Written by TAMMY

09 Oct 2015

Hello. My name is Tamara (Tammy). I write a diary entry every so often which you can find in the stories section- just search for Tammy, and look at the dates.

I also write a novel, of which this is the 7th chapter.

To fully appreciate this particular chapter, you need to read chapters 1 AND 2 first, as we meet some of the characters here again.

I am often asked how much of the novel is based on real experiences in my work on the mega motor-yachts.

The answer is that some characters are based on real people, and some situations are based on things I have seen or heard of.

In this chapter, the situation and the people are based more on reality than the other chapters are.

I leave it up to you to work out what parts are real, and whether any of it is me!!

Have fun.


Don has a party

Don had met Nico, the masseuse while exploring the ship two days ago. He had taken a liking to the good-looking, swarthy crew member, and sought him out whenever Nico was off-duty for a chat and a few drinks. Nico had not realised at first that Don was Amanda’s husband, but when he did, he enjoyed chatting to Don, knowing that he had fucked Dons wife four times so far, and that she could not get enough of his huge cock.

He had fucked her every which way by now, introducing her to deep-throating, and accepting his hot jets of cum down her throat when he came. He had shoved a bottle up her cunt, a huge dildo up her bum, and made her kneel while he ejaculated into her face. She seemed insatiable, and always came back for more.

Don had no idea that this good-looking guy’s cock had penetrated his wife numerous times, and that the musky smell he sometimes smelled on her was in fact Nico’s cum in her hair and on her skin.

One afternoon, Nico and Don were shooting the breeze, sitting in a concealed area at the stern, when Stavros came past.

He had seen Don around and now sat with them to have a cold beer before going back on duty.

Stavros had also seen Amanda coming out of the gym a few times, and, knowing Nico’s reputation with the ladies, recognised the look of a well-fucked guest when he saw it. He DID know that Don was Amanda’s husband, and smiled at the thought of Nico’s huge cock fucking this guy’s wife silly. He had wondered how he could get a piece of the action, but had not yet found a way.

Don was quite drunk by now, and was getting horny, watching some of the female crew sorting out towels for the pool, their short white pants revealing their panties underneath, their t-shirts showing their boobs as they bent over the piles of towels.

‘’Some nice pussy on this ship’’ said Don.

You have no idea thought Nico.

‘’yes’’ he said ’’some of the girls are really built’’

‘’My wife is just not interested in fucking ‘’ said Don’’ she seems happy just to lie around and have massages with you every so often’’.

Nico almost choked on his beer. ‘’well, that’s the way some women are’’ he said. He would have been amazed if Amanda would still have been able to fuck Don after he was done with her, so this came as no surprise.

‘’do you guys get any action with the girls?”’ asked Don

‘’now and then’’ said Stavros. ‘’some are more willing than others’’.

‘’I would pay good money to fuck a nice young one’’ said Don wistfully, looking at a particularly busty blonde stewardess as she walked past.

Nico looked at Stavros, an idea forming in his head.

‘’sometimes that can be arranged’’ he said. ’But the girls want a lot of money. What did you have in mind?’’

Don thought about it. At home, when he wanted a particular type of girl, he would pay anything up to $2000 for a night with a beautiful young Mexican or Puerto Rican girl. Here it would cost more, he guessed. These girls were not professional whores, they would need persuading, not just payment.

Nico and Stavros also thought about it. They knew of at least 3 of the crew who would fuck for money if asked nicely. Usually, they wanted around $300-400 for a few hours, maybe more if there was kinky sex or group sex. On the last cruise, Stavros had a gang-bang for 6 guys with 2 kitchen crew- each girl had fucked all the guys anally, orally and cunt, and had also fucked each other with dildo’s and other objects, and they had got $500 each for the whole night.

‘’I guess around $2000-3000 for a really nice young thing would do it’’ said Don. ‘’if she will do whatever I want, that it’’

Stavros and Nico tried hard to hide their smiles.

‘’what would you want her to do?”’ Stavros asked. ‘’remember they are not used to this maybe- they may not want to do funny stuff’’

‘’what funny stuff might they not do?’’ he asked

‘’well, we had a guy on a cruise who wanted a girl to fuck a dog’’ he said. ‘’But we didn’t have a dog, and anyway she said she was not keen. Another guy wanted a girl to fuck him and his son, while his wife watched. She wanted more for that. That sort of thing’’

Don gaped. He had not even considered such wild sex- he had oral and maybe anal in mind.

‘’well, I don’t like dogs anyway, and I sure as hell don’t want my wife around, so that’s not a problem’’ he said. ’Which girl will do it?’’

‘’I will see what I can do.’’ Said Nico, looking at Stavros.

