30 May 2018

This diary is a little different to the others. Mostly, I write them well after a party or whatever, although if it seems to be something which may interest my friends here I may make notes the next day to remind myself what happened, with whom etc.

This diary was written as it happened, day by day, as Simon, my hubby of 2+ years, and I were on a rare holiday together, on a cruise to the Norwegian fjords for a week. I really didn’t expect anything sexual to happen, as we didn’t know anyone on the ship, and we had just planned to have a quiet, relaxing cruise, chilling and taking time out. However, it turned out that we did have some fun, so I wrote this diary as the days passed, not sure what would happen (if anything) the next day.

To preserve the people’s confidentiality, because it is just possible that a friend here may have been on the cruise (stranger things have happened!), I would rather not reveal the cruise-line or the ship. The other details are accurate.

Saturday 6 May/Sunday 7 May

We flew from Paris to Copenhagen and boarded the ship there. We had some things to do in Europe first, so I got to spend time with my ex-GF Gabi in Paris while Simon went to Germany, so it was a wonderful start to our holiday.

Gabi is looking amazing - so slim, beautiful and serene. She has gained a few kilos and looks all the better for it, I think.

She is doing very well in her modelling career - in addition to actual photographic and ramp work she is also mentoring some of the younger models, acting as a sort of "house mother" to them as they are often around 14 to 17 years old and by law may not be employed if they live alone and so on.

She has ideas of setting up a business doing that, and it seems to be a need, and the model agencies trust her, so it may be good for her in time.

She has a new girlfriend, an older woman who has her own business in art and design, so I am happy for her.

But I do miss her so much at times. It's not always fun being bisexual!

We went to meet her new GF, and I like her, but the green-eyed monster kept rearing its head, so I asked to leave after a short while. I know myself, and when I get jealous I get nasty! The thought of the two of them cuddling up on a cold winters night under a blanket watching a movie like we used to was not good for me!

Simon had reserved a ‘’grand suite’’ (on the cruise ship), which has a balcony and a large sitting area, as well as the bed and bathroom, so it’s quite spacious and comfortable. We went through the express check in, and up to the suite with our hand luggage (the big suit-cases are delivered later in the day or early evening usually).

We unpacked some things and sat on the balcony looking out over the harbour, Simon with a glass of red wine and the New York Financial Times, me with a diet Coke and a book on Norway. The ship sailed at 18h00, and we went to a have a drink at the bar in the main lobby area on the 4th floor and then dinner in the steak-house.

Sitting in the Centrum (as the lobby area is called – it's where they have a band, a bar, sofas, chairs etc. - you can see this space from all decks as it's where the lifts are, so the ship is sort of ‘’hollow’’ in the centre in that area, if you see what I mean) I saw a guy I know! Bo, an American, was a junior officer on some charters I did many years ago. I haven’t kept contact with him since I last saw him though. We did date at one stage, just casually on a charter, and he wanted to go out with me after the charter, but with his schedule and mine it just never worked out. He was a very good fuck though, I remember that!

I went to him and introduced myself. He was amazed to see me on a commercial cruise! We chatted a while, and I took him over to meet Simon. Bo was dressed in casual clothes, so I assumed that he was a guest on the cruise. When I asked him who he was with, he surprised me by saying that he worked for the cruise line.

‘’As what?’’ I asked. ‘’Are you in the Engineering section as you were when we knew each other back then?’’

"No" he said. "I guess I can tell you because I know that you won’t talk. I work as part of the security team. I work in plainclothes, undercover if you like, to identify any potential problems before they start. Then, if needed, the uniformed security takes over. So, I wear civilian clothes, I have a small cabin, and I act like a guest.’’

I was amazed - I didn’t know that the cruise-ships did that, but it seemed a nice job anyway.

We chatted for a while, and then he left.

"Ex-boyfriend?’’ asked Simon, ‘’or just a colleague?’’

"Sort of want-to-be ex-boyfriend’’ I said. "We dated, but our schedules made any longer relationship impossible’’

"Does he play?’’

"We did swap twice with a couple we knew. He knew the guy from college. Nothing much, but he did play back then. No idea if he does now”

We left it at that and went to dinner.

After dinner we watched the show, and then went to the night-club on the 13th floor to dance. We sat next to an American couple, who were on their first cruise.

Luanne and Buddy (yes, that’s his real name!) are from some tiny town in Texas. Very nice people, very lively and energetic, and good looking as a couple.

