22 Jul 2019

I decided to go out one night to meet a friend for a drink, one drink ended up being many and a regular Thursday night ended up being one to remember (or not to remember lol). While my friend went to the bathroom I decided to go to the bar to order us shots of gold tequila and while at the bar I couldn't help but notice the gorgeous blonde girl next to me also ordering drinks. With a few drinks down my confidence was up and I began chatting to her and proceeded to buy her a shot as well. The night progresses and her friend takes off as she has work early but she decides to stick around as she is there in her own car.

The night goes on with drink after drink and after the arrival of a 4 grand bill we find ourselves in the parking lot at 3AM ready to say goodbye to eachother, however saying bye is the last thing I want to do and apparently she feels the same because she asks me if I want to go back to her place for some coffee. Hell yea I want some coffee at her place. We both leave and I follow her to her place which is about 15kms away, she pulls into the drive way and I pull in behind her, we then make our way into her house. She puts her bag and coat down and proceeds to boil the kettle for our coffee. We chit chat a little then grab our coffee, she informs me that we must be quiet because she stays with her parents and they are only a few doors down the hallway. I tell her I'm a little worried because I dont need one of those daddy's girl fathers to pop put of the bedroom with a shotgun. She concurs her dad is a bit of a difficult person and we should be quiet. Great lol

As we get into her room she climbs onto her bed and calls me with one finger moving back and forth. I make my way over and lean over her with her back on the bed and begin kissing her, she proceeds to take her top off and starts loosening my belt. Before I know it I am in my boxers alone and she in her bra and a nice little g-string. She continues to kiss me while shoving her hands down my boxers and grabbing my now throbbing hard cock. She says we can't fuck because she doesnt have any condoms, I tell her I do have a condom it's in my Jean pocket on the floor. I move away slightly and start kissing her down her body, all I can think of is how bad I want to taste her pussy. I decide to go for it, I slowly remove her g-string and behold a perfect sweet shaven pussy, extremely wet. I give her pussy one lick to see her reaction and she takes my head and buries it into her pussy, it was so wet that my face, chin up to my nose was covered in her warm juices, I loved it and continued to lick every aspect of her pussy inside and out. She then says "FUCK ME", I reply "ok let me get the condom", she says "NO fuck me now:, I quickly pull my boxers down to my knees and with my hard cock now exposed she grabs it and pulls it towards the middle of her spread legs. I go with it and just like that she slides my naked cock into her warm pussy and it was the greatest fucking thing I had ever felt, it wasn't too tight but not loose either but wow what a feeling. I began thrusting and thrusting as she covered her face with a pillow in order not to wake her father up and just before I could feel I was going to cum she pulled away and said no don't cum in me I'm not on the pill. With my cock now rock hard and covered in her pussy juice she says to me its 4:30 my Dad will be awake for work in about 30 minutes.

With my balls and cock aching myself and her put our clothes back on and sneak out the front door. She gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheak and says thanks for a great evening see you soon. I climb in my car and off I go home. Once at home I couldn't handle the tension in my balls so I dropped my pants and just by thinking about how she tasted and felt my cock got aching hard again. With my foreskin pulled back my cock head was still sticky and wet from her pussy, wow I touched it with the tip of my finger and licked my linger clean then proceeded to jerk my cock off until I blew he biggest load ever all over the bathroom floor. Wow what a relief.

I wish I could live that experience again.

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