01 Jul 2016

(Note to readers: guys have asked me how much of the novel is based on real people or events. Usually, not much. In this chapter however, the character of Lori is based on a young woman, 18 years old, on a charter I worked on 2 years ago. She was as I describe Lori- slim with huge firm natural boobs ( 32E- I looked in her cabin at her bra !).One of the waiters reporting to me said that she was entertaining guys in her room, and he had overheard two of them discussing in Spanish what they needed to buy for her to pay for the next day’s fuck. I have no idea what actually happened in the room of course, that part and the rest is fiction, but her character is real to that extent. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the chapter!

PS. If you like a chapter send me a message and tell me. Also, if you have an idea for a specific story-line, tell me- if I can make it work I may use it!

Luv, Tamz)

Lori and Dan had boarded the luxury yacht in the Bahamas with their parents, Lydia and Alexander.

It had been an exhausting flight from their home in Cape Town, South Africa, and they were all glad to finally be on board and able to relax after the discomfort of the flight. Even the First Class suites for their parents and the Business Class seats for the kids did not take away the mind-numbing boredom of the long-haul BA A380 flight via London.

While their parents unpacked, Lori and Dan investigate the ship. It was very hot, and very humid, and they were soon walking around in just a light top and shorts, their designer jeans having been flung on their beds.

Lori, 14 months older than Dan, was a stunning, tall blonde young woman, with piercing blue eyes and a beautiful face. What made her stand out though was not her face, as pretty as that was. It was her figure.

She had been blessed with her father’s genes, which gave her a 1.79m height, and very slim hips and a tight, firm bum, but it was her mother genes which gave her her boobs. On her very narrow waist, delicate shoulder and petite face her 32 E boobs were remarkable.

From the back she looked like any tall slim girl- from the front she looked like every man’s wet dream- huge ,firm boobs and a tiny waist on an almost 6 foot blonde!

There was virtually not a man she passed on the ship who did not turn and look as she went past, but she was so used to it that she did not even notice it any more.

Dan was also tall, with dark hair and a tanned complexion. Well built, with big shoulders and a cute bum, he was the target of all the girls’ attention at any party he went to.

Dan, having just finished his Matric, was looking forward to his first trip as an ‘’adult’ able to drink in the bars and go to the clubs. Lori was in first-year University at UCT. Her friends said she was studying a BA Husband, but she felt that her degree in Art would be good anyway one day.

They explored the ship, and a few days later were old hands at the routines, happy in the small pool, or in the club till all hours.

Dan had made a few good friends, and Lori was, as always, surrounded by male admirers, most just wanting to get her clothes off to see that magnificent body and boobs for themselves.

Lori however was far from stupid. She fully understood the value of her body, and was not in the habit of taking her clothes off just because some guy kissed her. She knew that every guy from 15 to 70 wanted to fuck her, and while she was certainly not a virgin, she only fucked those she wanted to, not just anyone. There had to be a thrill in it somewhere after all.

Dan and Lori were not only brother and sister, but also best friends. They had grown up in a very wealthy family, where they wanted for nothing, except that their parents were never at home, and paid them little attention apart from giving them an extravagant allowance each month. Their home in Bishopscourt had featured in magazines, and their holiday home in Plettenberg Bay had cost over R20 m as the house in front had to be bought and demolished to give their holiday house a good sea-view.

On board ship, they had adjoining cabins, while their parents has a suite two deck above. Their cabins had interleading doors, and they often left the doors open so that they could chat while in their own rooms, late at night.

Lazing around on the beach at a shore-day, Dan noticed a man in his 50’s talking to Lori. He had seen the man on board with his wife, but she was not around on the beach that day. Lori seemed to be interested in him, and he soon sat down near her, although not too near, in case someone wondered what middle aged man was doing chatting up a 19 year old young woman.

Dan was sitting with a few friends some distance away, and soon was distracted by a particularly attractive brunette sitting next to him, with delightfully firm boobs, who was not shy to take her top off on the beach.

