07 Mar 2018

This story is going back a couple of years and is my first encounter with a woman older than me.

In my teens my parents relocated to Durban and bought a home in Queensburgh. One morning my dad woke me up with some tea and I told him I am staying home to study for my exams so he left me and closed the door behind him. I gulped down the tea and snuggled back into bed and drifted off again. Some time later I awoke and noticed that my tea mug was gone and in my sleep I had kicked off the blankets, I was laying naked on the bed with a huge morning glory, you know those ones that hurt and throb and if you touch it, it just wants to snuggle into your hand and let rip well it was one of those, the veins bulging and throbbing and the head all purple and shinny. I thought maybe my dad had come in and taken the mug so I pulled some jeans and a t shirt on with no undees and went to take a leak or try to, my cock being so stiff and sore.

After the leak I jumped back onto the bed with my study books and was reading some shit about shit when the door slowly opened and the maid came into the room with a broom and started sweeping the floor. I thought it odd because she would not normally come into my room if I was in there. Any way I watched her as she swept, She was young about 28 very prim and proper and had a very sexy build, I always checked her out as she worked, dirty stuffs coming to mind as she bent and polished and.. and.. and. I pretended to be reading my books as she came closer and closer to the bed. My morning glory started all over again, throbbing, very visible through my jeans. She was wearing quite a short skirt, which as she worked showed she wasn’t wearing any panties at the start of those lovely firm brown thighs that shone with that glow of good health and vitality. My eyes hungrily taking in the sexy shape of her legs from the rear as she bent over revealing brown pussy lips that parted just enough to flash a glimmering wet pink, mesmerizing and mouth watering. The soft flow of her breasts as they hung forward straining against her tight top, the outline of her nipples showing goose flesh as they pointed outwards smothered by the material.

She was beautifully sexy. She glanced back and noticed me watching her.

As our eyes met and held she put the broom against the dressing table and approached the bed. Leaning over me, her sexy slim hand pulled down the zipper on my jeans, her full moist lips seeking mine hungrily as she muttered in her own language; “I want this” as her hand closed around my rock hard throbbing cock. The button on my jeans snapped off and made it easier for her to stroke my cock. Her hand firmly around it as she worked more blood into it, our tongues locked in battle as I touched her body.

My fingers seeking that promised hot pink inferno, her legs opening wider as my hand enclosed her hot wet cunt. One finger sliding into the smouldering fire, her tight lips eagerly accepting, and then holding my finger as I slid it in and out, her juices flowing out from between her legs, hot sticky and smooth like velvet, drenching my fingers and running down her quivering thighs. It was like two animals that could not get enough of one another. Wild raunchy needing, wanting, lost in each other I turned her on her back and lay over her my cock the hardest its ever been ever, I remember thinking “fuck that’s not my cock its too big” as I guided it towards her sweet moist dripping pussy.

The sound of my dad’s voice brought us suddenly down to earth in a split second just in time for us to appear innocent as he entered the room. We spent the day stealing hugs, kisses and feels as she worked around the house. We agreed to meet in the shower of the maid’s quarters later. But that’s a story for another day…..

Oh ..ok.. you want a little preview?.

I entered the maid’s quarters later that afternoon. The sound of the shower running as I asked her “What are you doing?” She replied in her own language, “Washing my pussy.” I opened the shower curtain………

As you may have noticed I used the word ‘teens’ at the beginning of this story. I leave you to come to your own conclusions on that one. But you probably won’t be far from right. If you know what I mean … hint.. hint nudge nudge….