‘’Maybe we can all fuck a girl ‘’ said Don- he loved group-sex, with lots of guys hammering at one girl all night. He had participated in such a session a few

months ago, where the host had procured the services of a very beautiful, very sexy and very young Hispanic girl, with a slim figure and small very firm tits. The 6 guys had fucked her from 9 at night to 6 the next morning in every hole, sometimes at once. Even when the girl seemed to pass out from the alcohol and the fucking, they just waited a while, woke her, and started again. By early in the morning, she was covered in cum, her cunt and anus dripping with it, her face a mess of all the guys cum, and still she was ready for more, even if she couldn’t move so much at the end.

She had taken two of the guy’s cocks in her mouth at once, and almost drowned when they both shot their load down her throat at once when they came at the same time!

It was great!

Nico nodded to Don. ‘’I am sure that can be arranged’’.

After a while, they parted, and Don went back to the Casino to play a few hands, while Nico and Stavros went back to their quarters.

‘’who do you have in mind?’’ asked Nico

‘’well, there are two I think would be willing. There is Angelique in housekeeping- I have fucked her and I think she would be willing for the right money. Then there is Gloria in the Casino- she’s a bit older, but I know that the Frist Officer has had her in his cabin with two others a few times, so she might think about it .

If this prick is willing to pay up to $3000 for a fuck, we can give the girl $500, spilt the rest and still get to fuck her all night. Not a bad deal!”

The next day, Stavros sought out Angelique. She was cleaning a suite, when he came in, closed the door and walked up behind her. Without a word, he lifted her skirt and cupped his hand over her cunt. His other hand felt for her nipple under her bra, her very big and very firm young breasts responding to his fingers immediately.

‘’Stavros! What if the guest comes back?’’ she asked with a squeal

‘’the door is locked’’ he said ‘’ on your knees!”

He pulled her panties aside, and felt for her slit with his finger. Parting the pussy lips, he probed between her hairy lips, feeling her wetness, and drove a finger into her cunt, massaging her clit as he did so.

She smiled at him.

‘’no. Take me like this.’’

She went to the sliding door onto the balcony, and opened it. Dragging a chair to the doorway, she turned it, held onto the backrest, and, facing out to sea, pulled her skirt over her hips, wiggling her bum at him

He unzipped his white trousers, pulled his big cock out of his underpants, and pulled her panties down roughly. Spitting a wad of saliva onto his hand, he wiped it on his throbbing cock, and felt for her cunt.

‘’so wet already!’’ he said.

‘’just fuck and stop talking’’ she said, reaching behind her for his cock, and pulling it to the entrance of her wet cunt.

He pushed forward a bit, and then slammed it all the way into her, making her cry out. She began to thrust back at him, as he pounded into her rapidly, slamming her against the chair with each stroke.

Without waiting for her to cum, he began to give a series of short thrusts, and she felt his cum squirt deep into her cunt. He kept going until there was no more cum, then pulled his cock out, and went to the bathroom without a word.

She followed him, wiped the cum dripping from her cunt with a towel, pulled her panties back into place, and lowered her skirt.

He zipped up his pants, and grinned at her. ‘

‘’so, still the best fuck on the ship’’ he said.

‘’and you’ve no doubt tried them all’’ she said with a laugh

‘’Listen, I have a proposition for you’’

She looked at him. ’You have a proposition AFTER you have fucked me- should you make your proposition before you cum in my cunt!’’

He told her about Don, omitting to mention the amount he was offering. She continued cleaning while he spoke, asking questions every so often. Stavros was encouraged by her replies, seeing that she was at least not rejecting it outright.

‘’so who all would be at this party?”” she asked eventually.

‘’well, that’s up to you. Nico has had the hots for you since he first saw you, so if you want he could be there and I would like to join in, so maybe just the three guys and you, or maybe another girl. What do you think?’’

‘’sounds ok’’ said the petite busty girl. ‘’I have seen Nico with his swimsuit on, and he looks like he would be great to fuck. Don I don’t know, and your cock I know very well. So ok, how much?”

‘’what would you want?”’ asked Stavros, answering the question with a question.

“” at least $400 if there are three of you”” she said. “’ more if there is any kinky stuff””

‘’like what?””

‘’Like anal with all of you, or things stuck in my cunt and so on- I know what you guys like! And I don’t do pain. Anything else goes, I guess”’

‘’another girl?’’ asked Stavros

‘’ sure’’ she said, ‘’ pussy always tastes good’’.

‘’do you know which girl might want to earn a few bucks?’’ he asked

‘’let me think about it. If I find someone, I will tell you’’.

He gave her a light smack on her pert bum, and left the suite. She continued cleaning, and when she came across the guest’s vanity case she opened it, to find an assortment of vibrators and dildos, all neatly packed. She checked that the door was locked, took a huge vibrator out of its box, and , lifting her skirt, massaged the dark-haired triangle of her pussy until her lips were wet, then switching it on, she inserted the vibrator deep into her cunt, feeling the tingle of the machine arousing her more and more. When she could not take it anymore, she felt for her clit with one hand and rubbing it hard, had a huge orgasm, collapsing onto the bed as she came.

She wiped the vibrator, put it back in its box, wiped her cunt again and left the suite, satisfied and still horny.

