nice in the sun, and she felt horny, so she agreed.

She lay on her back, and Sherry began to massage her shoulders and neck, moving down to her boobs, stroking them, touching her nipples lightly

She stroked gently down Lori’s tummy, then down each leg, massaging her calves and thighs.

When she got to the top of Lori’s thighs, she got up and kneeled on the lounger, pushing Lori’s legs apart.

Lori felt her hot breath on her pussy, and then Sherry leaned forward and licked Lori’s pussy gently, her tongue opening Lori’s tight slit just a little bit.

Lori wriggled with pleasure, and opened her legs even wider.

Sherry’s tongue slid into Loris pussy, licking deeply now, thrusting far in.

She pulled Lori’s bum up, and, feeling for her arsehole, rubbed a finger around the puckered hole.

Lori became aware that someone was standing near them. She opened her eyes, and saw three men near the lounger, all naked, all masturbating, watching the two women.

One of the men went behind Sherry, and felt between her up -thrust bum, feeling for her pussy.

His fingers found her pussy, and he slid first one and then two fingers into her wet cunt.

She moaned softly, but kept eating at Lori’s cunt.

The man moved closer to Sherry’s bum, put the head of his cock at the entrance of her cunt, and pushed it in.

He fucked her while she ate Lori, his balls making a slapping sound as he thrust in.

Lori was very horny now- she really need a cock her cunt.

She sat up, and saw the other two men still standing there, including Arthur, the man she had fucked a few times on the ship.

Lori stood, turned to kneel on the other lounger just as Sherry was, her bum in the air, her arms and face on the lounger.

‘’well Artie’’ she said ‘’what are you waiting for? An invitation in the mail?”

Artie laughed and went to stand behind Lori. He stroked his cock a few times, and then put his hand between her spread legs, feeling her cunt.

She was very wet already, so he pushed his cock in her after putting a condom on, and began to fuck the beautiful young woman as hard as he could.

Lori gripped the lounger and let him ram his cock into her. It wasn’t all that big, and she wasn’t getting that much fun out of it, but he seemed to be!

When he sounded like he was getting ready to cum, Lori squeezed her thighs together a bit, her cunt gripping his cock. He exploded in her, pumping a load of cum into the condom, before withdrawing, panting and sweating.

Lori flopped onto her tummy, her firm bum and long legs turning the men watching on even more. Then she rolled onto her side, and looked to see what Sherry was doing.

The guy fucking Sherry was hammering her hard- she was clinging to the lounger, being rocked backwards and forwards as he slammed his cock into her.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out, and grabbed her head. She turned to face him, on her knees. He pointed his slippery long cock at her face, and as he began to shoot huge jets of hot cum she opened her mouth, and took a good couple of shots in her mouth, the rest going on her face, in her hair and onto her pert boobs.

She was masturbating furiously as he came, and as he was finished she also came, falling forward with her fingers deep in her cunt, quivering until the orgasm subsided.

After a moment, Sherry sat up, cross legged, and wiped the cum off her with a towel.

Lori smiled at her.

‘’having fun?’’ she asked

Sherry laughed

‘’always with him. He is my husband’s business partner, and he has a very nice cock- we fuck whenever we can. Sometimes, when my husband and him are at a function, I go there and fuck them both in the toilets or somewhere like that- its very erotic.’’

The party was in full swing now. But in a strange way, though Lori. Not all the guests were into swinging it seemed. Some were still dressed in their swim suits, sitting or standing, chatting, eating and drinking, just as at any normal barbeque.

But on the loungers, in the pool and on the towels on the lawn people were fucking in every combination. Now an then, one of the people fucking would get up, come over to the others , and stand and chat, naked, the guys with their cocks still almost hard, wet with pussy juice and cum, the women with their cunt lips swollen and wet, their cunt hair matted with sweat, cum and juices.

Then, after a while, they would drift off again to fuck someone else.

They all seemed totally uninhibited, and there seemed to be no do’s and don’ts- everyone was very polite, friendly and relaxed though.

Lori got up, wrapped the towel around her waist, and went to sit nearer the pool, to let her legs dangle in the water.

