11 Mar 2018

Andrew was an ordinary lad. Hard-working, laid-back and chilled. He was 21-years old.

He had always been very shy his whole life and was VERY scared of women. He didn't understand them and went to an all-boys school, so had almost no interaction with them.

On day he got high and was feeling VERY different. He was feeling brave and wanted to have an "Adventure", so he went down Kenilworth Main Road and got a blowjob (Long story short!).

Andrew was constantly upset about his cock size, so he began doing penis enlargement (Jelqing and stretching) at a very young age (Around 15-16). He grew a monster cock in very short order with this penis enlargement. SO big that girls goggled at the bulge in his trousers whenever he got a semi-erect cock. He obviously, at the time, didn't understand why they were goggling and giggling at him at the time, as he DIDN'T understand women!

So about a month or two after this, he visited a good female friend and had a drink or 2 with her (THis is another sex story in itself!). When he got back home, he decided he would have his very first "intercourse adventure" with a female.

SO he rang up an asian whorehouse and was soon on his scooter, racing to have his adventure. He was apprehensive, but brave because of the drinks he had.

He got to the house and there he met a petite asian beauty. She gave him a queer look when he got inside, almost saying "YOur a handsom young man, why are you here?" Obviously he didn't understant that look, and they proceeded to the bedroom.

He was very scared at that moment in time but she guided him into what he needed to do. She pretty much demanded that he take off his clothes. Andrew got his tshirt off and then pulled down his pants. Her jaw just hung in the air as she stared at him in nothing but his underpants. SHe then asked him to take off his underpants. He did so and as soon as his massive wang fell out, she screamed, "HOLY SHIT!!". SHe told him he had a HUGE cock.

He got onto the bed nerviously, waiting to see what she would do. She got on the bed and just stared at his massive member, almost fully erect at this stage. She put her hand around it and just admired his cock. Then she gave him a funny, almost disgusted look. Andrew was not sure why and still to this day does not know why she looked at him like that.

PART 1 CONCLUDED RUnning out of battery. will post the rest of the stor