Written by Anonymous

22 Jun 2019

I met Karen in a chat room on a site. She asked all the guys for their ASL, except me. We exchanged numbers and two days later she started to share a lot of personal stuff. I asked her why she never asked my ASL. Her response was I am so comfortable chatting with you I did not even think about it.

I told her I am coloured and that I would love to meet her for coffee. She made it clear it will only be for coffee and nothing else. She is from the NC and had to visit her sister in Pretoria. I convinced her to meet in private to avoid being seen with me in public. We met in the parking area of a service station. Chat a bit and she allowed me to touch her hand.

She was comfy and agreed that we go to my place. Upon arrival at home, I touched her hand and we sat next to each other. I offered to make coffee, got up and turned towards her. I took both her hands in mine and could feel my cock getting harder. She was still sitting when my erect cock drew her attention. I was wearing a tracksuit pants and she lost all eye contact, focussing on the bulge right in her face.

I pulled her up and kissed her. She did not resist and responded to my kiss, pushing her pussy against my cock. I lead her to the bedroom and undress her as we kissed. When I pulled her panty of, I could see the pussy juice on her black gstring and her pussy lips were wet. I could not believe how wet this farmer was. The same one who said nothing was going to happen.

I pushed her on the bed with her legs hanging on the side. I knelt between her legs and started to really munch on her wet pussy. Her pussy was very accommodating so I slide three fingers in her with ease. I finger tucked her while licking and sucking on her clit. It wasn't long for her to reach an orgasm with her whole body shivering. I removed my fingers from her pussy, pushed my fingers in her mouth and made her luck her own juices.

She moved her hand towards my cock as a start kissing her again. I got on my back and pulled her on top of my. She lifted herself and pull my tracksuit pants off. She looked into my eyes and wrapped her hand around my cock and said ( jy het 'n lekker piel), you have nice cock. With that said she started sucking my cock, taking as much as possible into her mouth. I asked her to get on top of me in the 69 position. As she sucked my cock, I licked her pussy and rubbed some of her juices around her anus. Using her juices as lube I slide a finger in her ass while still licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. She reached another orgasm and rolled off me to catch her breath.

Having given her time to catch her breath, I lift her legs over my shoulders and pushed by cock all the way in her pussy. She gave a scream and started moaning as I tuck her deep and hard. I turned her on her side and fuck her in that position for about two minutes. I asked her to get on her knees , got behind her and start fucking her doggy. It wasn't long before she reached another orgasm. I stopped fucking as her body shivers and her juices shiny on my dark cock.

I pulled my cock out and guided it towards her ass. With my cock against her ass she said, "please don't. You gonna hurt me. I never did this". I guided my cock into her pussy and fucked her doggy until I filled her pussy with my cum. We relax and just snuggled. She told me that she never considered fucking me, but I made her feel so comfortable and she loved the fact that I was not a selfish lover. I asked her if I will see her again. She said yes. She did return the next evening.

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