Both Lori and Dan were quite sexually experienced, and were not naïve in any way at all. They knew that both their parents had affairs from time to time.

Their mother, Lydia, was a woman of 45, in the prime of her life. A tall blonde with a voluptuous rounded figure, with large 38c boobs, she was a striking rather than beautiful woman, and she oozed sex appeal. She had many men try to seduce her, before and after she married their father, Alexander, and she had allowed a few to succeed, even enjoying the occasional tryst with more than one of them at a time.

Her most memorable had been an afternoon the previous year where she had been ‘’seduced ‘’ by a very attractive Greek man while on holiday in Corfu. He had taken her back to his villa, and after making her good and wet by eating her large cunt in the most delightful way, had suggested that maybe a threesome would be fun. She agreed, thinking he meant at a later date and was surprised when he left the room for a moment, to return with an equally handsome and very well built young man of maybe 18 or 19, who he introduced as his son.

Father and son fucked her for 3 hours without a break, penetrating every orifice, and each cumming twice including in her cunt, anus and mouth. She still got aroused thinking of that sunny afternoon in the villa, and the smell of semen and sweat always reminded her of that day

Lori awareness of her father’s affairs started when she had come home unexpectedly one morning and heard a noise from her father’s study. She went around to the window to see what it was, and saw Mrs Armstrong, the chairlady of the Kelvin Grove Country Club women’s Committee, on her knees, her skirt flipped up over her back, her top pulled down to expose her very large, very soft natural boobs. Crouched behind Mrs Armstrong was her father, his pants around his ankles and his cock deep in Mrs Armstrong’s cunt. Lori watched for a while, unsurprised, and only a little bit turned on, until her father gave a series of hard thrusts and came in her cunt.

Lori went back inside, and was sitting in the lounge when Mrs Armstrong and her father walked down the passage, discussing Country Club matters. Lori gave them both a sweet smile, and said nothing.

A few weeks later she was in the sun-room, reading, when her mother, Mrs Armstrong and 2 other women were in the room adjoining the sun-room, having early afternoon drinks. They had either not seen Lori next door, or forgot that she was there, and the talk turned to their husbands and their sexual preferences.

Mrs Armstrong said that he husband Jack was always on at her to have him cum in her mouth, but she refused- she said she had done it once with a boyfriend and it was disgusting-tasting.

What Lori didn’t know was that he mother knew that her husband was screwing Mrs Armstrong, having found an earring of hers on the study floor one morning. Suspicious, she activated the security cameras one day as she left to go horse-riding, and the next day had a look to see what happened in the study

She was rewarded by a 30 min clip of her husband and Mrs Armstrong fucking in a variety of positions in the study, with her husband finally cumming all over Mrs Armstrong’s impressive chest.

Lori’s mom thought about this for a while. There was no way she was going to make a fuss- to lose all that they had because her husband wanted to have a fuck with someone else was unthinkable, but she did want revenge at least, even if she was the only one who knew about it.

Recalling what Mrs Armstrong has said about her husband wanting to cum in her mouth, she hatched a plan.

Mr Armstrong was an Advocate, and often worked from his offices at home.

Making an appointment to see him on the pretext of wanting advice on a property transfer, she arrived mid-morning one Wednesday, having found out that Mrs Armstrong was away in Knysna at their holiday house there supervising some renovations.

Lori’s mom wore a white skirt, shorter than she would usually wear, and a very transparent blouse, with a very light bra, so that her full and large breasts were nicely on display.

To cut a long story short, she made it very clear to Mr Armstrong that she was not averse to him showing some interest in her, and before long they were in the bedroom, his cock buried in her shaved cunt.

When she felt he was getting ready to cum, she pushed him off her, kneeled between his legs and took his slippery cock in her mouth, and sucked him hard and fast. He was about to withdraw his cock when she pushed down with her mouth to keep it there, and sucked until he exploded in her mouth, warm cum filing her mouth.