Luanne is 24, blonde, her hair to halfway down her back, plump but not fat, pretty face with very blue eyes and a lovely smile. The 'girl-next-door’ a few years after college, about my height. She looks like, and was, the prom queen!

Buddy is 28, good looking, very strongly-built, powerful physique. Crew-cut dark hair, clean, open face, dimples, lovely teeth and eyes! He was a former college football star and now works for Luanne’s father in his hardware store.

The town they live in is really tiny, some 1500 inhabitants, with one main road, a one-cell police station, and a church, and most of the inhabitants are farmers or retired folk, says Buddy.

I got on well with Luanne, although I could see that Simon thought she was a bit of an air-head - she just says whatever comes into her mind, but I like her openness and freshness.

They have been married for just over 2 years and have no children yet.

We danced, and Simon and the couple had a few drinks, then we went to bed.

Monday 7 May.

Awoke to a stunning sunrise at 05h00 over the sea. Today will be a day at sea, no ports, so a chance to relax and explore the ship.

After breakfast in our suite we went to look around.

Later, after a huge breakfast, we went to the "adult pool" area, (nothing meant by this other than that kids are not allowed, so it’s quieter) which is under a glass dome, so warm even though the air temperature outside was only around 17 degrees C.

I saw Luanne lying on a lounger, so I went and lay next to her. Buddy was at the bar getting a drink and came back with Simon and the two of them lay on either side of us.

Luanne was bemoaning the size of the town where they live, saying that everyone knows everyone’s business, and "you can’t burp without two neighbours coming over to offer antacids!’’

(note: this is where I started to write this diary, because of what happened next)....

I think that Luanne and Buddy had been lying there and having a few drinks for a while before Simon and I got there, as she seemed even more ‘’sparkly’’ and talkative than the night before.

I asked her, just out of curiosity, what it was that she wanted to do that she couldn’t do in the small town.

She giggled.

"I want to try weed’’ she said. "I never have, as my Dad would know the moment I bought it! And he plays poker with the Police Chief who he went to school with twice a week! ’’

I laughed and said that it’s not such a hardship not to be able to smoke weed, if the rest of the life in the town is nice.

She sipped her cocktail and looked at me.


I couldn’t make out what she said - it was one big word and she has a very strong Texas drawl.

"What did you say?’’ I asked

‘’I wanna swap’’ she repeated

"You want to swap what?’’

She giggled again, looked to see that Buddy wasn’t listening, and leaned towards me.

‘’Buddy and I met at school. We dated from when I was 14, and allowed to date, and got married after he finished college. He is the only guy I have ever slept with, and I love him to bits. But he and I have a fantasy of him seeing me have sex with another man. Just to see what it’s like. But there is no way we could in our town - even if we knew who to do it with. It would be all over town by sunrise."

I laughed.

‘’I guess that would be a problem in a small town. Simon and I have done it often, before we married each other, and since. But I agree, you could not do it in a small town.’’

She was intrigued, and asked me more, so I told her about swinging, clubs, parties and so on - not detail, just what it involves. She didn’t ask personal questions like ‘’what you have done, with what guys, in which positions’’, so it wasn’t intrusive at all.

I told her that I was bisexual, and that I had lived for many years with a girlfriend, Gabi, before marrying Simon in late 2015.

We talked of other things, and they left the pool area.

I told Simon what we had discussed, but he seemed uninterested, so I left it.

Later that night we again met up with Luanne and Buddy, this time in the Casino.

Simon and Buddy went to play Poker, so Luanne and I went to the adjacent piano-bar to listen to the music - a very good pianist by the name of Amber Gartner from Nashville - look her up.

(By the way, has anyone heard of a singer called Sturgill Simpson? There was a music video on the Air France flight, and I just LOVED his music. I can’t make out a word he says, but the music is amazing! I looked yesterday, Monday 28th May, in Sandton City Musica for his CD’s, but they didn’t have any by him)

Simon incidentally is an excellent Poker player, almost at a professional level. He has won tournaments a few times, so when he came back with his winnings later I was not surprised. He won’t play on the ship a lot, as they are not really geared for high-stakes serious poker - its unfair to them to have a really good player take them on, he says. In his view it's just not ‘’good sportsmanship’’.

We had barely sat down when Luanne picked up where she had left off.