A day later, Angelique arrived at Stavros’s cabin after breakfast one morning.

‘’you know that thing we spoke about?’’ she asked


‘’ok, I have another girl to join us. When are we doing it? And I want the money up front’’

‘’who is the girl?’’

‘’wait and see’’

‘’ok. I will arrange where and when, but it will have to be soon, as we finish the cruise in 4 days. The money will be paid to you both by me when you arrive that night’’

Stavros found Nico in the gym, reading a porn magazine hidden inside a health magazine, and told him of the arrangements so far. Then he went in search of Don, who he found at the bar, chatting up the attractive brunette bargirl. Stavros didn’t tell him that he was wasting his time- she lived with an 18 year old blond stripper, and was as lesbian as they come, although Stavros thought a good hard fuck may change her mind; he had never managed to get that far with her.

He told Don that it was all systems go, and that they could party the next night in his cabin- it was big, and had an office as well as the main room, so lots of space to play.

He told Don that there would be two stunning girls, but that it would cost a bit more, $4500 for both. Don didn’t bat an eye.

‘’sure’’ he said ’’when do you want the money?’’

‘’sometime today- the girls need to know that you are serious, and they need to make arrangements to be off duty. Don went to his suite, and came back with $5000 in $100 bills.

‘’here’’ he said. ‘’There is something extra for you and Nico for arranging this”

The next afternoon, Don told Amanda that he was playing poker with some of the guys that night, and she should not wait up. She said she was fine with that, and went to find Nico, to arrange to meet him in the gym, but she was disappointed to find that he was also playing in the poker school that night.

Around 9 pm, Don got dressed into his tightest jeans, with a white shirt unbuttoned to the waist, and his gold chains dangling on his hairy chest, and went to Stavros’s cabin.

Stavros and Nico were both there, and welcomed him with a strong scotch on the rocks.

At 9h30 there was a knock on the door. Stavros opened it, and Angelique walked in, followed by a very beautiful and statuesque black girl.

‘’this is Eve’’ said Angelique.

Stavros introduced the girls to Don. They both knew Stavros and Nico, of course, who were intrigued and a bit upset to see Eve there- if they had known she was an easy fuck they would have tried earlier, but she always seemed so aloof and unavailable.

Eve was 19, tall and very pretty, with long black hair, big brown eyes, and a magnificent set of boobs- if anything bigger than Angelique’s. She had long, long legs and a tiny waist, and delightful coffee-coloured skin, smooth and toned.

Angelique was wearing a knee-length coat. When she took it off, Don let out a whistle. She had a micro mini skirt on, barely covering her cunt, and a see-through white blouse, her huge boobs and big dark nipples clearly visible underneath.

Eve removed the wrap she had on. Underneath it, she had a pair of tiny shorts, showing a very clear camel-toe, her long legs encased in sheer stockings, and a halter-neck top that was losing the battle to contain her stunning huge breasts, unrestrained by any bra, her nipples jutting out a good inch under the thin fabric.

The girls wandered over to the desk where the drinks were, and poured a shot each. Downing the drinks, they sat on the couch and smiled at the three guys.

Stavros went into the office and called Angelique to join him. She did so, and he handed her an envelope.

‘’count it.’’

She did so.”’ $1000?”” she said.

‘’yes $500 each, so you will do anything he wants’’


They went back into the lounge area; Angelique nodded at Eve, and sat down again.

‘’So, lets party!’’ said Eve. She stood, went over to where Don was standing at the desk, and, crossing her arms, pulled the halter-top off. Her huge brown tits were incredibly firm, their nipples hard and erect- the most prominent nipples he had ever seen.

Looking him straight in the eye, she undid her tiny shorts, and stepped out of them. Her stockings could not conceal her bulging mound, the hairless slit making a damp line along the seam.

She kneeled in front of him, and unzipped his jeans. Pulling them with some difficulty over his hips, she removed them, and then took off his underpants. His cock was hard, throbbing. She held the shaft, and licked the tip, circling it with her tongue. Opening her mouth wide, she lowered her head, taking the whole cock into her mouth, till her lips touched his balls. She stayed like that for a moment, then took some of it out and began to suck him.

Angelique undid her blouse and took it off. Her very big and firm breasts were tanned all over, her nipples hard. Unbuttoning her skirt, she stepped out of it, leaving only a tiny white g string to cover her cunt. She had waxed her cunt completely, and the g string only just covered her slit as she walked over to where Don was standing. Kneeling next to Eve, she took Don’s cock from her, and the two girls passed it back and forth like a lollipop for a while.

‘’lie down.’’ Said Eve to Don

Don lay on his back, and Eve straddled him, her cunt above his face.

