06 Feb 2018

One afternoon whilst working as a Marketing Manager for a leisure company that had its offices situated at the Durban Spa building on Durban beach front,the weather turned bad and business came to a stand still. I decided to send everyone home early as there was no hope of getting any prospective buyers through the doors.

All the staff left early, leaving myself, a sales manager and a pretty sales consultant in the office. We were sitting in the recreational area chatting and the conversation led to matters of a sexual nature.

The pretty sales lady seemed to be enjoying the sexy talk, her completion became flushed and every now and then she flashed her sexy pink panties in my direction.

The sales manager and I started teasing her about how we would like to have a threesome together and explained in graphic sexual detail all the juicy things we were going to do to her. She didn’t mind the way we were talking and said that she would try anything once to see if she liked it or not. She also admitted that she really liked a guy that worked in the office but refused to tell us who it was and I was told to guess.

I mentioned all the guys names in the office except mine and she said no to all of them.

I could see that she was getting flustered as I didn’t mention my name and she wanted me to know it was me.

I side stepped the issue and kept on with the sexy talk, not wanting the sales manager to get jealous as he sort of fancied her quite a bit. I think he put two and two together and decided to go for a walk leaving the lady alone with me.

I waited for the sound of the front entrance door closing and stood up and approached the sexy lady, she was sitting on the chair facing me with her back against the table. Her eyes held mine as I neared. I placed my hand on the inside of her thigh, slowly running my hand up towards her soft pink panties. As my hand enveloped her hot wet mound a sigh escaped her lips and she relaxed back against the table. I slid her panties to the side and my fingers came into contact with her honey pot, it was dripping wet and it welcomed my fingers hungrily, pushing onto them, riding them slowly and seductively. Leaning forward I held her head and kissed her in a passionate kiss. Her mouth, hot and wet and as hungry as her pussy.

She kicked off her heels and lifted her feet onto the chair and offered herself up to me, she wanted to be taken and ravaged used and violated. I lifted her up onto the table and slowly fucked her with my fingers adding one at a time until I had four fingers deep in her slippery wet cunt, her skirt around her hips. As my fingers violated her pussy I undid her blouse and freed her pert little titties and my mouth enveloped her nipple.

Her breath was coming in short little gasps and I barely heard her say, “fuck me with your hand, rape me, I want you to touch my heart.” I slipped my thumb into her pussy and pushed up and up feeling her pussy open wide and accept my fist, hot wet and tight around my hand.”Oh fuck” she whispered into my ear as she rolled into spasmodic orgasm over and over again.

I heard a faint sound behind me and I glanced in the direction of the sound.

The sales manager was standing in the doorway with his his cock in his hand, spurting his cum all over the carpet a glazed look in his eyes and a look of intense pleasure on his face. I lifted my lady into my arms and carried her into my office as she whimpered words of love into my neck, she wanted more........

But that’s a story for another day......