Written by redbruce

06 Jun 2018

A few weeks back I received a mail out of the blue through SH from a couple I had never encountered before. It was a short simple mail…. “Hi there, looking for a place on East Rand”. I checked their profile – both late 30s, married to each other, no photos though, but with an interest expressed in dogging… Let’s call them Mr and Mrs S. I made the assumption that they were wanting dogging info from me, and gave a detailed reply, mentioning the various dogging spots that I am aware of out East, my opinion of their suitability, and also mentioned availability of rooms to rent etc. I did say to them that I would need a bit more information about what exactly they had in mind, in order to help them any further. I also asked if they had any experience of dogging, or if it was something they were looking to try out.

Some days later, they (looked like it was actually just he) replied to my mail… “Thanks for getting back to me, we are very new to this so at the moment want to see what it is about. Current interest is someone watching me play with the wife, somebody looking at her body and wanking. With the right guy maybe we’ll take it a bit further. Would prefer weekdays, early and mid morning. As a start it would be nice to just check out the scene. How often and what days is it happening in President Park / Carnival / Benoni? Looking forward to checking it out.”

I wrote back explaining that there was no set pattern to dogging, it was entirely dependent on when willing couples were available, and then told him a bit about our availability, that we would be keen to join with them, when and where we were normally available to play etc. Things went quiet for a bit… then a bit more correspondence, and he asked for my contact number. It was obvious that they were new and nervous, intrigued by this idea of dogging, and seemed genuinely inclined to explore it. I decided to take a chance, and provided my number, expecting him to provide theirs in return. This did not happen immediately, and things went quiet again for a while.

Out of the blue one day, there was a new Whatsapp message on my phone, saying it was them, and that they might possibly be free early the following morning. I told him that we are not normally available early in the morning, but that I might be able to make a plan (although Sue would not be able to join me), and asked what they had in mind. He replied that they were thinking of going to President Park, and started asking questions about how safe it would be, how does it work, what would they be expected to do, etc. He explained that his wife was very shy, but that she was keen to watch other guys wanking (“she is curious about other cocks”!), and that they would play a bit if there were guys wanking for them. But they had a serious time constraint due to business commitments, so it did need to be early morning.

But the weather that day was a bit grotty, and not likely to be great the next morning either. He said they would confirm that evening whether it was on or not. I said I needed to have confirmation if it was to go ahead, before I could contact any other guys I know to make arrangements in order for her to have other cocks to look at. I thought that was probably the end of the conversation…

Later that evening he came back to me – they were still available and keen, but maybe because of the weather we should make another plan… He suggested we meet up in the parking of a local mall, and if she was happy we could then proceed to the house of a friend of theirs close by. I asked if they still wanted to have anyone else present, and although he said it would be okay if it was just me, I suggested a good friend of mine from out that side of town close to them, who I expected might be available, and they seemed happy with the suggestion. I contacted my friend, and he said he too would make a plan, and could be there early in the morning. All arranged! Off to bed, looking forward to the morning!!..

While I was on my way out there, running a little late, there was a message from Mr S (fortunately they were also running a bit late), saying that the friend’s place was not available to them, but that he had meantime booked a hotel room! That told me that they were definitely keen and pretty much committed to this venture!

I arrived, and stood chatting to my mate H, as we waited for them to arrive. I received a message from Mr S, saying he was close by, and he arrived soon after, parked nearby and came over to introduce himself. He was obviously there to suss us out first, as Mrs S was not in the car, and apparently still at home. He was very friendly, very chatty, and confirmed that this would be a first for them, allowing themselves to be watched. He seemed to make up his mind, having decided that we appeared to be decent enough fellows, told us where the hotel was, and suggested that we go there so long while he went back home to fetch Mrs S.

We booked in (he had paid, did not expect us to contribute anything, which was most surprising), and we went up to the room and waited for them. It’s a typical hotel room, containing just a double bed with a bunk bed cross-wise above it, one chair, a toilet cubicle and a shower and basin. I messaged him the room number, and we left the door ajar.

Soon we heard a noise in the passage, the door pushed open, and in walked Mr S, with Mrs S following close behind. She was lovely! She was dressed in a long leather jacket against the cold weather outside (it really was a good idea to come to the hotel rather than the park, this early in the morning!!). Mr S introduced her to us, and she smiled shyly, but said hardly a word. It was evident that she was very shy and really nervous. We again chatted briefly, and Mr S said they weren’t quite sure what to do. We assured them, mostly for the sake of Mrs S who had not been there when we chatted in the parking lot, that it was entirely up to them as to what they wanted to do, how far they wanted to go, and that at all times it was up to the lady to decide and make the call. She had to feel comfortable with what was happening at all times. Mrs S then told us quietly that she did not want anything other than us just watching, and we assured her that we were perfectly fine with that. She didn’t even ask us to wank!