She lowered herself until her cunt was touching his mouth

‘’eat me’’ she said to him

He stuck out his tongue, licking her pussy-lips, then, probing deeper, licked inside her cunt where the pink pussy contrasted with her chocolate-brown skin. Finding her clit, her sucked on it. It grew hard, and big. It kept getting harder and bigger as he sucked at it. Fully aroused, her clit stood proud of its sheath, and each suck got a small cry from her. Moving to her wet slit, he parted it with his hands and lapped inside her cunt, as deep as his tongue would go. He remembered a girl he had dated when he was in college who would not let him fuck her, but would let him eat her. He could make her come over and over with his tongue, and he now tried it. She reacted to it, grinding her cunt lower, and his tongue alternately licking her engorged clit and probing her inner cunt.

Angelique also straddled Don, but over his legs. She positioned herself on all fours over his cock, and took it in her mouth. He thrust up as he felt his cock being enveloped by her lips, and she began to lick and suck him gently, watching Eve from the back, her tight bum sliding back and forth over Dons face, her puckered anus visible between the cheeks of her bum. Angelique reached forward and stroked Eve’s crack, sliding her finger along till it reached her anus, tracing a line around it. Eve groaned with pleasure and kept sliding back and forth.

Angelique felt pair of hands stroke her bum, feeling between her legs, touching her cunt. It was SO sensitive since it had been waxed, the light touch was wonderful.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw it was Nico. He had stripped naked, and was crouching behind her, playing with her from the back.

He leaned forward spreading her bum-cheeks with his hands in order to get access to the depths of her bum-crack. His tongue licked along her crack, from her lower back downwards. Down and down he went, until his tongue encountered her anus.

Now he felt with one hand for her cunt between her legs, his thick fingers sliding easily into its wetness. As he slid a finger into her cunt, he began to lick her anus, round and round the hole, rimming her while his finger probed her pussy.

Once her hole was wet, he pushed his tongue deeper into her anus, thrusting it as far as it would go, while at the same time pushing another finger into her cunt. She moved her hips around as he did this, making small noises, Dons cock still in her mouth.

Eve stood up over Don, and moved back to where Angelique was sitting.

‘’fuck, that’s a big one’’ she said, looking at Nico’s rigid cock. Angelique, who had not seen Nico since he was behind her, turned and gasped as she saw his giant member.

‘’fuck.’’ she said’. ‘That’s going to feel good!”

Nico was a stunningly built man, rock hard muscles and the physique of a body-builder, which he had been until taking this job running the gym on the ship. He was also endowed with a monster cock, well over 20cm long and very thick. When it was erect, it was quite a sight to see. More than one girl had backed out of a fuck when they saw it!

Eve felt for Dons cock, slippery with Angelique’s saliva, and slid it into her pussy, sitting down on her knees as she did so. When Dons cock was all in her, her clenched her thighs and began to grind back and forth. For Don it felt like his cock was trapped in a wet vice, with the amazing sensation of his cock alternately touching the back and front of her cunt with each movement.

Eve had her eyes closed, her huge firm boobs swaying as she moved. Don reached for her long hard nipples, and tweaked them.

‘’harder’’ she said, without opening her eyes.

He pulled harder in her nipples, stretching them even longer than they already were. He pinched them between his fingers as he pulled.


He pulled till he was sure it would hurt her, but she said nothing, just kept grinding her cunt back and forth.

Just when he was certain he was going to injure her tits, she gave a series of short thrusts back and forward, jerking him around like a doll. He felt his cock was going to break off-and she came with a long low moan,

‘’fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck yeeeeeees!’’

Letting her nipples go, he saw that they were rigid, long, thick- one could almost hang something from them!

Eve slowed her pelvic movements, stopped, and got off him.

‘’now’’ she said ‘’ I can concentrate of fucking all of you boys!’’

Angelique had rolled onto her back, her legs wide apart, her knees raised. Nico was over her, his huge cock above her tummy. She had it in both hands, masturbating him while he sucked on her hard brown nipples. He moved down, to where his cock was over her cunt.

Feeling her lips, he slid first one, then two then three fingers into her cunt, deep, widening her cunt in readiness for his cock.

When he judged she was wet and open enough, he placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. She reached between her legs, and opened her pussy lips with her hand, guiding his giant cock in. slowly he slid it in, stopping every so often to see that she was alright.

She stopped him when he still had an inch or two to go.

‘’not more for now’’ she said gasping.

He nodded, and began, very gently, to withdraw his cock and then push back in. as she grew more comfortable, he moved a bit faster, but never roughly.

She was still at first, afraid he would hurt her, but when she realised that he was being careful, she began to respond with small movements of her own.

He kept his weight off her, his cock taking quite a time to come out and go back in each time.

After some time, he was fucking at a nice relaxed rhythm, and she felt her orgasm beginning to build up. She didn’t want to cum just yet, and she certainly didn’t want him to cum, so she pushed at his hips, and he lifted himself off her, standing above her, her spectacular muscled body glistening with sweat, his cock immense and slick with her juices.

Stavros had taken off his clothes, and was sitting next to Eve on the couch, Don on the other side. He was playing with her nipples while Don had his hand between her legs, fingering her cunt, her legs spread wide open.