When he stopped cumming, she looked up, her mouth full of his cum, smiled at him, and swallowed it, licking her lips afterwards.

She knew he would not be able to resist her oral attentions in future, and they had many pleasant afternoons over the next few months, each time ending with his cum going down her throat. (She did wonder in passing whether cum was high in kilojoules, and what the effect of regular doses of it would be on her diet!)

She gently ended the happy relationship after one session when Mr Armstrong suggested a threesome. Remembering the Greek guy, she agreed. The next time, when she arrived, Mr Armstrong introduced her to Sandy, a slim young man of maybe 18 or 19, with a beautiful face and impossibly long eyelashes.

Sandys role, it turned out, was to suck Mr Armstrong’s cock while he sucked Sandy’s, and then to fuck Mr Armstrong in the anus while Lydia sucked his cock till he came

Lydia had no particular objection to the idea of gay sex, but resented not being the centre of attention, so she made herself less and less available until Mr Armstrong found a replacement for her, and took up fucking the daughter of the Armstrong’s maid.

(She had got her satisfaction when Mrs Armstrong was heard to complain to her good friend Mrs Du Toit that her husband’s obsession with wanting to cum in her mouth was getting out of hand- it was almost like he was doing it to someone and now wanted her to do it also! )

Dan was less worldly-wise than Lori- he suspected that neither of his parents was faithful to each other, but had no real proof.

Sure, he had seen his Dad one Christmas Eve with his hand up the skirt of one of the young women hired to serve drinks, but who knew what happened next. (what did happen next was that his Dad, Alexander and his best friend had taken the young girl to the pool-room and fucked her in her mouth and her anus for an hour) .He had also seen his Mom coming down in the lift at the Cullinan Hotel one afternoon, and he had no idea why she should have been in the rooms at the hotel, but again he had no proof.

As far as Lori went, Dan had seen her making out with a variety of guys over the years and had seen her fucking her current boyfriend several times. Even though she was his sister he realised that her spectacular figure and very pretty face were a magnet for all men of all ages.

One afternoon, Dan was in his cabin lying down because he had a headache from too much beer the night before. As far as he knew, Lori was at the pool with her friends.

Half asleep, he heard the door to her cabin open and close. He thought nothing of it, until he heard it open again a few minutes later, and a man’s voice in her cabin.

Concerned that someone may have got in to steal her stuff, he opened the interleading door very slightly.

All he could see was the back of a man. He waited. The man was talking to someone. Then he heard Lori answer- so she was in the cabin.

Before he could close the door, the man moved to one side, and he saw Lori standing, facing the man, moving slowly to music. The man sat down on a chair, his legs outstretched in front of him. Dan saw with a bit of a shock that it was the middle-aged man from the beach-the one who had been talking to Lori!

Lori gyrated for a moment, and then stepped out of her sandals. She turned her back to the man, wiggled her bum provocatively at him, and unzipped shorts, sliding them slowly and teasingly over her slim hips till she kicked them off on the floor.

Dan looked at the man. He had his cock out of his pants, and was masturbating. Dan was amazed- if Lori turned around now she would yell, for sure.

Standing with her back to the man, she hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her thong, and slid it ever so slowly down to the floor.

Dan’s cock was rigid. He could see Lori’s pussy from the back, and her very cute and trim bum was delightful to the young man.

With her hands over her pussy, she turned to face the man. Far from yelling, she smiled at him, and rubbed her pussy with her hands, still concealing it. Her 32E boobs made her t shirt stand out like a tent, her nipples poking through the thin fabric.

The man masturbated harder, his mouth open, his eyes riveted on her hands over her pussy.

Slowly she slid her hand upwards, revealing first her pussy lips, then her slit, then her whole mound. She was completely shaved, not a trace of hair in sight, and her slit was a tight line in the middle of a mound of pale skin.