‘’I told Buddy that I had told you of our fantasy. He was cross at first, but then thought that maybe I could talk to you. ‘’

"Ok’’ I said.

"Seeing that you and Simon have done swinging so much, do you think that he would do it with me?’’

I almost choked on my water.

‘’Luanne, I have no idea. We do swapping in the sense of parties. We have seldom done a wife-swap, and never a one-sided swap such as you mean. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t, but I would need to ask him. Do you want me to?’’

"Will he be offended?’’ she asked

"Offended? No, why would he be offended? I just don’t know that he will want to. But I will ask him’’

After a while, when Simon and Buddy came back, Simon and I left to go to the Spa.

We were lying in the sauna when I told him of Luanne’s question.

‘’No’’ he said right away, "Not interested. She is a lovely, sexy young woman, and I wouldn’t mind fucking her, but not like that, not as a ‘’demo’’ while her husband watches. If they want to swap, fine, but not just me and her and him. And she is even younger than you are. It just would not feel right, for me at age 64 to fuck her at age 24 just to fulfill her fantasy’’

We lay there a while. Then he turned to me.

‘’Why don’t you ask Bo, your buddy? He might want to. He is much more her age anyway’’

That was an idea I hadn’t thought of!

When we left the Spa I phoned Bo, who was in his cabin. Not wanting to discuss this over the phone, I went to his cabin, (a tiny one, lowest deck and no window) sat on his bed and chatted. Then I told him of my discussion with Luanne. I also said that I had not told Luanne of Simon's answer, so I had no idea if she would be interested in another guy or not.

He went to his computer, typed in a few commands, and up popped Luanne’s face!

"The beauty of our security system’’ he said with a laugh -‘’I can call up any guest's info if I need to. And she is hot, no doubt about that! I have seen her at the pool - big boobs, very curvy figure, and long blonde hair. Pretty. Sure, if she wants to fuck, I’m game. Just don’t tell her who I am, or what I do - just that you and I know each other from way back’’

I must say, had it not been that Simon was there, I would have been quite tempted by Bo. He was a college wrestling champ till a knee injury side-lined him. Tall, muscular, with a shaved head, an engaging smile and face, very funny, a very good fuck and a very big cock. I envied Luanne - if Bo fucked her she was in for a treat!

I said that I would talk to Luanne and see what she says.

I called her on her cell and met her at the Schooner bar. I told her of my discussions with Simon, and with Bo. She seemed keen but wanted to see Bo. I knew he was at the general pool, so I went there with her, we sat at the bar, and I pointed him out to her.

"Wow, he is a hunk!!’’ she said. Bo was sitting with some guys at the pool-edge, shirt off, and he looked yummy to say the least!

She said she would talk to Buddy and call me back.

To cut a long story short, they were both still keen, and wanted to meet on Tuesday night, BUT Luanne wanted me to stay there, in the room! I didn’t have a problem with this, so I agreed.

I suggested to Luanne that she meets with Bo at a bar to get to know him, while Buddy and I went to the suite (I offered to use our suite as it's bigger than theirs)

Then they could come to the suite and get started!

It’s now Monday night. I have told Simon of the arrangements - he says I should open an escort service, as I am pimping out my friends! !

So, let’s see what tomorrow brings.


We are in the town of Stavanger today. Went on a long hike to the top of a massive cliff overlooking the fjord. (Preekstoel, Stavenger Fjord)

Back on board at 16h30, sat on the balcony and then went to dinner.

There is a message from Luanne - when I saw her name I was sure she was going to cancel, but no, she wants to do it, so I told her that Bo would meet her in the coffee bar on deck 5 for a drink at 8, and Buddy should come to our suite at 8.30, then she and Bo could come to the suite any time after 8.30.

Simon has arranged a game of Poker with some friends he has made, so will be out from around 8 till early tomorrow morning probably.

Had a great dinner in the Asian restaurant with Simon, and then went back to the suite, tidied up, and Simon left.

At 8.25 Buddy arrived looking very tense! I poured him a whiskey, and we sat on the balcony. I asked him if he was sure that they wanted to do this, and he said they were - it was a real turn-on for them both. He said that Luanne and he had fucked several times last night just imaging her really fucking another guy.

At 8.45 Bo and Luanne arrived. She looked stunning, wearing a short white flounced skirt and a green T shirt. She has great legs, and the T shirt was filled to bursting with her big boobs. Bo had on a pair of faded jeans and a crisp white shirt, and also looked wonderful!

