08 Apr 2019

I commenced work 2weeks ago at a client's house in Randburg. My 2 staff members were working in the master bedroom and the clients 20year old daughter and the domestic worker were at home. It was a double story house with 3 bedrooms upstairs and a study, lounge, dining room and kitchen downstairs. There was an entertainment area on the patio and a beautiful swimming pool in the backyard with a cozy pool house.

The clients daughter seemed friendly when we got there and very helpful. She was a petite indian girl with a firm sexy figure. She had a cute tight ass and what looked like 34b breasts. She was light skinned with brown hair that rested on her shoulders. She wore glasses and was gorgeous indeed.

She was watching TV in the lounge when we got there and remained there while we worked.

Soon enough she came upstairs and checked up on us. She let me know that she was going to be busy with some assignments and that if there was anything I needed , I could ask the domestic till she was done.

She had the cutest smile and most angelic voice. I felt the excitement grow in my pants everytime she was around.

After she departed, she went to her room down the passage, and then into the bathroom which was next to it.

I stood at the door like a perve and watched her walk away. I couldn't help but admire that sexy ass as she walked.

I remained in the position I was in, hoping to get a glimpse of something interesting when she exited the bathroom.

She eventually exited and I saw her wrapped in a pink towel. She headed straight into her room and shut the door behind.

I became aroused as dirty thoughts of her ran through my head.

Her bedroom door soon reopened and she emerged in a pair of grey joggers and a grey hoody, and her laptop in hand. She made her way back downstairs where I assumed she was going to be in the study. It was a cold day and I would have loved to strip her down and keep her warm with the heat of our bodies.

My guys went on break and as I approached the stairs, I decided to make a little detour. I went into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I know that what I did next is not right, but my naughty side tends to get the better of me at times.

I scouted around in search of the laundry basket but it was nowhere to be found. However on the floor in the corner lay her pajama top and her pants were thrown on top of it with her panties curled up in them.

I lifted up her panties and unfolded them. It was a soft silky pink thong. I inspected the crotch area and found some residue left behind. I touched it with my thumb and it felt sticky. I could resist but bury my nose in it and inhale deeply. Her invigorating scent and the dampness got me incredibly hard. I lightly brushed the sticky residue with the tip of my tongue and it felt like all my taste buds began to orgasm.

I immediately pulled out the enraged monster from my pants and began stroking it while I continued indulging in those delicious panties. A few seconds into my act I let go of my cock as I felt like I was going erupt. I managed to withdraw my orgasm but a little bit of my cum pushed out and stuck to the tip of my cock. I shoved it back into my pantyhose that I had on and pulled up my pants. I wanted to save all I had for later when I got back home. So I folded her panties, shoved them into my pocket, and and went outside.

Some background info on me....I'm a straight male that loves wearing thongs and pantyhose. Those are the top 2 on my personal fetish list. On cold days I wear both items under my clothes when I go out into public or to work. On warmer days I just wear a thong under my boxers or without boxers and go out into public or to work. I very open minded and sexually adventurous. I love being kinky, erotic and sensual.

Back to the story....

After lunch we returned back upstairs and while I watched my guys work, I heard footsteps coming upstairs. I peeped to see who it was and saw the customers daughter go into her bedroom and come out with a pile of clothes, then she went into the bathroom and came out with her pajamas that were on the floor.

My heart sank and I moved away from the bedroom door so she wouldn't see me. I was so scared that she would approach me about the whereabouts of her panties. Instead she went back downstairs. I breath a sigh of relief and prayed she never noticed it was missing.

The intercom then rang and a polo drove into the yard. A young, small built guy jumped out. The clients daughter went out to greet him as he jumped out the car. She hugged him and kissed him on the lips, and with his hand around her shoulder, they walked towards the house.

It was pretty obvious that he was the lucky guy that got to be her boyfriend. I continued supervising my guys until I heard someone coming upstairs. When I peeped to see who it was, I saw littymiss sexy and her boyfriend. She held his hand and led the way into her bedroom.

My cock spring up immediately. Bigger and harder than before, as I suspected that the lucky guy was going to have the best sex of his life with the incredible beauty.

I pulled the master bedroom door behind me and tip toes down the passage. I placed my ear against the door to try and hear what was going on. There was some mumbling and light moans. That was enough to let me know what was going on, on the other side.

Moments into the heat of things I heard what sounded like a males voice moan. I didn't know whether to believe that he came or not. It seemed to quick. I then heard the key of the door turn and I bolted into the bathroom and softly closed the door.

My heart raced as I leaned again the wall. Then someone tried to turn the handle on the door. When they realized it was locked, they knocked.

I flushed the toilet and went to open the door. The boyfriend was standing there shirtless. I greeted him and slid past. As I did, the bedroom door was left ajar and I managed to get a glimpse of the daughters sexy naked body. Our eyes made contact for a second or two as I walked past and back towards the master bedroom.

They remained in the room for some time. I didn't bother checking up as it would be about awkward.

We were soon done for the day and my guys started cleaning and loading up the van. While doing so the boyfriend came outside, jumped in his car and left.

When we were ready to leave, I went back in to let the daughter know i was going. She was seated in the lounge infront of the TV.

I notified her of our departure and told her that we would be back tomorrow. I played it cool and pretended as if I never saw anything. She seemed abit embarrassed but also played it cool. Before leaving I asked her name and she smiled and said kiara.

I told her it was a nice name, and what my name was before I left. She just smiled and said that she would see me tomorrow.

....to be continued.

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