Written by TAMMY

09 Sep 2015





Maude was bored. She sat on a bar-stool, idly sipping on a gin and tonic and watching Hubert at the card-table, cigar in one hand, whisky in another, recounting for the millionth time his one and only heroic story when he caught a burglar and tied him up.

With each telling, the burglar got bigger, meaner and more dangerous, and Hubert’s action got more daring and devil-may-care. The reality was that the burglar had been a spotty teenage kid, scrawny and spaced out, and he had tripped on the Persian carpet when Hubert shrieked with fear on seeing him late one night in their luxury Park Avenue penthouse lounge. Hubert had sat on him while Maude called 911, and the kid was arrested, tried and convicted.

Listening to Hubert now, one would think it was the leader of the local Hells Angels charter he had single-handedly disarmed and subdued.

At 45 years old, Maude felt she still had a lot of living to do, but Hubert seemed content to travel the world, visiting one motor-racing event after another, comfortable in the knowledge that the money he had made when he sold his IT business to Microsoft would, could never be spent in his lifetime. With no kids to leave an inheritance to, Maude was dragged to Indianapolis, Daytona, the Australian, Japanese and Chinese Grands Prix, and to more esoteric events such as the Finnish ice-racing world championships and the Paris-Dakar rally (which, mysteriously, Maude found, visited neither Paris nor Dakar)

Maude was not a stupid woman- she had graduated cum laude at college, and had a master’s degree in Psychology. She had wanted to teach, but after Hubert made his billions, he saw no reason for her to work, and indeed their travel schedule would have made it impossible anyway now.

Maude was a pretty woman, even at 45, she knew. She was overweight, but carried it well- she had very, very big breasts, slightly enhanced to create more firmness- her bra size ( 42 D) was a source of delight to Hubert, who loved it when she wore the most revealing outfits, the more tartish the better, with her giant cleavage in full view, down to her big, brown nipples.

She had quite a lot of fat, but in proportion, her tummy a bit soft ( well, maybe more than a bit) but her legs , while plump, were long and still firm, and her butt was not too flabby. She had very well-coloured dark blonde hair, and only those who saw her black triangle of thick pubic hair would know the real colour. (Hubert liked her pussy to be trimmed, but never shaved- he loved nuzzling her bush, licking his tongue between the hairs to find her cunt. He however liked to be waxed all over his pubis. He said it was to feel nice- Maude thought it was to make his cock look bigger, but never said anything.

Hubert had grown up in a large family in the mid-west. With a brother and 3 sisters, he had developed quickly, and grew into a tall and quite handsome young man. There had been lots of opportunity to see sexual development in action- he would secretly watch his older sisters changing, bathing and making out- he saw their bodies develop boobs, grow hair and later get the hair shaved, and he watched a series of young men go further and further with each sister, till one night, hidden in the pool-room, with his parents away for the night, he saw his older sister finally remove her bikini altogether , lie down on the pool-lounger, and let the boyfriend of the day climb on top of her and put his penis into her cunt. It was all over so quickly that Hubert almost missed it, as he was busy getting his cock out of his pants to jerk off. In fact, he was still jerking off by the time the boyfriend had cum, and got off his sister.

He has also found out that the second-eldest sister was gay long before anyone else knew, after he spied on her and her ‘’best friend’’ down at the river which bordered their ranch. The girls had been swimming, and were lying on the bank of the river, tanning. They each took off their tops, and Hubert got his cock out to start masturbating. He was thrilled when they took off their bikini bottoms- he had seen his sister’s cunt lots of times, but had never seen her friend nude. He was even more thrilled when they started kissing, hugging their naked bodies together, and when his sister slid between her friends legs and began to eat her cunt, her hands spreading her legs wide, her tongue thrust deep into her cunt, he came so suddenly and so much that he was sure they would hear the cum squirting onto the ground under the bush where he was hiding.

The girls fucked each other for so long, and in so many ways, that Hubert came again, just as the girls did, their fingers deep in each other’s cunt, their mouths locked together, and their tongues down each other’s throat.

Hubert had met Maude after college, and was immediately attracted to the pretty young woman with the huge boobs- being a boob-man, Hubert could not wait to get her bra off and play with those babies, as he called them. Maude was equally attracted to the handsome and VERY wealthy young man with the nice smile and great sense of humour. She was no blushing virgin, having had a steady boyfriend for many years that she eventually allowed to remove her clothes and fuck her in the back seat of his car after a football game one year when she was 19.