I had drawn the net curtains and the main curtains partly, as it was still bright daylight outside (the sun only sets at around 10.30 at these latitudes, this time of the year), and I had put some music on.

Buddy and I were sitting on the couch near the balcony when they arrived, and Luanne went to him and gave him a big kiss.

Then she turned to face Bo.

He took her in his arms, and began to kiss her neck and throat, stroking her hair, relaxing her. Then he kissed her on her mouth. She responded tentatively at first, but then with more passion as his tongue searched her mouth. He had her clasped to him, pressed against him, his hands on her lower back. His hands slid down to her bum and pulled her tighter. I was sure he was hard, and if so she would feel his cock now.

Buddy was watching them intently, leaning forward as his young wife kissed Bo.

Bo let her go, and, still kissing her on her mouth, reached for the hem of her T shirt and lifted it over her head. She had a lovely lacy white bra on, her boobs very full in it. Bo kissed the tops of her boobs and fondled her breasts through the fabric. Then, reaching behind her, he unclasped the bra, and gently slid it off her. Her boobs were very big, bigger than I had thought. Quite firm, full, with large pink nipples, erect now. Bo wasted no time - he held her boobs and sucked on first one nipple and then the other. Luanne glanced at her husband, who smiled at her.

Bo continued to lick and suck her nipples while fondling her boobs, lifting them, caressing them in a wonderful and gently way. So many guys treat big boobs like a squeeze toy, but he didn’t.

Standing back for a moment, he unbuttoned his shirt and laid it carefully on the chair, not taking his eyes off Luanne. Then he went behind her, unzipped her skirt, and pushed her gently onto the bed behind her. He pushed her so that she lay down, her legs over the edge of the bed, and pulled on the skirt.

She lifted her bum so that it slid off, and he placed this also on the chair.

Her panties matched her bra - dainty, tiny white panties with cute little red roses in the centre of the crotch.

Bo knelt on the floor and pushed her knees apart. Then, leaning forward he put his mouth against her pussy. I couldn’t see exactly what he was doing, but from the movement of his head he seemed to be licking her pussy over her panties.

Her hands were on her breasts, pulling at her nipples as he slid her panties off. I saw that she had a small strip of dark blonde hair above her pussy, but her pussy itself was waxed and her mound very prominent, her pussy lips very visible.

Bo went back to her pussy with his mouth, and now I could see that he was licking up and down her slit, making her squirm when he touched her clit.

I looked at Buddy. He was rubbing his cock inside his pants, his eyes fixed on his wife’s pussy being eaten by another guy.

I whispered to him “you can take your cock out, it’s fun to masturbate while watching her’’.

He didn’t respond at first, but then unzipped his jeans and opened them, taking his cock out. He was very hard, uncircumcised, his cock long and rigid.

"Take your pants off" I said.

He did so, leaving them at his feet, then pulled his jocks off also. He was fully shaved, his cock a nice length, and he began to jerk himself again.

I hadn’t been asked to get involved, and I didn’t know whether their fantasy included having Buddy fuck someone else - so far, all that Luanne had spoken about was a fantasy where SHE fucked a guy, not Buddy, so I didn’t touch his cock at all.

I was very aroused though! I had a pair of jeans on, and I unzipped them, sliding my fingers into my panties, feeling my slit already very wet, and my panties had a big damp patch! I fingered myself while watching Bo and Luanne.

Bo’s mouth was busy with her pussy, his tongue deep in her lips. Her legs were wide open, her hands still pulling at her aroused and large nipples. Buddy was jerking himself rapidly, focused on the unfolding fuck in front of him.

Bo stood up, unzipped his jeans and slid them off, and then, looking at Luanne, pulled off his boxers. He was fully shaved, and his cock was erect, very big and very thick, his balls retracted with arousal. He stroked his cock a few times, looking at her, then climbed onto the bed, and helped her to lie properly on it. He kneeled astride her waist, still playing with his cock. Putting one hand behind him, he felt for her pussy, found it, and inserted a finger, deep into her wet pussy. He moved further up the bed so that his cock was at her face. With his other hand, he pushed his erect cock down, and pointed it at her mouth. She lifted her head, pulled a pillow under it, and took his cock with both hands. Running her nails up and down it, she licked her lips, opened her mouth and took the top part of his cock in, sucking it, moving her head backwards and forwards.

