25 Mar 2019

I had met someone from the site and we started regularly meeting and becoming real friends, hanging out watching movies not just the usual come over and have a romp between the sheets

Every time we meet we seem to get a little more adventurous, one sunny Sunday afternoon not so long ago she said she needed to go shopping and as we get getting dressed after a lovely Sunday morning session I dared her to do something shes not done before, she had to slip one of her toys inside her and put on a tight fitting jeans. she looked at me smiled and lubed it up, turned it on and inserted it inside her , up goes her pants and off we went

As we drive to a very well known mall here in CPT she looks at me biting her lips teasing me, she thought she had the upper hand on me and as we stop at the robot I reach into my pocket and produce the remote for her little pink toy, her eyes open wide looking at me saying don't you dare. I look at her smile and start alternating the modes which gets her going, I took back at her and tell her the robots green I think you should drive, while we drive there she asks that I please don't play too much with the remote in the mall "i won't be able to hold myself back" she says

We arrive at the mall and as we pull up i reach over and rub her through her pants which has her going crazy shes hardly driving straight and very nearly hit a pillar trying to park, she parked as far out of sight as possible as I continued to play with her bringing her to the edge of orgasm and then just as she gets to the point of orgasm I look at her and say "I guess we better get going" she looks at me with this look of ah i hate you right now

soon we walking around in the mall and every so often i stroke her butt and alternate the speed or mode of the toy , we go into a clothing store and she tries on some stuff calls me in for a opinion and we take the time to be as naughty as possible feeling her up making jump having to bite her lips trying to not moan

we go to the next store and she starts to do her shopping for the week , as she bends over in one of the isles i change the mode of the toy and she lets out a soft moan looking at me with a look that i can only describe as "fuck i want you so badly right now"

we get to the tills and as we paying for the shopping turn up the intensity and she now almost on her toes, the cashier asking her if shes fine and she just nods yes, i squeeze by her making sure to rub up against her and she gives me that look again , we make it out and back to the car, she tries to get me into the back seat but I bend her over and slowly stroke her from behind while she's bent over

we get back into the car and as soon as we get into her garage we she finally lets go and has the loudest orgasm , we tugging at each others clothes and make it as far as the passage before our pants are on the floor and ........

now thats a shopping trip to remember