Written by Ian_McHerbe

15 Jan 2015

I walk out of the tent, hanging loose and feeling so good. The incriminating evidence of the mind numbing sex I just had is clinging to my body...I keep thinking to myself. “She squirted...she actually squirted.” I slump into my camping chair. Not being able to take my eyes of her. I have gone and sat down on someone’s black aviators....ha. Now they’ll be wearing my butt germs on their face.

She’s calmed down substantially from the nymphomaniac state or should I aptly say possession of mere minutes before. One thing suddenly comes to mind. “You say you’ve seen my website history browser?” – I ask her hoping not to kill the mood. Switching her crossed leg, she sinks deeper into the camping chair. I never really appreciated the shape of her beautiful breasts.

-“yes, well you see. I get the bills thrown in front of my door. The bill contains info on tech support. And that one morning after Stacey and her junkie boyfriend moved out. Wi-Fi was down, remember”

-I vaguely do...the boyfriend rang a bell. .

“Well after Tech Support told me what the issue was, I could not resist, and requested an email. Reporting the activity on all channels for the past week. “

I learnt that Tyler in the small granny flat might have some issues to deal with from her, well..anyone who keeps searching and browsing suicide know how sources might have...”we should probably do something”-I felt obligated to say. We both just agreed.

“Then I learnt about you....ooooh eh eh.” - She coughs a little as she laughs.

“I had to check it out of course...I mean...c’mon. Every girl has the right to know if she’s in danger..

But I’m glad I was proven wrong...” – at this time her eyes fell on me in my camping chair...still stark naked, as she was sitting right across me. She leaned forward...again I feel drawn to those breasts...her freckled and soft petite breasts. Leaning in closer myself she turns her head to whisper in my ear. “Oh, and Szell says hi.”

She did not notice that my cock overheard the conversation and am also leaning closer.

“You little whore! Your playing with me right”, I might have guessed it in a another universe. But Im shocked. “all the stuff Ive said to you in the chatrooms!” Alot of stuff makes sense.

“you were on camera with your face...all I wanted to see was your cock...curious about a few things” Her words are still coming out of her mouth when she grabs my dick by the shaft.

“are you shaven or are you not” – her grip loosens and she slowly strokes upwards.

“have you got a curve and where is it pointing” – the grip tightens and the hand comes back down.

“is it thick, or is it a needle dick” she is on her knees and moving towards me...hand still on me.

“how long does it last” –the tip of my cock is now kissed and licked with her tongue.

“and what is it’s rhythm.” –she has put it in her mouth....completely.

Remember folks....were sitting outside the tent by the fire. At a music festival...only 8 or so people have walked past. 2 have noticed we were naked. The other 6 were too drunk to know sand from soap.

“whaaaa”-she inhales. As saliva is webbing from mouth to dick.

A blowjob can be a very special thing dear readers...it can also be disastrous. The lady...whose Red hair was by that time being pulled in a teasing way by me...is a master of the trade...a true talent never encountered again by me. She told me to stand up...completely exposing what we are doing...at dawn...on a farm. Amongst 50 000 other festival goers...

“listen are you sure”

She says nothing and her hands are around my ass cheeks. Pulling me closer with each movement.

“Hey?! “ - People can.. Im abruptly interrupted , “listen...let me suck you good , I want to taste your cum., And I don’t mind if people watch...

I give in and start counter measuring her head movement with a rhythmic series of strokes....slow...and deep.

She got up....and cock still in hand turned around and marched with me to the slope of the mountain just a stone throw from camp...Passing our tent she instructs me to grab her red cosmetics bag and to be quick about it...”why the fuck would anyone lock their cosmetics bag” – I wonder excitedly...Outside the tent again I see the first sign of her scoping out the area...

“come quick”- she heads off infront of me..Undressed ,in the dark, and still reeling from earlier.We reach two Huge poles used for team building, those Over-and-under-log’s The cosmetics bag’s lock is a number lock and soon theres a click and a zip....she trows out a black towel over the highest of the two poles...turning away from me. She grabs another item out of the bag .

“ the vibrator....do you mind” - Im hesitant. But finally my white ass is mischievously navigating back to my tent. With the robocock in hand I return to a red head bent over the log with her hands cuffed stretching out to the shorter log . “grab the robe. Loop them through these cuffs and bind me to that. Then my feet please”

I abide..stretching her to what i think is decent length...aand decide thats enough..i have a plan with her feet.

Please picture this...I step back like a over critical painter inspecting his art...A sex

Goddess . Petite...and built like a woman of the modern era. Shes got the curves...Yes damnit Ive said it...them curves...Her natural red hair has been darkened, bit the carpets do not match the drapes...Rose landing strip against her soft white skin...her backside looks great...even in a pair of tight shorties...she bends over exposing her pussy that has started moistening up again..

-“hey....so..yes heres my secret, I knew you were coming...and wanted to surprise you...my tent and that stuff...made up. I came here confident that Id hook up with you. Now...grab the bag strap on another Durex....and get inside me.”

Her pussy has now started to ooze desire...i slide my index finger in her...warm.

I slide my middle finger in also after a few strokes....this continues for some time before im on my knees , hands on her cheeks spreading them wider...

“fuuuuuuuucckkkk” *heavy breathing* “meeeeeee!” . I am now getting my face soaked in her moisture....my tongue is wildly penetrating a stretched tight pussy thats dripping and yearning.

With my riot gear on – I grab her by her hair and direct my dick into her....i dip my tip...Teasing her slowly sliding it across her lips...And barely penetrating her. Through a clenched jaw I hear her..”your making me go insane....”

The first stroke was just enough for her to stand on her toes...the second and following penetrations were aggressive...her hands are twisted around the cuff’s chains.. And i see her knuckles whitening. “fuck me just like that (thrust)...just (thrust)....like(thrust)....that” I see her back has blush spots all over...Her moaning gets louder...I thrust deeper with each time...my other hand is now wrapped around her waist...navigating robocock to tickle her clit...Her excited gasp tells me wheve landed. Id use the vibrator then focus on heavy thrusting and then again stimulating her clit....After dropping it I was not planning on stopping....I stretched her ass out , her backdoor now gaping wider with each stroke...Gradually i work my index finger in....only enough not to gross myself out...around the second knuckle...

At least 4 people stopped and tried to see what is the noise in the lush bush against the mountain..but Im sure they had no visual confirmation on their suspicion...

Like a Mexican wave that is in its prime....her feet, then calves, knees and thighs were shaking uncontrollably....quick, fast intense....she bent down bending my cock and having it almost pop out of her, simultaneously releasing what Im sure to be the last bit of her squirt tank....the grass were standing on soaks it up after a brutal day’s heat. Attempting the natural reaction to close her legs , i keep them open..slap her pussy softly three or four times, thus emptying her...completely....feet apart and knees together she shivers a few times . I undo the rope and she collapses to her knees. Staring straight ahead...the last shiver...

Her eyes....crystal clear and wide open ibis fixated on me...still holding the ropes...she turns onto her side. I wish I knew but honestly I have no idea. I assume she’s “klaar”

I zip up her cosmetics kit and tell her to hold it. I pick her up and make a comment about fireman. She laughs a little.

At our tent she gets in and I follow. Although there is no romantic bond or desire. She crawls up to me and I hold her tighter. In a romantic way nonetheless. Her hands are crisp from the night air and stroking my thigh...cradling my balls. Finally stroking my cock.

She falls asleep whilst I stare up to the blue canvas of my Camp Master.