03 Jun 2019

I had a beautiful empowered former lover who embraced her maturity, wisdom and feminine power. She spoke of and embodied the Archetype of Greek Priestesses and Healers.

The first time she squirted in bed we had to removed all bedding. The second needed the mattress to be aired.

One day, a languid Sunday afternoon after having made lunch with knowing foreplay, we stripped. her body carried scars and marks, but it was beautiful to me. She stood in front of me. we paused for a sentient moment, and then ours mouths met. Though from very different worlds, we connected hungrily.

My hand went to her cunny, easily wet already. She instinctively raised her left leg on the coffee stable to give me easier access. I knew how, she had helped me learn. I vigorously pumped her, and she squirted easily. Our mouths still deeply engorged in each other, i felt her swoon as i heard the first gush flood the floor, and my feet. She squirted again. it was momentous.

Several times i triggered its release, easier and easier each time. I felt her tremble, i felt her perspire. She began to cool and I drew her to me. She felt safe and so did I. I took a moment to realize how special that she had shared this with me, shown herself in this way, how honored I was.

Feral as she was, she warmed and then squatted, one leg still on the coffee table, later taking it down. She purposely released again, marking her territory. I could see she was slightly shy but she embraced this space. I noticed she was swollen raw and her anal cunt puckered open.

We went to bed and made love, letting that water sit for a while.

We parted a time later, and I am grateful or such kind memories and woman who showed me such dignity and healing warmth

thank you