09 Jun 2017

A man may not even really be my cup of tea or he could tick quite a few boxes, but after a sexual encounter, I cannot stop thinking about bearing his children.....What? Me? How the fuck does this happen?

It is known, as The Climax Curse - that thing, which happens, after Sex with a man. He immediately goes from an insignificant satellite, orbiting my universe, to the goddamn rising sun itself. But, the question is, WHY? He may not have done anything that impressive, especially not in bed. Granted - most probably - he could have blown my mind and yes, brought me to orgasmic tears. Logically, I know this is completely insane; in fact, absolutely nuts! However, I cannot seem to stop it....

It is because of exactly what goes on in our bodies, during orgasm, that makes us - particularly women - certifiable, Our female brains light up like fucking pinball machines before, during, and after the Big O. But, that is NOT the problem. The culprit for our mixed up and fucked-up wonderful emotions is that pesky hormone - Oxytocin - the bonding and emotional cuddly hormone. Our bodies release it no matter what, during Sex, be it good or bad. There is no receptor, which determines it; whether he is a complete douche-bag (ONS) or a long-term prospect. Oxytocin does not discriminate. And, should he be emotionally or basically unavailable to us (i.e. married) oh well, then the dam writing is on the frigging brick wall!

This is an issue, because men do not experience the same post-coital confusion, we women do. Men's bodies primarily release Dopamine after orgasm - the "pleasure" hormone and hence, their addiction (for Sex) and sleepiness. Get it? Biologically speaking, women get screwed figuratively and literately, as after Sex, men are left feeling satiated; perhaps, thinking of sleep,a smoke or some pizza; or, the next time she will do them - again and again; as for women, we are left wondering whether or not we "love" him. LOL

The more often these feeling are evoked, with the same man, the greater the chance of really falling in love and this is precisely why FWB, mostly for women, invariably does not work out and relationships, particularly illicit ones, eventually go for a "ball of shit."

And just BTW, it is NOT just us........

Did you know, men normally, fall in love first! Yes, so......... Boo. Hiss. Boo


Een dag raak die vagina los en besluit om in die liggaam te gaan


Eers loop sy die blaas raak en vra: "Wie is jy?"

En die blaas antwoord: "Ek is die blaas."

Verder aan loop sy die niere raak en se: "Julle lyk soos 'n tweeling!

Wie is julle?"

En die niere antwoord: "Ons is die niere."

So stap die vagina rond en kom af op die derms, lewer, pankreas, longe,

maag, ens.

Sy bly stap en kom af op die hart. "Wie is jy?"

En die hart antwoord: "Ek is die hart."

En die vagina begin skree: "AHAAAAA!!!! JY is die bl*ksem wat ek soek!!

Jou selfsugtige, orige, skandalige stuk, k@k!!"

En die hart is heel verbaas en vra verskrik: "Maar hoekom? Wat het ek

ooit aan jou gedoen?"

Die vagina lag smalend. "Wat bedoel jy 'wat het jy ooit aan my


Jy SOEK om GEM*ER te word!!!!!? JY raak verlief, en dan word EK