Written by Missy86

24 Feb 2019

So I’ve crushed on this guy a few years ago.

He starts inboxing me on a platform and I take my time to respond, after a few weeks of backward and forward he sends me his number and I reply with mine.

We started texting and a few hours later it’s sexual. We went on chatting for about 3 weeks I then setup a business meeting at his offices.

Since he walked into the boardroom he could not keep his hands and mouth off me! I was nervous however I couldn’t resist him.

A few minutes later the power goes out and he says let’s talk a walk

His leading the way and into the male restroom we go.

The restroom is completely dark he enters the first cubicle and I follow, he pulls down his pants and takes a seat, he tells me to take off mine and get on top of him!

It was a bit of a struggle to get it in, he has a huge member *long and thick* eventually it’s in and I start riding him wildly. His movements were so good I could not help but moan loudly, I’m sure everyone on the top floor could hear me.

I came 3mins into It, started rocking him and came again, he shot a full load inside of me.

I freshened up and walked out the restroom on cloud 9.

We went back into the boardroom and it was business as usual.

I’ve seen him again and he would like for us to have a mutual beneficial understanding.