22 Jun 2019

Lying in bed after the night of a storm in Cape Town

Replied to mails and got down to serious thinking.

Been on line almost 7 years and realised things have changed over the years especially on line dating.

Yes I know its called Swinging Heaven and all it entails To be honest I do find it degrading .Maybe others or not aware of it and carry on perusing stories galleries and profiles

Greetings such as the following . Hey .Do you want to suck. Fuc...

Do you want to feel me cum .?

Even if these are your wants needs dreams

I still think one should be treated with respect .

Ok that said Im no better with my pics everything on show .

All right I am proud of my body but also should do my part to get respect .

Vouches is another thing I dislike for various reasons although not judgemental about the same people

When I see these on profiles its a red flag

Its how vunerable we are for transmittied diseases .

Not much seems to happen as far as I am concerned just the same faces looking at my profile .

I would like to know why I have other peoples eg ladies underwear etc on mine .

Im not interested in those

Plesse note I am straight and dont want married men or those in some difficult sexless relations .

I want to meet available men

Men who have respect

So lets change how we think .

Hope this gets posted for many reasons

Mad Irish Woman