21 Feb 2018

It was Saturday morning as I made my way to the nude beach in Umhlanga and parked my car next to Breakers holiday resort and was busy unloading my umbrella out of the boot when I noticed a lady walking in my direction. She was walking her small dog and most probably was on her way home again. As she came closer I noticed that she was a little older than me, had long sandy blond hair streaked with natural highlights from the sun that twined thorough her hair lightening it here and there making her look angelic in the early morning sunlight as the slow cool breeze gently blew through the strands exposing her neck and side of her face. She reminded me of my daughter’s collection of porcelain dolls. Those dolls that you are too scared to touch in case you break them. My eyes moved down to take in the rest of her, she was tall and serene with an unnatural hue to her skin as the bright morning sun reflected off her mostly naked body. She had a bright red bikini on which contrasted sexily against her pale almost translucent skin. Her wedding ring flashed in the sunlight as I stood mesmerized by her stunning beauty. As a shiver ran down my spine her pale sparkling blue eyes met mine. Our eyes locked for a split second, a nano second that feels like it’s a life time, as secrets and desires, truths, lies, trust, pleasure pain all flash through in an instant, leaving me shaken, shocked, intrigued. Minds entangled in mutual understanding, deeply intimate and raw, slightly painful as my breath was lost to the wind. Two souls colliding in a kaleidoscope of passionate uninhibited needs and wants, twisting and turning, churned together in a hungry, burning hot embrace. Two souls unconcerned that they have left their bodies far behind them longing to catch up, and deep down you know they will, be it a year from now or a decade the deal has been sighed there is no stopping it, it is fate. Two high speed trains that wind through the stars, on a one way collision course that no man can prevent. I watched as she walked out the gate of the parking lot, my body yearning, needing wanting desperately to catch up.

Being a regular to the nude beach I went often after that, but mostly with another lady that I had met. Sometimes I would see the lady walking her dog and chatting with other nude beach goers but she never approached us as we lay on the beach. Two years later, after I had split with my girlfriend I went to the beach alone.

Lying in the warm morning sun behind my huge umbrella that I always cart along for protection from the wind, I dosed off for a few minutes. As my mind drifted from here to there lulled by the continuous unending rush from the sea and the lonely cry of a fish eagle as it spiraled high in the sky, a whisper on the breeze tugged at my consciousness ‘wake up wake up’. I lazily opened my eyes shielding them from the bright sun light. There she stood, between the sun and I, highlighted like an angel from heaven, staring down at me. My eyes slowly taking in her perfection, from her painted toe nails as they lay half covered in the sand, up over slender soft smooth and delicate thighs. Her bright white bikini bottoms descending from high up over her hips hugged her flat tummy, sensually, rising again to caress the outspoken mound of her womanhood, gently entering her fold as it disappeared in between the heavens.

As the foggy crap in my brain cleared I became aware that I had a ragging hard on as I lay there, feeling like a specimen as she stared at me. My rock hard cock throbbing, aching as it stretched from between my legs and extended over my tummy twitching as the sun boiled blood pumped, thumping into my cock. Wet shinny drops of pre-cum welling up in the unseeing eye, slowly undulating down my fully erect blood bursting veined cock. Our eyes met and held, as she pulled the string to her bikini, letting it fall, discarded, forgotten in the hot beach sand and stepped forward, kneeling over me, her sexy thighs on either side of my body, her now naked mound pressed urgently against my throbbing cock. Her lips touching the side of my face, brushing lightly as she hungrily sought out my mouth. Her soft fine delicate hand gently took hold of my cock and guided it between her legs, my engorged cock head forcing its way between starved, hungry, succulent wet lips. She bore down on my cock in a animistic fervor, forcing my throbbing painfully aching cock deep, deep into her innermost depths and slowly, slowly rode my cock as we wordlessly kept each others gaze.

Her back arched and taught she started riding my cock harder and harder, her tight pussy clenching my cock, trying to pull it deeper and deeper, milking it in wave after wave of spasm, a frenzy, urging my hot boiling cum to explode and quench the thirst that was emanating from her soul. The unending need so feel my cock as it erupted deep into her depths of despair, feeling it purge the bad as it released its boiling hot cure, saturating and quelling the yearning, wanting need and desire within her. The sound of her feverish cries echoing along with the cries of a lonely fish eagle, personifying her need for release as watchful eyes circled high above in a cloudless sky, witness to the ways of fate.

We lay in each others arms long after we were finished, and then she silently rose, picked up her bikini bottom and walked into the sea to bathe.

We met a few times on the beach after that but never spoke a word to each other ever.

She had become my dame with no name.

When the eyes decide to speak …. Spoken words become bleak.

As time went on and I met other peeps that used to speak to her on the beach I eventually found out about her and things fell into place, but this information I feel cannot be made public for obvious reasons.

Please note:

The emotional feelings portrayed by the lady character in this story by the writer can not be considered as pure fact, as it might have been deduced or surmised by pieces of information gathered after the fact.