18 Mar 2019

I love this lifestyle...sexually liberating you to the point you forget how "normal" sex can be!

So this past weekend I met up with a girl I very innocently met the week before. By normal standards things escalated quickly, and saturday night after our third date she invited me in for coffee. One thing led to another, and she is telling me she wants me. Things were getting heated and she asks me "Is it too soon, you wont think I am easy will you?"

In my mind I'm thinking, 'too soon? I've cum down the throat of a woman I met just 30 minutes before that!'

I assure her I wont think less of her.

I lay her down, remove her panties, she gasps and start heading downtown...she stops me, and says she isnt the kind of girl that enjoys a man going down on her. I'm thinking, 'If only you knew my SH profile name'

She half heartedly gives me a blowjob, again telling me that this is not something she does often. I could tell. My amazing SH sessions flash through my mind...lifestylers sure know how to give a blowjob.

By the time I get the condom on and enter her, she is moaning, she cums quickly, I try turn her round to give her doggystyle, but she wont let me...she aint into it.

By the time I left I was laughing (not at her, not at all) at how different sex is once you have flung yourself into the realm of the uninhibited. (Please dont think I am mocking her innocence, I am laughing at my own sexual pervi'ness!)

I love the innocence, but I love my hedonistic indulgence even more.

I also think once you've had your cock devoured by a woman who is being pounded relentlessly by her husband at the same time, or witnessed a gangbang, you kinda want that super erotic experience again and again.

Sex with swingers...once the lifestyle curtain has been ripped back to the delight of the exhibitionists and voyeurs, is an amazingly liberating and sweaty experience.