Now retired, Hubert’s main obsession was following all and any motor-racing around the world. This boat trip was by way of compensation to Maude- pure luxury on one of the most expensive and exclusive cruise ships afloat- cruises were never advertised, just word of mouth, and the guest list looked like the invitations to the Presidential Ball.

Deprived of his motor-cars, Hubert found entertainment in playing poker- and he was very good at it. His smiling face, like a cherub, and his quick laugh, disarmed all those he played against- until they lost- again and again, while Hubert grinned apologetically as he raked in the chips with a self-deprecating comment. Hubert was very bright, with an almost photographic memory and a mathematical brain second to none and many had underestimated him at their expense.

It was late, and Maude wanted to go to bed. She had had a lot to drink, watching Hubert win, and was tired and bored. Giving Hubert a kiss, she took her bag and almost fell as the alcohol hit her.

Hubert, alarmed, looked around for someone to help her. Seeing a bar-boy lounging near the bar, he summoned him over.

‘’Jorge, help Mrs Mitchell to her room please- she is very tired’’

‘’si, Mr Mitchell’’ said Jorge, taking Maude by the arm and escorting her from the bar.

Jorge escorted Maude along the winding corridor, to the elevator and up to the upper deck, along to the Sun Suite, where Hubert and Maude were staying. Maude was quite tipsy, but not enough not to notice the strong arm of Jorge around her waist, his face near hers, his cologne masculine and fresh. She felt a stirring in her crotch, desire, fuelled by the alcohol, building up. She hoped Hubert would be back soon, so they could fuck before she slept.

She gave Jorge the room –card, and he opened the door, letting her in. She almost stumbled as he let her go, and he quickly held her again to prevent her falling. She had turned as she stumbled, and as he held her, she was facing him. Without thinking, she pulled him closer, and kissed him on the mouth.

Jorge was not surprised- this was not the first MILF he had escorted to her suite, and it was not uncommon for them to want a young fuck before the husband came back, just to make them feel sexy. He recalled one memorable evening when two aging MILFS, not younger than 50, had cornered him in the gym, locked the door, and fucked him until his cock was raw. He had cum 3 times, and when they wanted more had almost run out there, promising to meet them the next day- when he had sent his friend Anton to service them instead!

Jorge led Maude through to the bedroom, and she sat on the bed, looking at him with bleary eyes. She saw a handsome, dark-skinned young man, no more than 20, with dark eyes, black hair and a powerful, natural body, his chest nicely defined under his tight shirt. He had turned to close the curtains, and her hand strayed to her crotch, lifting her dress, her fingers tickling her hairy cunt.

She took her hand out as he turned back. She stood.

‘’Help me out of this’’ she said, turning around so he could unzip her.

He did so. Instead of holding the dress up, she let it fall to the floor, and faced him.

Her huge breasts filled her bra, spilling over, her dark nipples clearly visible, hard and brown.

She had on a pair of white panties, cut high at the side- her bush made her mound even bigger than it was. She was plump, maybe even a bit fat, bit she was all woman!

She took Jorge’s hand and put it on her boob. He felt for her nipple, pulling on it- a delicious feeling. With her other hand she reached for his crotch, and felt for his cock. All she wanted now was to be fucked- hard, violently, until she came- then she could sleep.

At first, when she felt his cock, she thought he had something in his pants pocket- the cock could not extend as far as she was feeling the hard tube under his pants. She ran her finger up to the tip, and back down again, disbelievingly. It COULD not be all his cock-it was just too long and thick for any cock.

Eager to see what he had under there, she reached behind her and unclipped her bra, letting her huge boobs free, the large brown areolas puckered, and the nipples erect, stubby and big. Stepping out of her panties, she stood in front of him, only swaying slightly, naked. He looked at her thick matting of pubic hair covering her prominent mound. It was neatly trimmed at the sides and top, and he could just make out where her slit was under the hair.

‘’take of your clothes’’ Maude said, her voice raspy and eager.

Jorge took off his shirt, his hairy chest rising and falling quickly with excitement.

Kicking off his shoes, he undid his pants and let them fall to the floor, then took off his underpants.

Maude stared. Then sat down on the bed, still staring.