‘’still the biggest cock I have seen’’ said Stavros to Nico.

‘’thank you’’ said Nico, ‘’but you are not far behind’’

Stavros stood, walked over to Nico, and took Nico’s cock in his hand. Standing behind him, he began to masturbate Nico hard and fast, his own rigid cock pressed against Nico’s bum-crack.

Don stared. He had never seen two straight guys playing with each other! Were these guys actually gay, or what??”

Nico laughed when he saw Don’s expression.

‘’don’t worry Don. We are not gay, but sex is sex, whoever and however. You like girls to fuck and suck each other, so why should guys not also experience that pleasure?’’

Stavros moved his cock in Nico’s crack, sliding it up and down while he jerked Nico.

Nico was watching Don.

‘’Come here’’ he said to Don.

Don stood up, uncertain.

‘’Go on, try something new’’ said Eve, giving him a push. ‘’you want to see my tongue in Angelique’s cunt, you want to see bottles and dildo’s and stuff up our cunts, so don’t be shy!”

Don walked over to where Nico was standing. Stavros, still pressed against Nico from the back, stopped masturbating Nico and pointed Nico’s cock at Don.

‘’feel it’’ he said.

Don reached out, tentatively. He touched Nico’s huge cock.

‘’jerk me off’’ said Nico. ‘’like you would to yourself’’

Don began to slide his hand up and down Nico’s cock. It was gigantic, like a hard wooden pole, twice the length of his own cock, and as thick as a child’s wrist.

He found the feeling to be erotic, and it surprised him. As he masturbated Nico, Nico reached out and gently took hold of Don’s semi-rigid cock, and began to play with him. He soon grew hard, and began to relax and enjoy the firm way Nico was jerking him.

Stavros went over to Angelique and Eve, and called to Don.

‘’ok, enough with that new thing. Now let’s fuck some girls!”

‘’girls, on your feet, face the couch’’

The girls slid off the couch, and stood facing the couch, their backs to the guys.

‘’bend over’’ said Stavros

They did so, their swollen cunts visible between their thighs.

The guys lined up behind the girls.

‘’now we make a train’’ said Stavros.

He stood behind Eve, on the right of Angelique.

He gripped her hips, put his cock between her legs against her cunt, and slid it in. he fucked her hard and fast from the start, ramming his cock in and out, making her grunt with the impact.

After maybe 30 seconds, he withdrew, moved to behind Angelique, and thrust his cock into her.

Don immediately took his place behind Eve, and rammed his cock into her wet cunt. He fucked her for a short while, and then as Stavros pulled out of Angelique, he went behind her and fucked her while Nico slid his pole into Eve and fucked her, although not too hard.

So they went round and round without a break, each man moving from one girl to the next in a circle of three. Eve and Angelique stood there being pounded by the three cocks in turn, thrusting back as hard as they were being fucked, gasping and grunting as each new cock plunged into their swollen and raw cunts.

After 4 or 5 rounds, the guys were tired, so they stopped for a break.

Eve and Angelique lay back on the chairs, spent and a bit sore, their legs straight out in front of them, apart to soothe their cunts.

Don had never seen such wanton and unselfconscious girls. They walked around naked, lay with their legs open, and would apparently fuck anyone in any way if asked. It was magnificent, and worth every cent, he felt.

When the guys had had a beer and relaxed, Stavros was walking past Eve on his way back from the bathroom, when she beckoned to him. He went to her, and she took his flaccid cock in her hand, and put it in her mouth. Sucking gently, she felt it grow harder and longer, and as it did she began to suck it again, making it fully hard

Once he was hard, she turned her back to him and lay on the floor. He knelt over her, and she took his cock between her legs.

Lifting her hips into the air, she positioned his cock against her anus, and spread her legs wide apart. He felt for her hole, and pushed the head of his cock into her anus slowly. Deeper and deeper it went, until Don could see that his entire cock was in her bum

Stavros moved in an out slowly at first, then faster. Eve squealed and groaned but kept pulling him closer. He was fucking her fast in her anus now, and she began to massage her clit violently as his cock drove into her.

Suddenly he gave a loud shout

‘’fuck yes!’’ and began to cum deep in her anus. He thrust several more times as his load filled her hole, then, spent, he withdrew.

She stayed like that, legs in the air, some cum dripping out of her bum between her thighs.

‘’want a turn while I am ready?’’ she asked Don.

Don was rock hard, watching Stavros’s cock plunge into Eve’s hole. He hesitated a second, seeing Stavros’s cum oozing out of Eve, but then his cock got the better of him, and he positioned himself over Eve, his cock sliding easily into her anus.

It was like fucking a virgin, he thought- he had not experienced such a tight fuck since he was a teenager.

He fucked her hard, bouncing into her, his balls slapping against her bum. He felt he was going to cum, but he knew that if he did, he would not be able to get hard for a while.

He started to take his cock out, but Eve pulled him back. ‘’don’t stop now, I am going to cum’’ she said.