The man almost forgot to masturbate, as he stared at her cunt.

She crossed her hands at the hem of her t shirt, and in one swift movement took her t shirt off. Her firm, heavy boobs stuck out like two round hills- slightly tanned, not a trace of sag, capped by large light brown areola, her nipples hard and puckered.

She swayed in front of the man, as he looked her body up and down.

Then, with a grin, she kneeled in front of him, took his cock in her hands, and began to masturbate him, spitting every so often on the head of his cock to make it slippery.

He reached out and touched her boobs- but when he tried to slide his hand towards her pussy, she pulled it back up and put it on her boob.

She didn’t have to jerk him for long. Soon he started to pant, and Lori moved aside just as long jets of white cum squirted on the carpet. She kept milking him until it stopped, then, giving him a kiss on the cheek, she picked up her clothes and went into the bathroom.

The man put his softening cock back in his pants, and stood up as Lori came back in, her shorts and t shirt on.

Dan was very aroused of course- as a virile young man, the sight of such a stunning piece of womanhood nude and jerking a guy was bound to arouse him, and he had been playing with his cock as he watched.

What he could not figure out was what Lori was getting out of it-had she fucked the guy it would have made more sense, but just to do a strip and jerk him off??

The man left the cabin, and closed the door. Dan also closed the door between the rooms quietly. But not quietly enough. In a second Lori tried the door, and opened it. She looked in and saw Dan standing facing the interleading door, took one look at his erect cock in his swim trunks and knew what had happened.

‘’were you spying on me?”’ she asked

‘’no’’ he said ‘’I heard a noise and thought you were upstairs and that someone had come in to take your stuff. It’s not time for the rooms to be made for the night yet’’

‘’what did u see?’’ she said, looking at him intently with those big blue eyes.

He blushed, and didn’t say anything

‘’so you saw the man and me?’’ she asked, knowing the answer

He nodded.

‘’did you see everything?’’

He nodded again.

She came into his cabin, and sat on his bed.

‘’what are you going to do about it?’’’ she asked after a minute.

He looked at her, not quite understanding the question

‘’are you going to tell mom and dad?’’ she asked.

‘’no way, why would I tell them? What you do and who you do it with is not their business’’

She smiled at him, stood and gave him a peck on the cheek.

‘’thanks Bro’’’she said, turning to leave

‘’I do have a question though’ ’he said as she was at the door.

She turned.


“”um, I don’t know how to say this. What do you get from it- I mean I can see what he gets, but what’s in it for you?”

She motioned with her finger for him to follow her.

He went into her room, smelling the smell of sex and the man’s cum

She went to the drawer and took out a box. Opening it, she held up a necklace with a small diamond pendant.

‘’he gave you that”’ asked Dan in surprise’’ for a strip show?’’

She nodded.

‘’Like an upmarket whore, hey?” she said with a grin.

‘’hey, if you can get that for taking your clothes off and jerking some old dude, what the hell. Wish I could find some old biddy to feel me up and buy me a Rolex!’’

She laughed and said

‘’ He was so desperate to see my boobs; he would have given me anything‘’

Dan went back to his cabin, closing the interleading door behind him. But it soon opened again and Lori looked in.

‘’tell you what. This guy will want to see me again, for sure. If you keep a lookout for mom and dad, and if they come knocking let the guy come into your cabin by this door, I will make it worth your while’’ said Lori

‘’Sure, just let me know when so I am in here ‘’ he said. ’How will you make it worth my while?’’

She thought for a moment.

‘’you know that girl in reception you are so keen on- the one with the big boobs- if I get her to give you a blow-job, then you help me with this guy- ok?’’

He nodded eagerly, and Lori went back to her cabin smiling to herself. What Dan didn’t know was that the reception girl would, according to some of her male friends, fuck anyone if she was paid. Lori would pay her to fuck Dan and everyone would be happy.

Dan was aroused at the idea of his sister doing this older guy, and waited for the day when she would arrange it again.