Jorge grew up in a small Spanish town, in the North of the country. He was a happy child, good at school and at sports, popular with both the boys in his class, and later also with the girls.

Going through puberty, he saw that he was a bit different to the other boys- he seemed to grow hair sooner, his voice deepened earlier- and most of all his cock grew bigger than theirs, early on. Being a good Catholic boy, brought up in a strict family, he did not dwell on such things, but he noticed , when changing at gym, or showering , that his cock looked more like his older brothers in size, than it did like the little thin things his friends had sticking out between their legs.

He had never seen any other boys erect cock, so he had no idea whether his cock, erect, looked different or not.

As he grew older, his cock grew bigger and thicker. Eventually, he became embarrassed by it- it was MUCH bigger than anyone else’s, and he took to showering alone, dressing with his back to the other boys.

This did not go unnoticed by his friends. One day, after sports, they made him turn around, facing them.

From that day onwards his nickname was ‘’gran burro’’- big donkey, in Spanish. His parents, when they overheard it, thought it was unkind, thinking it referred to his mental abilities. His school friends would now tease him, but this teasing became tinged with jealousy as they grew older, knowing that the girls would be very impressed with what lay between his legs!

By the time he left school at 18, and joined the Merchant Marine, he was a stocky, handsome young man, endowed by nature with a cock 27cm in length, and as thick as a baby’s forearm. When erect, it stood like a flag-pole in front of him, huge, rigid and massive.

He had lost his virginity to a whore in a remote port when he was 19- she had taken one look at his cock, and run out the room to call two other whores to have a look, while he stood there, blushing. When she returned with the others, she had laid on the bed, her legs wide apart, and slowly guided his huge member into her wet cunt as the others watched. He could not get all of it in her, but the sensation of her cunt wrapped tightly around his giant cock made her cum in a few minutes. Before he could also cum, she made him get off her, and the next whore took her place to try him out. Then the third. By which time he could bear it no longer, and they came together, huge squirts of hot cum filling her cunt as she came, gripping his cock and riding him until she was done. When he got off her, she laid there, the load of cum oozing out of her cunt, his cock softening, but still huge.

The three whores kept him there all night, taking turns fucking him through the night, until neither they nor he could fuck any more.

Back on the ship, he mentioned to a fellow crew-member that he had been to that brothel.

‘’It’s nice, ‘’, his friend said, ‘’but they just fuck and rush you out of there. No chance of a second round, ever’’

Jorge just smiled and kept quiet.

Maude was almost trembling with excitement. She stared at the giant cock, mesmerised, imagining what that would feel like in her cunt. She reached out tentatively, touching its huge shaft, the veins bulging. It was not fully hard yet, and as she touched it she could feel it getting harder and harder, like a steel pole.

Jorge moved closer to her, used to this reaction by now. He stood still, letting her get used to the size of him. Bending her head, she put her mouth around the head of his cock. Circumcised, it was enormous, hard, throbbing. She wrapped her lips around it, taking as much of it as she could into her mouth, stretching her lips wider and wider till it filled her mouth, touching the back of her throat. He began to move slightly, in and out, fucking her mouth gently. She almost gagged the first time it went in again, but got used to it, and let him move a bit.

There was no way she could really give him a good blow-job. At most, she would get the head and a few inches of the shaft into her mouth. His balls were firm, also big. He was fully shaved, which made his cock look even bigger!

She had not even touched her cunt since she had gently stroked the lips before he got undressed, but she could feel the juices running down her thighs, she was that wet already. Stroking his shaft (her hands barely got around it), she massaged it a few times, seeing some drops of pre-cum on the tip. She was thinking about how to get that cock in her the best way.

She got onto the bed, and got onto her hands and knees, her big breasts hanging, swinging as she moved. Spreading her knees, she felt between her legs- her fingers just slid into her cunt, the wetness already coating her thighs. She pumped 4 fingers into her cunt and Jorge got onto the bed behind her. Widening her cunt, she felt for his cock, and put it at the opening of her pussy.

Her lips stretched as he pushed slowly in, deeper and deeper. She kept still as he entered her. It seemed endless- more and more cock, filling her, stretching her. She felt the head push up against the head of her vagina, hard, hurting a bit. He felt if she moved, she would tear in half.