They moved past us into the corner near the foot of the bed away from the door, while my mate H and I stood on the shower side of the bed. We suggested that they just forget that we were there, and do whatever they wanted to, and just let things happen naturally. We would keep quiet to help them forget about us…

Mrs S had her back towards us. They hugged, and then started kissing, and it became evident to us that the kiss was getting more and more passionate. Soon Mr S helped Mrs S out of her jacket (she was starting to warm up!), and then she sat on the bed and he helped remove her long boots. Under her jacket she was wearing a short loose skirt and stockings (pantyhose, it turned out), and a woollen top with a zip up the front. They hugged and kissed some more, and Mr S had his hands all over her bum, rubbing and kneading, and she raised up on her toes as she pushed against him. Then he unzipped her top, and nuzzled the exposed portion of her breasts poking out of her bra. Next I realised he had his hands under her top and around her chest to her back, trying to undo her bra strap, and not getting it right! We joked a little about his inexperience, and I thought of offering to assist, but then they whispered a bit and Mrs S turned around so that he could see what he was doing. He unzipped her jersey fully, released her bra strap, and the shape and size of her lovely big boobs, previously obscured from our view, became evident. She had her eyes closed while facing H and I, maybe still trying to forget that we were there. She turned back to face Mr S once the bra was loose, and he peeled back her jersey and she shrugged out of her bra. She had lovely big pendulous boobs. He leant forward and started sucking on them, one then the other, and then one of his hands was in under her short skirt…

He reached up under her skirt and peeled her pantyhose down, and helped her get them off her feet. No panties evident…! And then his hand went back in under her skirt, and although she had her back to me, it was very obvious that he was probing, and then fingering her, as she tried undressing him. I moved across a bit closer to where H was standing, to improve the angle and have a better view. As Mr S fingered her, she started moaning a bit, and from the sounds we could gather her pussy was getting wet!

He stopped playing with her, and removed his clothes down to his underpants, and then they were embracing again, kissing as he felt her boobs, then one hand back to her pussy, all this time standing at the foot of the bed.

He turned her around, so she had her back to the bed, and she then sat and lay back on the bed, her eyes still closed most of the time. He climbed onto the bed, kneeling next to her, and pushed her loose short skirt up to her tummy, revealing her hirsute pussy to us for the first time. He gently parted her legs, and again probed her pussy, first one, then two fingers, and then started fingering her vigorously. She moaned with enjoyment.

He kindly invited us to join them on the bed if we wished (they were lying off to one side), but I felt that it would probably be too intrusive for Mrs S if we were too close, given how shy she appeared to be, and H and I stayed where we were. But by now we both had our pants off and were wanking, although Mrs S still hadn’t noticed.

Mr S put his face to her pussy, and started licking noisily! It was very evident how much she enjoyed this, and her moaning increased in volume. If she hadn’t already orgasmed, she sounded really close…

He whipped off his underpants, moved up on top of her, easily pushed into her very wet pussy, and started thrusting vigorously. Her head pushed back noisily, knocking against the headboard with every thrust. She opened her eyes, looking across at H and I, and noticed we were watching and wanking, and smiled….

Mr S stopped his pounding after a while, dismounted and rolled over onto his back next to her. They whispered a bit, and she climbed on top of him, facing him, settled down on his dick, and started to ride him, holding onto the bunkbed above her head for support (and to stop bumping into it!). Her skirt fell as she sat this way, and covered up my view of their fucking for a bit… so I moved to the side of the bed to have a more side-on view, enjoying the sight of her large boobs bouncing as she rode him. She then leant forward onto his chest, and they whispered some more… I think it had more to do with the fact that she now couldn’t see us, facing the headboard, rather than that we couldn’t see her. Next thing, she got up off him, turned around to face the bottom of the bed, and climbed back onto his dick, and started riding him again, again holding onto the bunkbed (which position served to lift and accentuate her lovely boobs, holding her body more upright), her skirt now lifted onto her lap.

That’s much better!!! I moved back to my previous position at the bottom on the bed, and could clearly see his dick sliding in and out of her pussy as she rode him, her long pussy lips enfolding his dick. This time she had her eyes open, and was shyly, almost furtively, looking from my cock to H’s and back again, alternating her viewing between us, as she enjoyed riding Mr S. I raised my gaze from her pussy to her eyes, and as she looked back at me after watching H for a bit, we caught each other’s gaze and we smiled at each other, me encouragingly, she still shyly and demurely, but definitely now enjoying herself!

After riding Mr S like that for a while, Mrs S got off again and lay down next to him on the bed. Once again his fingers sought out her pussy, and he opened her up for my view, and then continued his fingering, which she obviously really enjoys. Then once again he slid down, lay between her legs and lapped at her pussy which was clearly very wet by now, then started licking with fervour. Mrs S was now openly watching H and I, and smiling. Her breathing got noticeably heavier. After a few minutes she closed her eyes again, and orgasmed so strongly that she shook the bed as she thrashed around.

Mr S decided that his time had now also come, and he quickly moved back into missionary position, and started fucking – this time not as forcefully, but with growing urgency, and soon he too came with a groan of pleasure.

And that was it – all they had time for… they needed to get going. I made way for Mrs S to get to the loo, and a quick clean up, and then it was time for us all to dress again.

H and I thanked the couple warmly for their willingness to allow us into their intimate time and space, for the privilege that that represented for us. They assured us that they had thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and would be looking to do it again, and likely sooner rather than later. Perhaps a different place, perhaps different circumstances… but definitely doing it again!

The couple rushed off to get to their business appointment. H and I stood and discussed what we had just experienced, intentionally to give the couple time to be able to leave the hotel on their own without too much embarrassment. We then followed about ten minutes later. As we left, handing in the room key, the receptionist smiled and said “booking out so soon?” I replied, “unfortunately yes – it would have been lovely to stay on longer….” It really would have!!! It was all over way too soon, even though we had been together for more than an hour!

And next time, if they invite us to join them on the bed, we definitely will do so!!