He wanted more than to be just a safety-door for this, and pondered how to go about it. He REALLY wanted to see her jerk him off again. Dan had cum several times masturbating just thinking about what he had seen.

Early on the cruise he had been looking for a place to hide his stash of weed, and had moved the cupboard in his cabin to see whether there was a place behind it.

He had found a small gap in the panelling of the cupboard, and had put it there, but what he had also seen was that there was a dark Plexiglas panel in the wall. It looked like maybe an electrical board had been moved, and replaced by the panel. He wondered now whether Lori’s cabin also had such a panel, and whether they lined up. If they did, and if the Plexiglas was transparent enough, it may be possible to actually see into her room.

When she was on deck one day he went into her cabin. At first he could not see a similar panel, but by working out where the panel would be if it was in the same place on the common wall, he realised that there was a picture hanging on the wall in exactly that place.

Taking the picture down, he was delighted to find a matching Plexiglas panel!

Going back to his cabin, he carefully removed the panel, and looked in the thin wall cavity. Lo and behold, she could see through the slightly tinted panel into her cabin! But could she see him?

He tested it a couple of times, putting a shirt hanging in his cabin in front of the gap in the wall. He discovered that if his cabin was very dark, and hers was light, one could not see through then panel unless one went right up close to it- other than that it just reflected the cabin back at the occupant.

He put the picture hook a few centimetres to one side and re-hung the picture. Lori was notoriously unobservant, and he was sure she would not notice the picture had moved, nor would she notice the small panel. Even if she did, and tried to look through it, she would not see anything with the cupboard against the wall.

Thus prepared, he waited for Lori to need his help.

Two days later, at sea, Lori said to Dan after lunch

‘’can you be in your cabin at 2?’’

He grinned at her, and agreed.

Just before 2 he went to his cabin, closed the black-out curtains and moved the cupboard. With the curtains open in her cabin, and the bright Caribbean sun streaming in the picture window, he could see into her cabin as clearly as if he had a window.

He waited

Just after 2 Lori came into the cabin. She went to her cupboard and took out a baby-doll nighty, and some lingerie.

Going into the bathroom, she disappeared from sight, to return a few minutes later wearing the sheer nighty, and what looked like stockings and a suspender belt.

Her firm huge boobs lifted the nighty, her nipples poking through so clearly that he could see every ripple in her aroused areolas.

At 2.15 there was a knock in the door, and she went to open it. Dan saw the middle-aged guy come in, and give Lori and hug and a kiss on her lips.

He couldn’t see the door, and was surprised when another man suddenly appeared in the room. This was a man of maybe late 50’s, who had been playing blackjack with Dan’s father the night before. He was paunchy and grey-haired, and looked ill at ease.

Lori went up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, then showed them both to the two chairs in the cabin.

They sat, looking at her.

Dan couldn't hear anything inside the room, but Lori appeared to have put some music on, as she stood in front on the two men, moving to the rhythm of something.

She stroked her breasts, pulling at her nipples, and put her hands under her nighty to cup them and fondle them but without showing them to the men.

Lifting the hem of her nighty, she revealed a pair of tiny see-through panties, her slit clearly visible in the dent in the fabric

Running a slim finger with vivid red nail polish along her slit, she pushed the fabric more into her slit, looking at the men as she did so.

Both men were wearing swim trunks and t shirts. They had opened their pants, and were stroking their erect cocks while watching her intently.

Lori slid her hand under the thin panties, still stroking her slit, and appeared to put one finger into her pussy.

With her other hand she lifted her nighty more, exposing the underside of her boobs. As the men masturbated more rapidly, she lifted her nighty over her head and stood in front of them topless, her boobs firm and rounded, and her nipples puckered and hard.

She turned, and with her back to the men leaned forward and unclipped the stockings from the suspender belt, and stepped out of each in turn, then taking the suspender belt off. Bending to touch her toes, the mound of pussy was visible between her legs, the tiny panties pulled up into her bum.