Jorge was kneeling behind her. He felt for her tits, found her erect nipples, and began to squeeze them and knead them, making her wince with pleasure. He left her boobs, and, holding the cheeks of her bum, opened them wide, pulling them apart until he could see her hole. He rubbed one finger along her cunt, making it wet, and then slid the finger into her bum, all the way up in with one movement. Maude gasped, clenched her bum, but he kept her hole open and drove his finger in and out a few times, now starting to pump his cock in and out at the same time. At first, his cock did not really move out- it was so tight, even though she was dripping with juices, that she just moved back and forth with him as he pumped her. But then it started to move, going almost all the way out, and then the impossibly long slide back in, again and again.

His finger in her bum drove deeper each time, rotating in her bum, ramming into her.

Now he was fucking her faster, harder. Maude was not a small woman, but this cock made her feel like a petite virgin being fucked by a horse.

Reaching between her wet thighs, she felt for her clit- it was engorged, hard and sticking out. She rubbed it hard, mashing it into her as Jorge fucked her even faster.

She felt an orgasm building and building. She began to tremble, gasping, shuddering as he kept up the relentless pace. She was rubbing her clit so hard, she did not notice that it was getting bruised- she only felt the huge cock thundering into her cunt, and the finger ramming into her bum.

Just when she thought she would explode, the orgasm came, rushing through her, flooding her. Jorge kept fucking as she came. She was still cumming when he withdrew his cock, and rammed 4 fingers deep into her cunt. Released from the restriction of his cock, her juices squirted out of her, a wet, slippery stream over his hand and forearm. He kept slamming his hand into her swollen cunt until she began to cry, tears running down her face, her plump thighs quivering and shaking. She could not support herself in the doggy position, and she collapsed onto her tummy on the bed, her hand still between her legs.

Jorge kneeled, watching her, his cock rigid and slippery with her juices.

Now he pulled at her shoulder, rolling her onto her back. Her eyes were half closed a combination of the hard fucking and the alcohol.

She lay passively, waiting.

He grabbed her ankles, and spread her wet, white thighs as far open as they would go.

Lowering himself onto her, her guided his cock to her engorged, wet, gaping cunt, and slid it in. She gave a small yelp, but did not resist.

He let it slide all the way in again, feeling his balls slap against her fat as he drove in her.

He fucked her with a grinding movement, moving from side to side as well as in and out. She lay there, bouncing on the bed with each thrust, holding him lightly around his waist.

As he began to fuck her faster, she felt her pussy, raw and over-sensitive, begin to respond. She thrust back a little bit, meeting his cock with her cunt as it pummelled down on her.

He took her one hand, and put it on his bum-crack. She felt for his hole, and slid a finger into his bum as he had done to her.

This seemed to excite him even more, and he fucked her harder. Suddenly, he tensed, rammed hard into her, pausing as he got all the way in, then withdrew his cock fully, knelt, and jerked his cock with both hands, pointing it at her. She grabbed at his balls as he masturbated, opening her mouth. He aimed his hose at her face, and as she closed her eyes she felt long hot jets of cum string across her boobs, onto her face, into her mouth. More and more cum, her mouth filling with warm salty cum, dripping down her chin, streaking her hair. She had never seem so much cum from one man- it seemed to go on forever- just when she thought he was done, a few more squirts landed in her mouth.

When at last he took his hands of his cock, she opened her one eye, the other one was stuck shut with cum.

She licked her lips, and swallowed his cum, wiping some from her eye and licking it off her fingers also.

He was kneeling, looking at her, his enormous member beginning to soften slightly, like a giant tube of plastic pipe going soft in the sun.

She watched it get softer, point downwards, still huge, glistening, and slick.

He got up, pulled on his pants over his still- engorged cock, put on his shirt and turned to look at her.

‘’You will be ok now, Mrs Mitchell?’’ he asked.

‘’Till tomorrow night, yes’’ she said.’’ I will call for you’’.

‘’si, it will be my pleasure’’ he said, going out the suite and closing the door softly behind him.

Maude lay there for a few minutes, then stood and walked naked to the bookshelf facing the bed.

She moved a book, and took out the miniature camera hidden inside it. Removing the micro card, she wrote’ ’Jorge’’ on it, and put it in the safe in the cupboard.

She and Hubert would watch it later when he got back- he did so love to see his plump wife get a grand fucking!