15 Feb 2018

Not too long ago the girlfriend I was going out with dared me to go to a cross dress competition which was to be held at a well know reps pub in Durban. At first I refused, hell I was a straight man, I liked removing panties and dresses not wearing them.

Eventually after calling me chicken and all sorts of other stuff I thought bugger that If she wants that I will show her a thing or two.

I went hunting sexy ladies clothes. To my surprise, loads of ladies were willing to help out with stuff. That evening came and I got all dressed up and was off to meet her at the pub.

On the way there I realised that I had forgotten to draw money so I had to pull into Malvern shopping center to draw money from the Atm. Damn... I thought everyone going to laugh at me dressed like this, but anyway it couldn't be helped I parked and made my way to the Atm. I stood in the queue and waited for my turn. I could see that I was drawing alot of attention the way i was dressed. It slowly dawned on me that they actually thought I was a lady and I found it strangely sexy having all these men stare at my legs and ass with hungry expressions on their faces. My cock started to stir its head under the very short mini skirt I had on, surprisingly no one noticed so I quickly drew money and hopped back into the car getting wolf whistles from a passing car.

I arrived a few minutes late at the pub, it was packed. There were ladies(the real ones) and a whole lot of not so real ones all dressed up to the t's.

The competition started with gurls being called up to strut their stuff in front of a few judges chosen from the other patrons.I downed two shooters and waited for my turn feeling all shy and with drawn, not used to the situation.

Eventually it was my turn I wobbled up in my high heeled shoes and was surprised by the reaction from all the ladies present. I instantly felt better and my composure changed into something that felt very very natural. As I strutted around the ladies were trying to get a glimpse under my short skirt eventually they swamped me and the zip on my skirt was yanked down and my the short red skirt fell to the ground and disappeared into the crowed. There I was standing in front of about 60 people in nothing but high heels, suspender, stockings, a ladies g string and a skimpy girly top. That,s when the fun started.

The ladies where going wild touching feeling spanking, money and telephone numbers were shoved into my g string panty from all angles. I looked up and saw my girlfriends face change to a dark shade of angry red. She was going to have none of that.

I exited the dance floor and she promptly took all the little slips with numbers on and destroyed them. As all the other competitors were called up, I had my hands full trying to find my skirt and with woman and guys trying to get dates and giving me their addresses.

Some guys really got pissed off cause their girlfriends couldn't leave me alone. they where making advances in front of their boyfriends, one guy a policeman was highly upset and walked out the pub leaving his skelempie trying to get her hands into my panties. Eventually the judges made a decision and they announced the winner (it wasn't me damn) They also said that I had won the competition hands down but because I had an unfair advantage (no skirt) they couldn't include me in the results. I didn't mind I was on top of the world and felt great.

When the pub closed I had to walk to my car just the way I was, the feeling of being so exposed and vulnerable was turning me on big time. I jumped in the car and made my way home to find my girlfriend waiting for me. We entered the flat and made our way to the bedroom my girlfriends hands all over me. She was horny and hot and raring to go.

We made hectic kinky love all night (but that's a story for another day).

when we awoke the next day, laying exhausted in each others arms she asked me if we could include the cross dressing into our love making on a regular basis.

We broke up a little while later and I ended up going out with someone else. This lady saw pic of me from the competition and wanted the same, for me to dress up sometimes when we made love.

I guess the moral of this story is lots of ladies like cock in panties even if you don't think so.