As she walked to the pool, almost all the guys stopped talking and looked at her- her blonde hair, near 6 foot height and huge firm boobs making a few of them start to stroke their cock right away. From any angle she was stunning- the face of an angle, the boobs of porn star, the hard body and long legs- the perfect package.

She sat at the side of the pool and dangled her legs in the water.

She looked around for her mother.

Lydia was at the far end of the pool, lying on her tummy on an inflatable mattress. She had her legs spread wide apart, and a man was standing behind her, his mouth buried in her bum mouthing her anus and cunt from the back. He would lick as low as he could first, then upwards till he got to her anus, which he probed with his tongue before starting back down again. Lydia was moving up and down slightly, enjoying being eaten.

Lying on a towel on the lawn next to the pool was a much older woman, fat, with big soft floppy breasts. She was lying on her back, her fat white legs pointed straight up into the air, and on top of her was a very young man, pumping his cock into her cunt, while another man was lying next to her face, his cock in her mouth.

As the young man on top of her rose up and down, Lori say the woman’s hairy cunt, wet with sweat, and the young man’s cock coming all the way out of her and then plunging back into what was clearly a well-worn and slack cunt.

Artie came and sat next to Lori, followed by Mike, the other man Lori had fucked on the ship.

They chatted a while, the men glancing at Lydia in the pool.

Artie said to Lori that some of the guys were going inside to play, as it was getting a bit chilly, and did she want to come along.

She agreed. ‘’Maybe your mom also wants to?’’ asked Artie.

‘’Ask her ‘’said Lori, getting up, giving both men a glimpse of her smooth slit as she stood.

Artie went over to Lydia, while Lori picked up her bag, and still topless, went inside.

She followed the sound of people to a big room off the main lounge, and went in.

At first she could not see much, but then her eyes became accustomed to the dim light.

The room was set up as a sort of ‘’bordello’’ with lots of red tapestry, brass light fittings, plush couches with buttons, lots of dark wood and an elegant bar at one end, behind which a bar-girl stood.

There were already a few people in the room, and Lori recognised some who she had been introduced to.

She got a drink, and stood at the bar.

After about 10 minutes, Lydia arrived with Artie. She made straight for Lori, got a drink, and stood next to her. She was also topless, her large nipples erect in the slightly cooler room.

‘’you ok with me being here, hun?’’She asked Lori

‘’mom, we can both do whatever we want. What we do here stays here and is never spoken of again’’

‘’I like that’’ said Lydia.

A very well-built man came over to the two women. Lydia introduced him to Lori, and Lori realised that this was the man who had been eating her mother’s cunt in the pool earlier.

He gave Lydia a squeeze around the waist, cupped her boobs in his hands, and began to suck on her nipples. His hand went lower, to her towel. He opened the towel, knelt on the floor, and licked at Lydia’s pussy. Lydia threw her head back, and opened her legs a bit more.

As Lori watched, the man played with his cock as he ate Lydia, and it grew and grew to a very impressive size. Lori was getting very turned on by watching her mother get eaten. She put one hand under the towel and began to stroke her pussy, parting the lips and sliding one finger in.

In the one corner of the room, a large older woman was laying on top of a man, his cock in her cunt, fucking him.

Another man, who Lori recognised as the man who had fucked her in the pool first, went to them. Crouching behind the woman between her legs, he spat onto her anus, then positioned his cock at her hole, and slid it in. it went in easily, all the way, till both men had their cocks buried up to their balls in the big woman.

Lori fingered herself more as she watched them.

The man eating her mother stood up, and gave Lydia a big kiss. Taking Lydia’s hand, he led her to the centre of the room, where she kneeled on the floor. He motioned to Lori to come to them.

When she got there, he positioned her also on her hands and knees, but facing her mother,

The two women stayed like that, waiting.

Artie came over, and went to stand behind Lydia. He crouched behind her, rubbed his cock a few times, and slid it into Lydia wet and waiting cunt.

The man who had been eating her mother crouched behind Lori. Reaching around her, he felt her boobs, marvelling at their size and firmness, and then he pushed his cock against her slit.

She took it, manoeuvred it into the lips, and with a gentle shove he slid his thick cock into the young woman.