Next to me, Buddy groaned, his hand moving rapidly up and down his rock-hard cock. I looked down and saw some pre-cum on the tip, oozing down the shaft as he masturbated.

I was very, very wet now, my panties soaked, my thighs wet. I had two fingers in my pussy and was fingering myself rapidly. Buddy looked down at my hand, at my face, and kept on jerking himself.

Bo was face-fucking Luanne, the top part of his cock going into her mouth and down her throat it seemed.

She pulled her head back, to get air, and he moved back down the bed. Parting her legs, he mounted her. He guided his cock into her, and slowly lowered himself, his cock sliding in, deeper and deeper. She took it all in, and then he started to fuck her properly, slowly at first, then faster, then slower.

After a minute or two he fucked her really hard and quickly, slamming into her, pumping his large cock deep and hard into her. She lifted her legs into the air, and he hooked them over his shoulders, and kept fucking her hard. In that position, he withdrew almost all of his cock.

I remembered what comes next!

He used just the tip of his cock at the entrance of her cunt, just probing it in a little bit, over and over, rotating his hips from side to side, making her pussy feel his cock all around.

Then, without warning he drove the entire length deep into her several times, his balls slapping against her, his tummy making a wet sucking sound as it hit hers, as he pushed into her. She shrieked with surprise as he drove in, then clasped him to her and thrust back hard and fast, enjoying the change from the almost tranquil touch to her outer lips to the raw violence of his full thrusts.

Luanne was bucking and writhing under Bo, sweat on her face and his, his arms taut supporting his upper body as his cock pleasured her cunt.

I had pulled my jeans open, and my panties to one side, my hand rubbing my clit with two fingers in my cunt. Next to me Buddy was bringing himself to the verge of cumming, and then stopping, clutching the shaft to stop the cum from exploding out of him.

Bo turned Luanne onto her tummy, lifted her onto her hands and knees, and entered her doggy-style. His balls slapped against her bum, and he felt for her arsehole. Inserting a finger, he probed her hole as he fucked her very rapidly.

They fucked like that for a long time, then she rolled onto her back and he again got on top of her.

After a few minutes like that Luanne began to grunt loudly, her hips bouncing on the bed as Bo pummeled her pussy. Her legs were wide apart, knees bent as she began to cum, her nails leaving deep gouges on his arms. She twisted and turned as she came, her body having a life of its own as the orgasm flooded through her.

After a long while she slowed and stopped, and he did the same. He hadn’t used a condom, and his cock, when he withdrew it, was slick and wet with her juices. His cock remained rigid, twitching, and huge. Luanne lay with her legs apart, breathing heavily, her boobs and tummy wet with sweat, her inner thighs soaked with her juices and sweat.

Bo stood up, a magnificent specimen of a man, hard body and hard cock, in the prime of his life.

Buddy, next to me, pulled off his T shirt, his shoes and socks and jeans. Naked, erect, he almost leaped at the bed where his well-fucked wife lay, her legs apart. Without a word he pulled her onto her tummy, spread her legs with his, and inserted his cock into her raw cunt from the back.

He didn’t wait to arouse her - he just fucked her as hard and fast as he could, slamming into her. She clutched the bedclothes in her fists as he drove his cock into her, and within a minute he came, arching his back and groaning, his strokes only slowing when he was spent.

I was trembling with arousal. If I couldn’t have Buddy, I sure as hell wasn’t going to be left there in this state - it would take ages for me to calm down from this level of arousal - I had been fingering myself for ages by then.

I grabbed a condom from the bedside table, gave it to Bo, and turned to face the balcony. I leaned forward, my hands on the glass door, looking out over the sea. Bo wiped his cock, rolled the condom onto it, and stood behind me. I felt his fingers touch my cunt, parting my wet lips, fingering me. He realized how wet I was and pushed his cock into me all the way. I opened my legs more; he gripped my hips and began to fuck me. Pulling me to him as he thrust. I don’t think it took five minutes and I felt an orgasm rush up.

I didn’t want to cum yet, so I pulled away and went to the bed and lay on my back.

He climbed on top of me, slid his cock into my wet cunt, and resumed the service.

I lifted my legs and opened them as wide as I could. He held them apart with his arms, lifting my pussy, and fucked me hard and deep.

We fucked like that for ages. Then he turned me onto my side, crouched above me and fucked me with from the back, with me on my side.

