27 Aug 2019

So it's been just over a year that this gorgeous black woman started with us at our company. She works in a different department, but on the same level as our department.

She is a stunner, she's in her late 20's with a big bone structure. She's slim and fit but tall and has the ass that would give any guy a hard-on. I've been eyeing this girl since she started at our company, ans she always wears these stylish skinny jeans to work that makes me want to touch.

So the printer sits right in front of my desk, and I always have a good view of all the ladies who fetches their printed documents. So this one day I could not stop staring, as i was in the mood, and the way she dressed on this particular day did not help. High heels, a tight as fuck skinny jean to show her perfect curves and camel toe, her tight white shirt revealing her huge breasts where it's almost not suited for work.

She is by nature a bit shy being the newcomer and all, and I purposely stared at her pussy as she stood at the printer. She saw me staring at her and got uneasy with a shy smile on her face. I looked her up and down knowing she knows that I was desiring her body. And she walked off with her documents. Halfway to her desk she looked back and caught me staring at her ass with my head slightly tilted to the side, while I'm biting my lip.

She smiled and carried on back to her desk. The day got busy and I forgot all about my lust for this black queen. Some clients came in with issues she needed to resolve and left her with loads to do for the evening. I always work late, and only noticed her still at her desk when I went to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee. It was not usual for her to work late, as her department's things does not require the extra hours from time to time. She saw me passing her desk as i went into the kitchen.

I put the kettle on as per usual getting the cups ready and all, and hear the noise behind me. As I turn around she puts her hand on the kitchen table next to me blocking my way out. She's totally pushed up against me looking into my eyes: "I see you are into Chocolate" with a smirk on her face. I could not resist and grabber her ass and replied : " I'm definitely into THIS chocolate" I pulled her thights into my already hard dick. She responded by engaging with a passionate kiss. My hands had her slim fit body all fer themselves. somehow we managed to get our clothes off during the steamy exchange of lust. I lifted her up and pushed her against the wall as her legs wrapped around my waiste. I fucked her hard against the wall. her tits bouncing up with each thrust and a moan of pleasure escaping her lips.

I turned her around, lifted the one knee on the kitchen table and fucked her from behind. I was not long and we both had an amazing orgasm together. I cleaned her with a wet steamy table cloth, and it was the beginning of weeks of late night efforts at the office.