05 Aug 2019

I've been married for a little over 2 years, and ever since I've been married I've been in awe of my wife's older sister.

It's actually quite refreshing to be around her. She's funny cute and a delight to the eyes. She's very particular about her appearance, and works out decently. Dark brown hair, cute face and petite frame makes everything about her is just appealing. Shes a gorgeous little Indian bombshell.

Recently she and her hubby have been quite strained. My wife told me she's going through quite a tough time, and it was apparent she's been quite down recently.

One evening we were having dinner at their place. My wife was seated beside me, and she and her husband were seated across from us, with her directly opposite me and her hubby across my wife. We chatted, joked and done the usual. As we were eating I distinctly felt her foot brush my shin. The first time I felt it, I thought maybe my wife was doing something. I placed my left hand on her thigh and realised from how she was sitting it wasn't her.

My cock instantly jumped. I've been eyeing this beauty for so long and yet I didn't want to risk anything. I felt her foot, now apparently out of her stilleto, making its way up my shin, to which all I could was smile without making anyone suspicious. My cock was straining against my pants. I wanted this woman so badly. She got up to make the coffee and brought it to the table a few minutes later while we all made chit chat. She sat down and again started her footsie. My wife poured my cup and as I took a sip she slipped her to the back of my leg on my calf and went a bit higher to which I expressed "this is so good". My wife and her hubby thought it was the coffee, to which she replied, I put some of that vanilla syrup in that you like. I just responded to say "I'm loving it".

Dinner finished off without more action and we left after a little while. Few days later, my wife called me up at work and asked me to fetch a parcel from her sister as it was in my way home from work.

I get to her place and ring the bell after parking the car. My mind already thinking of the other night. She opened the door and ushered me in before I had time to take in what I'm seeing. Bare feet, wrapped in a towel, her brown hair towel dried. My jaw drops open, and she said in a cheeky tone "Haven't seen a sexy woman wrapped up in a towel before". I regained my composure and started using my Witt to quip back at her "I have seen a sexy woman wrapped up in a towel before, but what I havent seen is a sexy woman unwrap the towel for my viewing pleasure." she chuckles and replies "Smooth", to which I reply, "How do I know if you didn't show me?". She chuckles again and says you can look but not touch.

She looks down at my groin area and see my cock making a tent in my pants, she slowly unwraps the towel and shows me her sexy body in the nude. I do achingly wanna pleasure her body, and as fast as she opened, she closed and said, you've had your fill for today. Hands me the parcel and ushers me out saying her hubby will be home in a few minutes.

Needless to say the drive home was excruciating. I got home, and had to go straight to the bathroom and jack one out before dinner. My wife asked if everything was OK since seeing I'm looking a bit flustered. I just replied I might have over done lunch. I can't wait til the next time we meet, hopefully alone...

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