‘’but if I do, I won’t be able to again for a while’’ he said.

‘’’honey, Angelique and I are going to fuck you so much that we will make each of you cum three times before you leave here tonight’’ she said. ‘’ I promise I can make cooked spaghetti hard with my mouth and my cunt. Now fuck my arse!”’

He pounded into her again, and she gripped his balls as he fucked, tickling them and pulling on the gently.

He felt a huge orgasm build, and he thrust deeper and longer into her hole. Angelique, seeing that Eve was going to cum, lay next to her, and with one hand pulled hard on Eve’s nipple, and with the other hand found her large, engorged clit and mashed it with her thumb.

Eve shrieked and grunted in quick succession, as her orgasm flowed through her. Feeling and hearing this drove Don over the edge, and he began to squirt his built-up load into Eve’s anus, his cum mixing with Stavros’s cum in her.

They both came for a long time, Don continuing to fuck her even after he was done as she was still grunting and thrusting.

Eventually they both stopped, and Don got off her. She lowered her legs, and lay there, her dark skin bathed in sweat, cum and pussy juice and sweat mingling between her thighs.

Angelique saw Stavros getting two more beers out of the fridge.

‘’you like beer almost as much as you like pussy!”” she said to him. He grinned at her. ‘’they go together well’’ he said, opening the bottles.

‘’bring them here’’ she said,reaching for them.

Thinking she wanted a sip, he went to her with the two bottles of beer.

She took one, and put it on the floor nect to the couch she was sitting on.

‘’come her’’ she said to Stavros.

He stood in front of her.


He did so, facing her cunt.

‘’now drink!’’ she said as she poured a little stream of beer over her cunt, letting it run through her slit and onto the floor.

He put his mouth on her cunt, and lapped up the beer as it dribbled through her slit, mixed with her pussy juices.

The others laughed and encouraged Stavros.

‘’beer-pussy!’’ she said, getting up and giving him his beer.

She took the other bottle, and stood over it. Lowering herself, she sat until the open neck of the bottle was at the entrance of her cunt. Manoeuvring it a bit, she let the neck of the bottle slide into her cunt.

Don, Stavros and Nico’s eyes were fixed on her cunt, watching the bottle disappear.

Lower and lower she went, with more and more bottle in her cunt.

Eventually, only the base of the bottle was visible, the rest of it far inside her pussy. She stood slowly, gripping the bottle in her cunt, her legs apart.

Reaching between her legs, she slowly withdrew the bottle, until it came out with a plop sound.

She handed it to Nico.

‘’pussy-beer’!’’ she said, and went to sit down, rubbing her cunt.

Nico put the slippery bottle to his lips, smelling her cunt, tasting her juices, and drank deeply.

There was a break in the fucking for a while, and the guys put towels around them and went to sit on the balcony and have cigars.

Eve and Angelique were lying on the floor, with cushions under their heads, next to each other, watching a porn DVD that Eve had found in Stavros’s bookrack.it was a good DVD, very realistic, with 3 young women being seduced by two older women into lesbian fucking for the first time.

Eve’s hand lay on Angelique’s tummy, idly stroking her. As the action on the screen got hotter, she moved her hand up and began to fondle Angelique’s big boobs, making her nipples go hard. She cupped her boobs, tickling the underboob, and tweaking the nipples till Angelique said

‘’cut it out, you’re making me horny’’

Eve carried on, then leaned over and sucked on the nipple closest to her. As she did so, she let her hand drift downwards, across Angelique’s flat tummy, to her slit. She ran her fingers along the edges of her slit, then along the slit itself, feeling that it was still a bit wet and puffy.

‘’you’re so smooth. Who did your wax”? She asked

‘’Claire, in the beauty salon’’ said Angelique

‘’That middle-aged dyke! Fuck, she is expensive’’ said Eve.

‘’no, I get it done free’’ said Angie

‘’how so?’’

‘’I met her on a cruise two years ago. When she did a wax, I noticed that she spent a long time just seeming to stroke near my pussy needlessly. Eventually, I just grabbed her hand and put it on my pussy, pushing a finger into me. Within a second she was fingering me hard, and she had her hand under her dress up her cunt.

I let her eat my cunt while I fingered her, and ever since then she waxes me free and I finger-fuck her while she eats me. Well, not really finger-fuck. I get all five fingers up her cunt, so it’s more like fisting than fingering!’’

‘’wow. If I had only known that. I paid $30 for a wax each time’’ said Eve with a sigh.

‘’so next time reach under her skirt and feel her up- it’s free after that! ’Said Angie with a laugh.

Eves hand was now firmly on Angie's cunt, her finger sliding in and out of her slit.

Angie sighed and opened her legs a bit more. Eve wriggled down, and lay between Angie’s parted thighs. She hooked Angie’s knees over her shoulders, and placed her mouth over Angie’s cunt. Her tongue probed her slit, opening it, and licking her clit and outer lips. Angie played with her nipples, pulling on them as Eve’s tongue drove deeper into her.

