04 Mar 2018

Daemonique, having just dropped a friend that had accompanied her to a cross dress karaoke bash that was held at a popular pub in Durban was on her way home. She was on the back road, from Pinetown to Durban as she noticed that Club Kenya was open. She made a u turn and drove into the parking lot. As she sat in the car she wondered if it was a good idea to go in, She was a man dressed like a woman and didn’t know how the people inside would react. She was dressed up to the nines, High heels, black fishnet stockings that stretched tightly all the way up soft smooth long athletic legs, ending just short of her satin soft smooth nighty like dress as it slithered snake like down her body from the shoulders, glimmering in the soft moonlight.

The cool breeze coming through the slightly open window danced hungrily around her pert nipples as they showed through the material sending shivers down her spine causing the blood to rise in her penis. “Can’t have that now can we” she mumbled out loud and alighted from the car.

She entered the bar, her eyes taking in the scene through the smoky thick, smelly dimly lit air. The pub was not too busy, a few couples and singles chatting away to each other, oblivious to much of everything. She approached the circle like l shaped bar and ordered a drink. On her left sat a young lady, young maybe nineteen, “sweet little thing” Daemonique thought as she looked her over. Noticing that the young lass was staring at her, she asked “Whats up” ? And they start chatting, the young girl (Lee-Anne S). asking all sorts of questions, The best one being “aren’t you scared people think you are gay?” Daemonique responded with “No chance of me being gay I was married for what feels like a hundred years and shortly divorced and have four children so I don’t really care what people think.” The girl had at some staged asked Daemonique for a lift home and Daemonique had agreed, she stayed just around the corner on the road home so it wasn’t a hassle at all. They later moved to the dancing area on the left where people were slow dancing to the romantic music playing in the dimly lit haze.

Standing at the bar against the wall just chatting and watching all the people dancing an alcohol induced love or lust dance, groping each other naughtily in the dimness.

The dull throb of motor cycle engines drifting through the one open window in the corner of the pub announced the arrival of new patrons looking for late night pleasure or maybe just to quench their thirst. Daemonique looked in the direction of the doorway as a man entered, their eyes locked together, high speed human bluetooth streaming in one split instant. An orgasm of high definition sound, feelings, emotions, wants needs desires and understandings thrown together in a blender and then unleashed onto an out of control roller coaster, spiraling down as it picks up momentum, the rush of the ride ringing loudly in Daemoniques ears as she turn around to pay the bartender for the order of drinks.

As Daemonique sipped her drink a hand was placed on her hip as the stranger that had just entered ordered a drink over her shoulder, he was leaning in close to Daemonique, bodies touching lightly, mouth slightly behind her ear as he spoke softly into her neck. His hot sweet breath causing goose bumps down her neck as she smelled a faint hint of garlic and fresh alcohol on his breath as it hugged her neck seductively, whispering innuendoes of wild naughty lustful nights of passion and pleasure. Taken by the moment Daemonique leaned back against the stranger and turned her head back, the stranger’s strong arm curling around her slim waist as his mouth sought out her neck in hungry thick passion. His groin pressed against Daemonique's soft sexy smooth ass. She could feel his hot throbbing manhood thrusting provocatively between her butt cheeks as he devoured her neck. In her daze Daemonique caught sight of Lee-Anne’s face, it was a maze of bewilderment and intrigue, silent amazement, as a healthy rose colour rose from her neck up her cheeks and exploded in full red in her ears and glimpse of a young man, as he put his hand on her leg.

Daemonique saw flashes and glimpses of her stranger in the bar mirrors as she relaxed into the stranger embrace. He was a little older, naughty laughter lines accentuated his warm dark brown eyes, pools of hidden secrets, that leaves one on the edge of falling in,…in to the deep dark knowing beyond. Neatly trimmed facial hair covering his rugged good looks as it tapered down into a denim bunny jacket and tight jeans. That wild animal ruggedness showing through his open jacket, a panther on the hunt. That slow trusting voice as he spoke, melting Daemonique's fast dissolving resistance into a hot cauldron of molten lust and desire. Building…. building with each hot sexy kiss.