Mother and daughter were facing each other on their knees, each being fucked hard.

The men fucked the women for a while, and then both withdrew. The women were about to get up, when another two men went behind them.

The man behind Lydia was a fat man, with a big belly hiding his cock. He pushed it closer to her cunt, and managed to get it in, panting from the exertion.

Lori looked around to see who was behind her, with his hands sliding between her legs feeling her swollen cunt. She was happy to see that it was the young waiter, Julio, who Sherry had spoken of. He smiled sweetly at her, and she looked to see what his cock looked like. Sherry was right- it was a very nice cock, much longer than normal and very much thicker. He masturbated a while as she looked, his hand probing her cunt, three fingers deep in her.

When he was ready, he lowered himself and pushed the head of his cock into Lori’s cunt. She gasped as the size of it filled her, stretching her pussy-lips to their maximum. He slid more and more of it in, and then started to fuck her slowly. She gave little yelps with each thrust, feeling the cock go deeper each time.

Quite a few people were gathered around the two women, the men mostly masturbating, the women stroking their boobs or pussy lightly.

Lori looked up, relaxing more now and enjoying the fuck, and being the centre of attention. It felt great having a crowd watch her fuck!

The fat man fucking Lydia came suddenly in the condom in her. He gave a few more thrusts then withdrew his small cock.

No sooner was he out, than the fat woman who had been fucking on the towel came to Lydia. She said something to Lydia, who nodded.

An equally fat man came over. Lori heard the woman introduce the man to Lydia as her husband.

He went behind Lydia, and stroked his cock to make it hard. When it was, and it was a nice size, he slid it into Lydia’s waiting cunt.

The woman lay down, and slid under Lori on her back, so that her head was just under Lydia’s cunt, her own cunt, with a mat of dark pubic hair, under Lydia face. The fat woman began to lick at Lydia’s cut as her husband’s cock drove in and out of it.

She fingered Lydia at the same time, rubbing her prominent clit, standing out of its sheath.

At first Lydia just fucked the guy, enjoying the feeling, but then she lowered her head and started to lick and suck at the woman cunt. Lydia mouth disappeared into the thick hair, her tongue finding the wet and puffy lips, parting them, and sucking on her erect clit.

The fat woman wriggled her torso, thrusting up at Lydia mouth, and the man fucked faster and faster. Sherry appeared, and sat watching the women. Seeing that Lydia could not use her hands on the fat woman’s cunt, Sherry moved closer, touched Lydia s face to move it away, and pushed first two, then three ,then four fingers in her big cunt.

Now the woman began to really buck and thrust, her husband matching her with hard, deep thrusts into Lydia.

Sherry parted the cunt lips more, and pushed all five finger into her, going deeper and deeper until Lori saw that her hand up to her palm was in the woman’s cunt, ramming in and out, the cunt gaping ,wet, swollen.

Sherry kept up the fisting, and with a loud shout, and a cry the woman came, great squirts of juice spurting out over Sherry’s wrist, and onto the carpet. Sherry still kept fisting her. By now the woman had stopped playing with Lydia; she was shaking all over, crying and gasping. Another shout from her, and more juice flooded out, now in a jet that covered Sherry’s arm, a huge wet patch developing on the carpet under the woman’s cunt.

Lydia was so excited by this; she started to cum herself, ramming her thighs back at the man, gripping his cock with them

She came hard, her cunt getting wet with juices as she came. No sooner had she cum, than the man also came. He pulled his cock out of her cunt, took off the condom, and jerked off over Lydia’s bum and back, coating her in sticky white cum.

Lydia collapsed onto her tummy next to the fat woman, and the man sat next to her, stroking her back and bum, making patterns in the cum .

Lori was enjoying being fucked by Julio. He brought her to the edge of cumming, then stopped until she subsided, then started again. At times he thrust his whole cock into her, and at times he played with just the head at the entrance to her pussy till she felt she would go mad if he did not push it in, and then he would ram it all in till she felt it would rupture her cervix. It was delightful, and he seemed to be able to go on forever.

