28 May 2018

As I stand with the hardest erection ever in a sexy red heads grip, I play the situation in my head.

I know Angela is... was a red head, She colored her her black for a function last week.

Smack the door close. The towel drops.

I never thought Angela would taste this good. My stomach turns as I work over the pussy taste in my mouth.

On her knees.

My cock pulses as I breath. Deep in slow out.

I breath in deep thru my nose... that sweet pussy smell. Angela smells like.... Fuck I have to smell it again.

How fucked am I now.

I have a women over while my wife is away for business and without permission.

Giving me the best slow blowjob of my life. With amazing cleavage. My cock throbs with her cold hands gripping my shaft

I have my best friends wife cuffed to the bed.

Her smell lets my mouth water. I breath in that sweet juice from my upper lip.

My body shivers as I feel my balls lift. Fuck, that soft lips licking at my shaft is amazing, her tongue circles my tip.

I can feel her lipstick peeling from her lips as she moves her tongue slowly down my shaft.

Her lips creeping around my tip, the sound her lips make parting way. The swirl of warm spit engulfing my penis tip.

My legs shaking to keep me upright. My hamstrings stiffening as her nails scratch softly up to my butt.

My head leans back as my balls warm up. Her nails scratches my sack lightly as she lingers over my balls. Slowly kneeing them like soft dough. Her slurping up spit send shivers up my shaft as the spit moves past my shaft. Her tongue licks my bottom of my sack... She gags once and slurps up the spit rolling down her chin. Fucking amazing!!

My load shakes my shaft as I fill her mouth with cum. Her eyes shut as she slurps up every gush I shoot out.

How fucked am I.......