I rubbed my clit with one hand, and I felt the orgasm start.

I clenched my pussy, gripping his cock, intensifying the feeling. As I started to cum he leaned over me, and I felt his hot breath in my ear, panting, as he also came inside me.

It was fantastic, both of us lying there, cumming at the same time. He held me until I was finished, then withdrew his cock and peeled off the cum-filled condom.

I sank back onto the bed, naked, my legs spread and my pussy gaping.

Buddy and Luanne were on the couch, cuddling, looking at me.

I grinned at them and waved.

Later we got cleaned up, Bo left and then Buddy and Luanne. I had a hot shower, got dressed and went in search of Simon.

It’s now 1 a.m.

Simon and I have just got back to the suite and I am writing this before going to sleep. Simon is very turned on by what happened, and I foresee another good fuck in my future before I can rest!

I have no idea whether Buddy and Luanne will want a repeat, or what they will do next, if anything. I am sure I will see them around in the next few days, so let’s see what happens.

Tomorrow we dock in Bergen, where we are going on a cruise around the harbour in a sailing yacht. Should be fun!

Wednesday 9 May

Docked at Bergen early, and went ashore. Our yacht cruise is this afternoon, so we explored the little town in the morning, finding a quaint café to have a mid-morning snack and coffee. Another warm day, but cool if you are out of the direct sunlight.

Simon asked more about the night before. I told him I had fucked Bo, and he seems to be okay with that. He understands that there is a point at which I am so aroused that I must fuck, and it was in the context of a sort of party anyway.

He doesn’t think that Buddy and Luanne will want more. I am not so sure. She seemed to like it a lot.

This afternoon, after our harbour cruise, I went to the pool to tan. I had hardly laid down when Luanne appeared and put her towel on a lounger next to me.

She got a cocktail, took off her wrap and sat on the lounger. She was wearing a tiny bikini top, barely covering her nipples, and an equally tiny bottom. As I said she had a very high pubic mound, and her slit was clearly visible. I got all warm and tingly just looking at her.

"I am so horny since last night’’ she said. "I just keep thinking about Bo’s cock in my mouth and pussy. It was amazing. I thought it would just be a quick fuck, but he really took time and made it special for me’’

I thought she is so cute. Any guy around the pool, judging by how they were looking at her in her micro bikini, would fuck her for as long as she wanted, given half a chance!

(One elderly Spanish guy who had been ogling her since she took off her wrap got a backhander from his wife, I noticed!)

“Buddy was also so turned on. This morning we fucked, and he just kept asking me to tell him what it was like with Bo. He came twice in an hour!’’

I laughed and lay back.

Two guys came and sat near us and started to chat to us and wanted to buy us drinks, but we told them our husbands would be back soon, so we did not want to chat with them right now.

I had barely closed my eyes when Luanne said

"Tell me more about these swinger parties. What happens?’’

I told her more or less how it works.

"So, anyone fucks anyone?’’’ she asked.

"Basically, yes, provided that the other person wants to. There is no compulsion to fuck just because you are asked. Maybe you are tired, maybe you have just fucked, and maybe you don’t fancy that person. You just decline politely, either for now, or for good’’

She thought about that for a while, and I closed my eyes again.

"Do you think we could have a party?’’

I sat up.

""We’" means who?’’ I asked.

"You, me, Simon, Buddy, Bo’’ she said, blushing.

"Do you just want to fuck Bo again, or what?’’ I asked.

"Not only that. We will never have another chance to have a swinger party for as long as we live where we do. So now that we know you guys, this is an opportunity.’’

‘’I guess we could," I said. "I will need to ask Bo and Simon, but if you and Buddy are keen, let’s see. But let me make sure I understand what you want. At a party, do you want both you and Buddy to fuck whoever, or are there some things you don’t want to do - just so we are all on the same page’’.

"Whatever happens at a normal party, I guess. Anyone fucks anyone."

"Okay, great’’ I said, ‘’let me talk to Simon and Bo.’’

I spoke to Simon, who wasn’t exactly overwhelmed, but agreed, as long as it was a proper party not a ‘’demo’’ as he called it.

I called Bo and met him in the piano bar. I told him what Luanne had asked.

"Sure’’ he said, ‘’why not? I have a colleague I could bring if you want. She is lesbian but has fucked guys. I tried to get it on with her ages ago, which is when she told me she is lesbian, but I know she plays around. She is cute, you will love her. You and she can teach Luanne how to fuck and be fucked with a woman!’’