Eve’s fingers traced a line between Angie’s legs to her bum, and feeling for her anus, slid a finger covered in her juice into her bum, up to the knuckle.

Angie began to lift her hips to meet Eve’s tongue, her eyes closed, and her breath coming in small gasps.

Angie crawled around so that her face was between Eve’s legs, and the two girls sucked and licked each other’s cunts, oblivious to the three guys who had come back into the room, and were watching them, masturbating themselves.

‘’ if only the Captain could see his prim and proper Bar lady like this’’ said Stavros with a laugh, looking at Eve’s open cunt and bum.

‘’sure’’ laughed Eve.

She smiled to herself. What he didn’t know was that the Captain had been fucking her cunt and anus since day one of the cruise, and that this morning she had sat under his desk in his cabin sucking his cock till he came while he was on the radio-phone to his wife.

Nico’s huge cock was not yet hard, and Don watched as it grew longer and thicker, still hanging down.

His own cock was rock-hard already, as was Stavros’s. Nico saw Don watching him, and smiled. He stood up and walked to where Don was sitting.

‘’you make it hard for me’’ he said to Don

Without hesitation this time Don reached out and began to masturbate Nico, feeling the enormous organ swell and start to rise. It was amazing- it just kept getting bigger and harder. He was masturbating himself at the same time, getting hugely aroused.

Suddenly Nico pulled the back of Don’s head towards his cock.

‘’suck it. You know you want to try! ’He said

Don’s immediate reaction was to pull his head back, but the extremely sexual feeling in the room, the sound of the two girls sucking each other’s cunts and the sound-track of the porn DVD got to him, and he leaned forward and touched Nico’s cock to his lips.

He tasted sex, juices and sweat. He opened his mouth and put the head into it- it was huge, and his mouth was wide open to accommodate it.

Nico pushed a little more in, and began to thrust it slowly in and out of Don’s gaping mouth.

Stavros got off the couch and went to where Don was sitting. Squatting on the floor in front of Don, he took Dons hand off his cock, and put Dons cock in his mouth, taking it all in, and deep-throating him . Don was lost in a world of sensation- Nico’s cock in his mouth, and his cock in Stavros’s mouth. He felt that he would cum in a short time if this continued, and he was amazed at himself- he had never thought that he, ‘’Don the man’’, would enjoy sucking and being sucked by guys, but Stavros and Nico were right- sex was just sex, and it didn’t matter who was fucking whom.

Nico’s cock was fully erect now, its huge size pointing straight up, thick and hard, the bulging head glistening with Dons saliva.

He went to where Angie was lying, her head between Eve’s thighs, and lay behind her. Feeling for her cunt, he positioned his cock at its entrance. Eve’s tongue stopped licking Angie's cunt, and began to lick Nico’s cock as it probed the lips of Angie's cunt. Angie lifted one leg, and Nico started to slide his giant head into her cunt, inch by inch, helped by Eve licking it as it went in.

Angelique gave a little moan as he pushed each time, feeling the cock fill her cunt, widening her, pressing against the sides and the back of her. She felt that, if he stood up, she would remain impaled on his cock like a toy.

When he stopped pushing it in, she wriggled a bit to make it comfortable, and then started to fuck slowly, feeling the length of it slide in and out of her .She kept her one leg bent, in the air, to allow the cock to penetrate her fully. She was sure she could feel it push against the end of her vagina- her lips were at full stretch, and she was sure there may even be a small tear or two afterwards.

Nico felt the extreme tightness of her cunt- it gripped his cock, squeezing it. The sensation was great- he felt he would cum quickly with this tight cunt wrapped around his member. The petite frame of the girl was at odds with her huge and very firm boobs- both the girls looked so top-heavy they seemed they would fall over.

He drove into Angie with a steady rhythm, feeling his arousal build each time she moaned. He enjoyed the feeling that girls battled to take his cock- it was erotic to know that it hurt a little, made them squirm.

Stavros came and lay next to Angelique, facing her, his cock at her face. He prodded her lips with the head of his cock, and she opened her mouth to receive it. He pushed it far in, making her gag, but he kept pushing, and she started to suck on it. She was almost unaware of his cock in her mouth, so great was the impact of Nico’s pole in her tight cunt.

Stavros began to fuck her face harder, ramming his cock in and bruising her lips. She didn’t mind, and kept sucking on him, as Nico started to fuck her faster, her wet cunt helping to ease the cock in and out.

Stavros was excited at the feeling of Nico behind her, her body bouncing as they fucked her from both sides.

He felt that he was going to cum- she felt it also, tasting some pre-cum on the head of his cock.

Gripping the back of her head to avoid her pulling her face away, the first squirt shot down the back of her throat before she could react, followed by jet after jet of hot salty cum, filling her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, gulping the cum down as Stavros kept forcing more and more cock down her throat.

Eventually he was done, and he took his cock out of her aching mouth.

She licked her lips, then took his cock and licked it clean, swallowing the rest of the cum dripping from the head.

