19 Jun 2017

I grew up in Strand near Cape Town as a child till passing grade 12 (std 10). My mom was a house wife and only did shopping once a week on a Thursday. She appointed a beautiful, 22 year old Coloured lady called Shireen Shireen was extremely sexy and beautiful, even without make-up, and I could see that she had a pair of big handsome boobs although hidden away in her overall. Those days the whites were not suppose to look at any other race, but I could not help it to notice how Shireen oozed sex appeal and how she flirted with me from time to time when we were alone in the kitchen or passing each other in the house. Usually Shireen would also visit her friends or boyfriend on a Thursday when my mom went shopping. This particular Thursday, unknown to me as I was still at school, my mom sent Shireen back to redo some ironing that was apparently not up to standard before my mom left to do the shopping. Shireen was already out of her uniform and overall and dressed in her normal sexy clothes, tight-fitting top and very short skirt. I came home and did not notice that Shireen was still in the laundry doing the ironing. I went into my bedroom, took off my school uniform and then for some reason or another became very horny. I took off my underpants and began playing with my cock and started to wank myself. At that very moment Shireen passed by my bedroom door with the clothes that she ironed to put away in my mom's bedroom. My eyes were closed and I was getting carried away playing with my cock. All of a sudden I heard a slight noise, opened my eyes and saw Shireen standing next to my bed, lifting up her skirt and stroking her full breasts. I wanted to cum,but she cleverly closed my cock with her mouth and stood still till I managed to relax. She eventually gave me the best blow job of my life and turned and sat on my cock with her wet and ready pussy. Being young and having sex for the first time, I nearly stuffed it up by rushing to fuck her till I could no more, but she, being very experienced, guided me and quickly taught me to enjoy and share the moment. Thereafter our blow jobs and sex became a regular occurrence on a Thursday afternoon for about 8 months till my mom suspected something and fired her. I saw her thereafter in the neighbourhood and met her from time to time in a nearby ally for a bj and good fuck. I left Strand after passing grade 12 and never returned to that area and do not know what happened to Shireen.

What I do know is that Shireen taught me to enjoy a bj and sex and to suck a pussy like a pro! Ever since I am thankful for her guidance and still have fantasies about having a good fuck with sexy and beautiful ladies of all races. In some cases I have lived out these fantasies, but more of that later.........