19 Feb 2018

As the stranger looked down at his watch, a look of disdain crossed over his face, he had woken up and got ready far too early and now had to wait an hour for the limousine to take him to the airport. He mumbled under his breath and opened the blinds to his hotel room. There had been a turbulent storm the night before making it difficult for him to sleep. As he had drifted off he heard a dull thud against the window, too exhausted to investigate the reason.

As his golden fleck emerald green eyes took in the magnificent view of the new dawn breaking through the clouds from the Bluff located on the right, up to the Sand Pebble Restaurant on the left, a wet and ruffled white dove took flight from the sill of the window. It glided and spiraled down towards the desolate and empty street below, souring gracefully over the tree tops toward a lonely man sitting staring vacantly at the still turbulent sea, finally coming to rest on his shoulder and gazed as the man did, unseeing over the turbulent waves.

The stranger turned abruptly and strode towards the door mumbling under his breath. ‘That’s the sign’

JoJo had arrived in the city late the night before during the storm and made his way onto the beach. He had left his destination three days prior. Exhausted from too many sleepless nights, his mind in a fog, a desperate deep burning desire pushed at his back and dragged at his wrist. An uncontrollable urge, to get to the sea.

He no longer questioned the desire, it was all consuming, a driving force that pushed and dragged him on relentlessly. In a daze he sat down in the sand and glared with dark hazel brown eyes, at the waves as the storm raged around him.

Unaware of his surroundings his mind ran amok, the air he breathed was of burning flesh, the sound of the waves carried the screams of his mates as he tried in vain to open the battened down hatch. Fingers burnt and scorched he sifted the sand in vain attempt to deviate the hate. His unseeing eyes showed him pictures of mates burnt to the sights of similar weapons that sealed their fate.

The dove sitting on JoJo’s shoulder suddenly took flight and circled above as the stranger approached and sat down next to Jo Jo. The sweet fragrance of the stranger filled the air as he placed his strong arm around Jo Jo and pulled him close, dissipating the smell of burning flesh as JoJo’s mind emerged through the fog. The strangers face came into feverish focus, as handsome as a god and as beautiful as the stars Jo Jo thought as his consciousness failed him, collapsing into the strangers embrace.

Vaguely aware that this stranger, had unknowingly saved, a live from itself.

The gentle air flowing from the air conditioner brought Jo Jo out of his feverish sleep.

‘The doctor will be here now’ a soft voice spoke. Soft caring hands wiped off his brow as injection needle flashed consciousness dashed. The image of an angel churned though his head.

The deafening silence hanging like thick wood smoke in the room brought Jo Jo fully awake a week later. As he lay in the hotel room bed he took in his surroundings. Naked under the sheet, an Iv line attached to his arm, he tried to get out of bed. The straps restraining him as he lay on the bed prevented him from rising. He lay and waited, curiosity drilling a hole in his head.

The door handle to the room turned and the door swung slowly open as the young lady entered. Radiant smile, eyes emerald green the most beautiful girl Jo Jo’s ever seen.

She pulled back the sheet and undid all the straps and a tray was placed fit for a king.

Jo Jo was hungry he hadn’t eaten for awhile so he didn’t mind to much as “Cleopatra” or who ever she was fed him spoon for spoon.

As she fed him he watched her, she was a beauty, golden brown skin, pitch black hair to frame her face a nose as straight as the Aryan race. Cheekbones so high it would make you sigh. The touch of her hand…driving him mad.

As Jo Jo wanted to speak, she held her finger to his lips and said ‘Later’ and left the room to return with a white envelope and a golden pen.

Jo Jo waited to be alone in the room before he opened the envelope. He pulled out what appeared to be a contract and started reading. It was a long drawn out contract full of legal jargon and stuff but Jo Jo wasn’t a stupid man. On completion of reading the document he called the young girl and asked her if he must sign it.

She came closer and whispered into his ear.” Of course I want you too” as her fingers ran down his chest and came to rest dangerously close to what ladies like best.

Jo Jo took the pen and in a flourish signed the deal.

Day of the deal

Jo Jo was sitting in a lushly furnished bed room. The big queen size bed in the centre of the room looked strangely out of place, thin silk material hung in pleats around the bed purposely hindering the view of what would possibly go on behind them.

‘Cleopatra’ entered the room barefoot and silent wearing only a thin white gown. Jo Jo felt the blood in his veins rising slowly in undulating waves as she approached him. Her eyes were cast down as she held out her hand and led Jo Jo to the bed.

Her long sexy gown fell to the floor as she lay on the bed. Her body glimmering in the subdued candle light, casting unnatural shadows that danced in the night.

Jo Jo slid onto the bed along side her, hands touching fingers feeling, lips brushing. Skin on skin. The smell of her essence, overwhelming lustful, sinful, incense and frankincense mingled with the intoxicating smell of fresh clean womanhood, soul inflating moans of submissive pleasure as her face nestled in his neck. Breath aflame, the need for release all part of the game.

Jo Jo’s hand slowly, slowly, gently, struggling for control made its way silently up ‘Cleo’s’ velvet smooth legs, tracing imaginative pictures of lust and desire.

They slowly.. cautiously.. hungrily covered her soft succulent hot wet mound.

Fingers parted protective lips as they hungrily tasted the dew drops that flowed.

Velvet soft, smooth as silk, folds of flesh opened up wide.

Nipple in mouth a plate on the side, naked raw want unable to hide.

Small gentle hand, cool as the breeze took hold and started to guide.

The head of the snake purple and hard entered its lair forcing it hard.

Velvet pink folds cling to the thing as skin rips into skin.

Cries in the night of pleasure and pain, caution swirling slowly down the drain.

Crimson and crimson merge into one staining white satin sheets under her bum.

Husky hot breath, hoarse as can come, whisper of love as lovers come undone.

Over the edge, out of control in a spiral up and down causing those that watch a worried frown. Tightly squeezed they both hold on, as climax tumbles on and on.

Sleep comes soon just like fate, as lovers cuddle in a state.

Jo Jo woke up the next morning to an empty hotel room, ignoring the pile of money on the bedside table he slowly made his way out and onto the beach and sat down in the exact same spot. His unseeing eyes stared over the waves as a familiar fragrance drifted on the soft sea breeze. Pictures behind unseeing eyes showed crimson and crimson merge into one and as a single white feather drifted up in the surf between Jo Jo’s feet. He picked it up and walked into the surf.

Years from then an old man will sit, in the dark red Dusk on a beach in a town to the west his unseeing eyes stare at the waves as perfume drifts, while crimson and crimson merge into one, to run down golden brown legs and drip.. drip.. drip as a lone white dove tries desperately to fill an empty crib.


Some things have been added to give this story a mystical touch and also to increase the body of the story and intrigue. Or maybe its just an eye blind to obscure the truth.