In the meantime, Eve had got Don onto his back. He didn’t think he would be able to cum again so soon, but she sat over him, his cock in her mouth, and began to work on him, determined to make him cum

She used her finger-nails to tickle his balls, down between his legs to his bum-hole, round the hole, and back under his balls, while she held his cock in her mouth and ran her tongue around the head.

Sucking on it, she fondled his balls, pulling on them lightly.

‘’fuck my face like it was a pussy’’ she said between sucks.

He did so hesitantly at first, then faster and harder. She kept her head still, and let his cock ram in and out, tightening her mouth around it like wet warm virgin cunt, all the while her nails lightly scratched along under his balls.

When she poked a finger into his anus, while he fucked her face, he felt he might actually be able to cum again.

He let the feeling overtake him, relaxing and enjoying the feeling of her warm mouth gripping his cock, her huge brown boobs with elongated hard nipples swinging in front of him.

Suddenly, while he fucked her face, she began to bob her head up and down as well, doubling the speed, while sucking even harder, her finger now deep in his anus, ramming in and out.

He gave a convulsive start, and cum began to squirt into her mouth. She let it cum, and then swallowed it, still sucking him.

Removing her finger from his bum, she climbed off him.

‘’see, the second coming’’ she said with a smile.

Nico withdrew his cock from Angelique’s cunt. He wanted the young girls to see him cum, wanted to see their faces when he did.

He pulled her onto her knees, and, seeing that Eve was also not busy with Don, pulled her onto her knees next to Angie.

Standing facing the two girls on their knees, he took his huge cock in his hand and masturbated hard, his hand sliding on it with Angie's pussy juices.

Pointing it at Eve’s face, he jerked off in a blur of movement, letting the cum build and build inside his cock

When he couldn’t take it anymore, her put his cock straight at her face and squirted a huge jet of cum at her open mouth. The next jet hit her eyes, then turning quickly he aimed the next few squirts at Angelique, covering her eyes and mouth with thick ropes of white cum.

More and more cum, both girls now covered with his cum, dripping down their faces onto their breasts, mixing with their sweat.

Just when it seemed it would not stop, it did, smaller squirts still slopping onto his legs.

The girls sat there, almost unable to see because of the cum over their eyes. Eve reached across to Angie, wiped some of the cum off her eyes with her fingers, and licked her fingers clean.

Angie repaid the favour by pulling Eve’s head closer and licking her eyes clean of cum. The two cum –covered women went to the bathroom to clean up, while the guys discussed them.

Once everyone was cleaned up, they parted, and went back to their respective suites and cabins

Don was relieved to find that Amanda was sound asleep, as he showered and went to bed.

The next day dawned bright and sunny. Don was tired, and his cock was sore, but he was happy- the night had been worth every cent.

Around lunchtime, after a few drinks, he said to Amanda that he was tired and would have a sleep.

She smiled sweetly, and said she was going to have a massage, and would see him later.

Nico gave her his usual massage, and when he got to where they normally started fucking, he stood next to her, his cock rigid with anticipation, his hand between her sleek thighs, feeling her wet and hairless cunt

She fondled his cock, still amazed at its size.

‘’ you and Stavros the Purser have cabins near the front of the ship, on the lower deck? “She asked.

‘’Sure, ‘’ he said.

‘’I often sit at the front of the ship, I like to feel the sea-breeze in my face’’ she said, masturbating him harder

‘’that’s a nice place’’ said Nico, probing a finger deep into her cunt

‘’did you know that one can actually see down the corridor past your cabins from there?’’ asked Amanda

‘’really?’’ said Nico, not paying much attention- he was horny, and looking forward to pounding this milfs wet cunt.

‘’yes’’ she said ‘’and guess what I saw as I sat there last night around 9?””

Nico stopped.

‘’what did u see?’’ he asked

‘’I saw you and Stavros go into his cabin, followed by my husband. Then a while later, that dark-haired tart with the huge boobs went in, with a black girl with equally huge boobs, and they didn’t come back out. Why do you think that was?’’

‘’you must be mistaken’’ said Nico nervously.

Amanda took her hand off his cock and held his balls firmly

‘’no, I am not mistaken. I know what went on there last night. And I can smell sex on a man as well as any other woman, and that’s what I smelled when Don came to be last night. But don’t worry, I won’t tell the Captain that you are pimping for guests, or fucking the staff. Provided you do as I say’’

‘’which is?’’ he asked

‘’tomorrow afternoon, we are in port. Don is going to play golf. At 11 am, you meet me here, and you bring with you those two black dudes who do the pool and deck- Marc and Jameel. They look young and well-hung. You bring them here and the three of you will fuck me as much as I want, how I want and where I want, till I say stop. Clear?”

Nico stared at her

Then nodded.

‘’Great ‘’ she said. ‘’see you tomorrow with the other two. Now, make that monster hard and get up here and fuck me, so I can get a taste of tomorrow’s action’’