Written by redbruce

09 Jun 2018

After our great early morning session, watching Mr & Mrs S making love in front of my friend and I in the hotel room (as described in Part 1), my day continued to remain a day of wonderful sexuality!

Sue and I meet pretty regularly these days and often have some fun in the park, and we already had an arrangement in place to meet up that same afternoon. And I had already spoken to another couple that had watched us at the park the previous week, and he had confirmed that they too would be there at the park again. So it looked like it could be quite a busy and pleasant day!

The previous week they had watched us – it was her first time as a watcher. He is pretty experienced, but she is very new to this whole exhibitionism / voyeurism thing. Again, he had contacted me out of the blue, having been referred to me by someone he had met at Sinsations, wanting to know about any dogging that might be going on, as he wished to expose her to it, and do it progressively, a gentle non-threatening introduction… I had told him about our routine, where and when we play, and invited them to join us at the park if they could, and let’s see how things work out. He’d said they would be there, although they did unfortunately have a time constraint.

We had arrived much earlier and had parked up in a good spot, and had both our doors open, making it easy for them (or anyone else who got in the right position) to be able to see in and see what we were up to. We had exchanged vehicle descriptions, so when we saw them arriving (in two cars) we recognised them and knew they were keen. They had stopped some distance away, she had transferred from her car to his, and he then drove around slowly to a point from where they had a good view in through my open door. They were parked maybe 20 metres away, at what he apparently felt was an appropriate distance. They probably couldn’t see all the detail (unless they were using binoculars, which we did not see evident), but they would know exactly what we were up to.

Sue and I had been playing before they arrived… Sue had undressed and was wearing her “naughty” top, with nothing on underneath, and my shorts were down around my ankles… Most of our time was spent with Sue giving me a delicious long deep-throat BJ, and me fingering her to repeated orgasms (with more than a little squirting involved as well). With the couple being parked on my side, I could only see what they were up to if I was facing in their direction through my open door, my head turned to the side, and it would be very evident that I was watching them. Sue was really more interested in what she was doing to me, and what I was doing to her, than what the other couple was up to, although I gave her a running commentary of what I could see happening, and she looked at them whenever she had her head up. But whenever I turned to suck on Sue’s boobs, or faced her when she took a break from the BJ as I fingered her, I would lose contact with what the other couple was doing…. So for the most part, we spent our time together with Sue giving me a BJ, me fingering her from behind, while we watched the other couple.

Unfortunately, with this being their first time out, and them wanting to watch more than be watched, he had parked facing my vehicle, so we could only see what was happening above the level of their dashboard, and had to imagine what was happening below it… Initially she sat almost transfixed, just looking in our direction. Then they had their arms around each other, and he appeared to be touching her boobs (hidden below the dashboard level as she slouched in the seat). Then after a while it was evident from her position, the angle and the movements, that she was wanking him, and then also giving him a BJ… I was watching as he suddenly shuddered and groaned (audible across the distance – his window was open, but not hers), as she sucked him to an orgasm. And then she was lying on her back, her head in his lap, and her bare knees were visible above the dashboard level, her knees apart (either her pants were off or her skirt was hiked right up around her waist!), and moving as he was obviously (but again not visible to us) fingered her pussy energetically. And then her orgasm was audible to us too!

While we had been busy, I had on a couple of occasions waved to him to draw closer, but either he did not see or recognise my wave for what it was, or they just felt more comfortable staying at their distance. They didn’t move any closer.

Sue and I had then also finished up, my orgasmic groan just as loud as his had been, but my orgasm much more visible and evident to them. She had then got out, stood next to his car, but hidden behind the car door, and pulled her pants back on. As she did so, she was looking in our direction. We waved and smiled, and gave a thumbs up, which she acknowledged, and then they had driven off back to her car, and out of the park.

After that afternoon’s play, I had chatted on Whatsapp with the gent, and he had said that his lady was highly aroused as she had watched us, leading to her doing things and allowing him to do things to her in public that had not happened before. They had enjoyed their time watching us, and wanted to do it again. And so we had arranged to meet up again the following week…

That had all happened the previous week!....

After watching Mr and Mrs S, I found some stuff to do to keep myself occupied for a few hours, and then headed to the park. When I got there, I found someone else (a single gent that I had spoken to on a previous occasion), parked in the same spot that I had used the week before, and exactly where I want to be again, knowing that the couple who had watched us would be back, and that spot had worked well for us. He had been at the park as well the previous week, but had remained at a good distance as the above scenario had unfolded, probably aware that something was happening, but not drawing closer or interfering in any way, for which I respected him.

I waited a while, hoping that he would move on, but it seemed he was settled there for the afternoon. I drove over, and asked him if he would be prepared to offer up his spot, explaining that we wanted to do pretty much the same as we had the previous week, and explained to him what had been going on and what he had not seen the week before. He readily agreed, and moved away up to the tree clump and parked so that he could see my vehicle, but much closer than he had been previously.

Sue arrived, and we got ready, and quite soon after, the other couple arrived. Once again, they left her car in the shade of a tree, and came over together in his car. This time he drove up a lot closer, and turned so that he was more side-on to us, still able to see us though their windscreen, but so that we could also see a bit through her side window. Unfortunately, they kept her door closed while there, but opened her window after a while.

Things happened pretty much as they had the previous week, but with a few interesting new twists, which showed that the lady was definitely getting more comfortable with the idea of being watched as well as watching.

We didn’t actually see her removing her top, but when we looked at some stage she was very evidently naked above the waist! Her lovely boobs were exposed (as were Sue’s!) and hanging free as she sat up from giving him a BJ. And then, whereas the previous week he had fingered her pussy but below our sight-level, this time she knelt on the seat with her head in his lap and her bum in the air, as he fingered her openly for us to see. She was wearing a skimpy white G-string panty, which he had pushed to the side, which showed up clearly against her skin.

While we were busy, I was aware that the guy who I had asked to move, had changed position. He had moved around to the other side, from where he could see in through Sue’s door, and was watching as I fingered her while she was giving me my BJ. And it turned out that there was actually another guy in the bushes somewhere, who was also watching both of us couples at play….

When we had all apparently finished playing, I sent the couple a message asking if we could come over and introduce ourselves. He replied that we should just give her an opportunity to finish dressing, and then we were welcome to come over. We did so, and chatted for a while, and it was evident from her expression and her responses to my questions that this whole thing of watching and being watched was actually a very big turn on for her, something new and exciting!

And so we have arranged to meet up again quite soon, and maybe take things a step further…. Quite likely parking right next to each other and playing alongside each other.

So what had started out earlier as a rush through the traffic to make an early morning “appointment”, had turned into a wonderful full day of watching, and being watched, for quite a number of us!....

May there be many more!!!