Daemonique was at home she couldn’t remember much of the trip home or much after the stranger had kissed her, it was like she was blown along on a strong breeze, filled with kisses, naughty touch, gropes and hot embrace, but she was home. Lee- Anne and the young stranger were sitting on the couch whispering sweet nothings into each others ears. Daemonique wanted to go down to the river. Her stranger and her made their way down to the river at the bottom of the drive way of Dominique’s home. When she got to the short green grass of the river bank as it curved around the cliffs she threw off her shoes and walked into the shallow water in her suspender stockings and made her way to a flat rock further up the river. The stranger followed, jumping from rock to rock and arrived next to Daemonique Taking her in his arms as they were silhouetted against the early morning dawn, his hands slowly and furiously making their way up her sexy smooth legs under her short red, now wet dress. Her soft moans of pleasure disturbing and causing a lonely Iguana with a neck as thick as her thigh to slithered slowly into the water and flicked its tail in an irritated movement before slithering away to get some sleep.

Daemonique was enjoying the stranger’s attention, his rough stubbly beard and his strong hands all over her body was driving her insane, hot and boiling with a strong yearning to be consumed into and by his lustful need. The strap of her dress falling down her slim sexy shoulders as the stranger’s mouth found her tiny tingling nipples, trying to extract the womanhood she felt deep… deep inside. She needed that throbbing hot meat she felt under the stranger’s jeans, she could practically see every inch of his engorged cock through his pants in the slowly rising hue. She slowly slid to her knees between the strangers legs, her hands hurriedly undoing his belt and button, hands longing to touch and feel that…that urgent need of the stranger. Her one hand cupping his tight smooth balls and the other enveloping his huge rock hard cock, Daemonique slowly… slowly kissed the tip of his pre-cum soaked cock and encircled it with hot hungry, thirsty lips. Little moans of pleasure emanating from deep in her being. The stranger’s hands lovingly behind her head, forcing it deeper and deeper down her hot sticky wanting throat. Daemonique could feel the urgency of the mans need, she had felt it often, very often when on the hunt for pussy. Her mouth slowly disengaged from his cock and dropped lower, kissing and sucking his balls and feeling his hard cock against her face made her need to be fulfilled override the desire to have him cum deep down her throat. She straitened up slowly finding the strangers lips with her mouth as she lifted one leg around his hip and guided his still wet hard throbbing cock between her yearning legs. The strangers huge penis slowly parting her womanhood as it forced its way deep into untouched flesh, as Daemoniques painful cries of pleasure and pain echoed through the cliffs she was consumed by an out of control fire emanating from between the depths of her legs. Raw and brutal, lust, passion and desire as she slipped into womanly orgasm over and over.. lost as the stranger took control and ravaged her innocence. Fulfilling his every need and desire as he forced his throbbing hot burning rod deeper and deeper into Daemonique, ripping soft tender, silky smooth flesh, as it bit down hard into its prey.

Daemonique unable to control herself rode his cock with each thrust, begging for more … more pain more pleasure more…more… more …. The strangers cock deep inside her, a feeling that it wanted to enter her cock from the inside and explode together with hers fleetingly crossed her blurred mind. A last thrust as the stranger tore into her sent her over the edge, headlong, convulsing in slow muscular contractions… milking… urging the hot flowing lava from the strangers cock deep into her new found womanhood. As their love juices slowly mixed, crimson and white and cascaded down her wide open legs and swirled into the running water to be swept away down the river as it made its way through the last of the thousand hills into the sea.

They made their way back to the grass and cuddled in each others arms watching the sun slowly rise above the cliffs and then made their way home, the stranger had to take his son to the air port. After the strangers left on their motor cycles Lee-Anne and Daemonique stepped into the simplex, a smile on their lips a look of lust in their eye as Daemonique’s hand made its way around Lee-Anne’s hips, the smell of sex hanging heavy in the fresh morning air. But that’s a story for another day……

This story was quite difficult to write as I wrote it from a bystander’s point of view and also “Daemonique” didn’t exist up until this stranger walked though the doorway…….