Then he let her cum, once, twice and a third time, her body responding to the insistent pressure of his large cock filling her cunt .He really was a very good fuck, she thought to herself as she came for the third time, her thighs now slick with juices and sweat.

‘’I want to see you cum’’ she said in gasps to Julio.

He grinned, and stood up, taking her hand.

The men in the room stopped what they were doing as she followed Julio- she was flushed from fucking, her long blonde hair dishevelled, her breasts heaving as she tried to recover from the exercise, and many could see, even in the dim light, the gleam of cunt-juices on her inner thighs.

Julio led her to a low chair. He sat on it, his huge cock erect and throbbing, wet with her juices and pre-cum. She decided to take a chance, and pulled his condom off him.

She straddled him, lowering herself onto his cock. She let it go all the way in- it felt like a giant dildo, rock hard and huge. When he was fully in her, she began to lift and lower herself, feeling his cock penetrate her whole cunt, and stretching her even though she was squatted as wide open as she could go.

Then, as the orgasm began to build, she rocked backwards and forwards, rather than up and down. The head of his cock pressed on the front wall of her cunt, rubbing her g spot. He realised that she was going to cum, and he also pushed hard, his eyes locked on hers, his mouth open.

She came a fourth time, flicking her hips rapidly backwards and forwards. She had just finished, and he must have been controlling it, when he came.

He lifted her in one movement off him, so that she was sitting on his lap; his huge cock was erect between them. He grabbed at his cock, jerked it a few times, and enormous jets of hot cum squirted up between them, landing under her chin, on her breasts and all down her tummy to her cunt. He came forever, more and more covering her, till eventually he stopped, and a little came out onto his cock and balls.

She was thrilled at the experience, and sat cuddling him for a while, feeling the cum sticky between their bodies, feeling her juices running out of her cunt and onto his thighs.

Lydia had been watching her daughter get the fuck of her young life- she just hoped that Lori would not be spoilt by the fucking she had got- most of the young (and older) men she was likely to fuck back home would not be that good!

Lori got off Julio and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up, and came back to sit on a couch, next to a couple who had been standing watching her get fucked.

Julio went to the bathroom and came back, standing with a man in the one corner.

There was a crash of broken glass from the bar end of the room.

Everyone looked to see what had happened.

A glass had been bumped off the bar by the bar-girl, who was busy with two men behind the bar.

In front of her, a man with grey hair and a paunch was standing. She was bent forward, her hands on his hips, and his cock in her mouth under his paunch. He had pulled her tiny bikini top up top expose her equally tiny boobs- just bumps on her chest really, but with smooth dark nipples at the tips and was pulling on them hard. Behind the girl was another man, bald, with a chest of grey matted hair, who had pulled her g string to one side and was fucking her in her arse.

Both men were old enough to be her father, if not her grandfather, and they were enjoying fucking this young body as hard as they could. She seemed to be enjoying it also, moaning and panting as the cocks rammed into her from each end of her slim body.

The man fucking her face stated to cum. He held her head on his cock, forcing her to take his cum in her mouth. When he stopped cumming, he still held her head there, so she had to swallow his cum or choke. She did so without a fuss.

Soon after that the man fucking her arse came in her arse, without a condom. When he withdrew, he was laughing, and saw that people were watching them. He turned the girl so that her arse faced the room, still bent over, and a dribble of cum drained out of her arse and down her thighs.

Lori was thrilled by this- it was so erotic to see a girl get arse-fucked!

It was getting late, so Lydia said to Lori that they needed to get going back to the ship.

The women stood up, and Lori was surprised to see, as she went to the bedroom to get changed, that Julio was standing against the wall, the man he had been talking to kneeling in front of him with Julio’s huge cock in his mouth. Julio was thrusting lightly, with the man trying to take as much of the cock in as he could.

The women got changed, called for a taxi, and went back to the ship.

Alexander, Lydia’s husband, was in the lounge when they got back.

‘’did you girls have a good time in the village”’ he asked

‘’we did’’ said Lydia.

‘’how about we go for a swim- it’s a warm evening’’ asked Alexander.

‘’no thanks’’ said Lori. ’Mom and I are going to shower and have a sauna. Its been a long night and we are both quite fucked’’.