He hand was back inside her panties, her finger in her slit, probing

Dan was mesmerised. He had taken his shorts off, and with some body lotion on his hand was masturbating hard, trying to stop himself from cumming too soon.

Lori turned around again, facing the men, and slid her panties down her long slim legs. Standing nude in front of the men, she now fingered herself deeply, her hand driving between her legs into her cunt

She approached the new guy first, knelt in front of him, and without hesitation took his cock into her mouth, drawing it all in, holding it for a moment, then bobbing her head up and down, her long blonde hair framing her pretty face, mouth open and cock inside.

She sucked him for a while, and then transferred her attention to the other man, taking him in just as deeply, sucking hard.

Dan was enthralled by the sight of his sister’s huge firm boobs pointing at the man, his cock ramming her gorgeous mouth. He jerked himself to the point of cumming several times, stopping just as the pre-cum dripped out of his rock-hard cock.

He was torn between the erotic desire to get hold of his sister afterwards and see if she would suck him, and the knowledge of the taboo nature of incest, but it was an attractive idea- he wondered if she would maybe at least jerk him off, or maybe suck him if he asked her to.

He was pondering such matters when Lori stood up from sucking one of the guys, took her original guy by the hand and led him to the bed.

Pushing him onto his back, she sucked his cock for another moment, then hopped onto the bed, took a condom from the bedside table and put it on his cock, straddled him, her back to his face in a reverse cowboy position, and sat down on his cock.

Dan squirted a load of cum at the wall and onto the carpet- he just could not hold it in. Lori’s cute tight cunt opened over this older man, her sheath and clit protruding and his cock visible as it slid into her shaved slit was too much for him, and he emptied his load with a shuddering moan.

Lori bounced up and down on the man, her huge breasts bobbing as she did so, her one hand on her boob, her other on her clit.

Within a minute the man gave a loud groan that even Da could hear, and must have cum inside her.

She stood up on the bed, his cock sliding out of her, and sat next to him. He got off the bed, and she waved at the older fat man to come to the bed.

He did so, his cock almost hidden by his big beer-belly. He lay like a small whale on his back, and his time Lori climbed on him, after putting a condom on his rather small cock, facing him.

She rode him, slamming down on his tummy with each stroke, while he grasped at her full and heavy breasts in awe, seemingly unable to believe that these magnificent items were in his hands.

He too came in a minute, and she jumped off him, whipping the condom off and throwing it in the bin.

She blew a kiss at the two men, and flounced out of the room to the bathroom.

The men pulled on their shorts and left the room.

Dan pushed the cupboard back, and was lying on his bed reading when Lori knocked on the interleading door and entered his room.

‘’thank Bro’’ she said, her hair wet from a shower and wearing a tiny string bikini which only just covered her pussy and her nipples, leaving the fullness of her boobs on view.

‘’oh, are you done?’’ asked Dan, trying to conceal the tent that had arisen in his shorts.

She glanced at his crotch, smiled, and said

‘’now to get you that girl at reception!’’ and went back to her cabin.

Lori was a good as her word, and approached the girl at reception the next day, saying that her brother had a crush on her, and would she be interested in meeting him ‘’for a bit of fun’’, suggesting, without actually saying so, that there would be money involved.

Angelica, the girl at reception, was, as Lori had surmised, not averse to paid sex. Blessed with a curvy body and large boobs, she was dark-haired, pretty, with what one boyfriend described as ‘’pornographic‘’ face. Born to a poor family in Italy, she had discovered early on in her short life that her looks were worth cash, and while she was not a prostitute, she figured that if guys were prepared to pay for doing what she enjoyed doing anyway, and what her boyfriend’s got for free, why the hell not? She had fucked boys and girls, men and women, and was equally happy with a normal one-on-one fuck in the bedroom as she was with a gang-bang with 10 guys in a club- as long as she was paid enough she would take any cock anywhere.

She suggested to Lori that they meet in Loris cabin to discuss the details, and so it was that the following morning after breakfast, Angelica knocked on the door of Lori’s cabin.

Lori let her in, wearing her pool attire- a micro bikini and a wrap. Angelica had long had her eye on Lori, and was as stunned by the young woman’s figure as the men were.

They chatted a while, and agreed that Angelica would fuck Dan for R2,000 for the first time, and then R1000 for every time thereafter if he asked her to. Lori insisted that oral sex was included, but Angelica said that anal would be extra.

As Lori was ready to go the pool, Angelica asked whether Lori would like her to rub some sun-tan oil on her back.

Lori agreed, and, handing Angelica the spray bottle, slipping off her wrap.

Angelica sneaked a look at those huge boobs barely covered by the two tiny strips of fabric over the nipples, and felt herself get wet immediately.

Lori turned her back to Angelica, and undid her bikini top so that it did not get oil on it.

Angelica sprayed oil on her back, and then rubbed it in from her shoulder downwards. As she rubbed, she let her hands stray to Lori’s sides, her fingers just touching the bulge of her breast from the side. Lori did not flinch, so at the next stroke Angelica let more of her hand touch the side of Lori’s boobs, until she was rubbing oil on the side of her boobs fully.

Loris still did not move, realising what the girl was doing, and enjoying the sensation.

She was no stranger to lesbian sex, having had several encounters with friends over the years, mostly after or at drunken parties where guys wanted to see two girls get it on, even if they could not get to fuck either of them, and she enjoyed the touch of woman as much as the thrust of a man.

Angelica had by now given up any pretence of rubbing oil on Lori, and was pressed against her back, her hands around Lori, fondling her firm heavy breasts and pulling at her erect nipples.

Lori turned around, and without a word peeled off her bikini bottom, standing nude in front of Angelica.

Angelica sank to her knees, parted Lori’s long legs, and began to lick her slit, her tongue pushing the lips of her tight pussy apart, feeling for her clit and licking it rapidly.

Loris closed her eyes and let the sensation wash over her. When the stimulation became too intense, she moved away and went to the bed. Angelica followed her, shedding her skirt, blouse, bra and panties as she went. She was dripping wet with excitement, her pussy swollen and ready.

Lori lay on her back and looked at Angelica as stripped. She was rounded and curvey, maybe a few kilos overweight in terms of conventional standards, but the weight was in all the right places- nice shapely legs, a small tummy bulge and very big boobs, maybe not so firm, but large and inviting with large brown nipples. Looking down, Lori saw that Angelica was only partly shaved in a bikini trim, a triangle of dark hair framing her pussy, where droplets of moisture were already visible.

Angelica was going to lie between Lori’s legs to continue her attention to her cunt, but Lori pulled at her waist and turned her around so that Angelica was back to front crouched over her in a 69 position. Angelica lowered herself so that Loris face was under her cunt, parted Lori’s legs as wide as they could go, and buried her face in the wetness between her thighs.

Lori pulled Angelicas bum down more, and tasted her pussy. It was really wet, and the wet hair made her face glisten as she mouthed her. Feeling with her fingers in Angelicas cunt, she wetted them, then found her anus and slid a finger in, probing deeply as she lapped at her pussy.

Very soon, the two women were fingering and sucking each other wildly, rolling around on the bed, each trying to get the other to climax.It became something of a game, both laughing as the other approached climax and then managed to control it.

Eventually Angelica won by sticking her tongue deep into Lori’s anus while driving three fingers into her cut- Lori came with a shriek, followed a few seconds later by Angelica who spurted juice all over Lori as she came.

Their cries of cumming masked the sounds from the room next door, where unbeknown to either of them Dan was standing behind a very pretty waitress he had invited to his cabin, his cock buried deep in her cunt, both of them with their faces pressed against the one-way Plexiglas panel, watching his sister and Angelica fuck their brains out!