I thought that was a great idea - the thought of getting between Luanne’s thighs turned me on - her mound and slit looked very inviting!

Still playing pimp, I found Luanne and told her what had transpired. She was very excited at the idea of another girl, so that it would be, as she called it, a ‘’proper swinger party’’. She wanted to get it together for that evening, so I called Bo who said it was fine, but later rather than earlier as the other woman, Anna, worked until 9 that night.

"And I have something I want to ask you’’ she said.’’ You said you are bisexual, and Anna is also. I have never played with a woman, and I would love to experience that. Will you play with me?’’

‘’Hun, that would be my pleasure,’’ I said, almost licking my lips!

So, I arranged that we all meet in our suite at 9.30.

I asked Bo to arrange some wine and whiskey (you can’t bring alcohol on-board, and can usually only order a bottle of wine at a meal.)

Simon and I went to the gym before dinner, showered and changed, then had dinner, and listened to some jazz in the Centrum after dinner. Around 8.30 we went to the suite, put on the music and waited.

I was very keen to see what Anna looked like, Bo had said she is really cute, and I couldn’t wait to fuck Luanne - I was planning on giving her the orgasm of her life!

I wore a pale blue short skirt with a white halter top, and no bra. My boobs looked huge in it for some reason, and I couldn’t get Simon to keep his hands off them - he kept pulling at my nipples to make them hard every time he passed me. Simon wore his usual jeans and a new Ralph Lauren shirt I bought in Paris for him. He looked yummy! He is SO good looking and distinguished - sometimes I can’t believe that he is really my hubby, when I see the women who fawn all over him - many much more attractive than I am, and most very rich!

Bo arrived first, with Anna. He is right, she IS cute! Petite, dark hair and a very pretty face, small boobs and a beautiful slim build. I can certainly see why Bo wanted to fuck her! She has a strong East European accent, but speaks English well, and she works in the kiddies centre on the ship. She was wearing very low-cut jeans and a T shirt, with no bra, her nipples standing out on her firm small boobs under the T shirt.

Not long after, Luanne and Buddy arrived. She again looked stunning in tight jeans and a light sweater, her big boobs accentuated by the fairly tight sweater fabric.

As I offered drinks I had to stifle a laugh - I could see that Buddy already had a big hard-on in his jeans! That happens often I have found at parties - the guys (and girls!) look at the others and imagine fucking them - I guess at that stage it’s the sense of anticipation, the unknown that is so arousing. It’s just more visible in guys!

We sat around, and everyone chatted, a bit nervously. For everyone except Simon and I, including, to an extent, Bo, this was unfamiliar territory, so there was a fair amount of tension in the room.

Anna and I went onto the balcony and sat there. She speaks good English and is very sweet. I asked her directly about her sexuality, telling her that I was fully bi, and about Gabi. She said she was lesbian but did and had fucked guys; she just doesn’t get into a dating relationship. She said she likes sex with both but prefers the company of women in relationships. Made sense to me - that’s how I felt for a long time when I lived with Gabi.

This is her first cruise-work. Up to now she has been a nursery school teacher in the Ukraine, so that’s how she got the job looking after the kids on the cruise-ship.

I asked her if she had ever been to a swinger party, and she surprised me by saying she had - her girlfriend and her, in the Ukraine, had been to a few parties just for fun, where they swapped partners, guys and girls. So, she was okay, had some experience at least!

Inside, Simon, who knew that this might be a bit tense, had taken the lead and was sitting next to Luanne on the smaller couch, his arm around her shoulders, resting lightly on the top of the swell of her breast. They were chatting animatedly.

I decided that the best would be for me to try and play with Bo, so that Buddy could play with someone new - at first at least. That way Bo could get to fuck Anna maybe, which is what he had wanted I guess!

I went to Buddy, who was sitting on the edge of the bed (although it was a suite, it’s not all that big!)

I sat next to him and put my hand on his thigh.

"So, I saw what you have got - now let’s see what it does!”

He laughed, a bit embarrassed at my directness I suppose.

I stroked my hand over his crotch, and sure enough he seemed to be quite hard - maybe not fully hard but getting there. I used my nails to run up and down the swollen cock, so he could feel it through his jeans. Some married guys don’t like to be kissed when they play (Oddly enough. Some are quite happy to fuck, but feel that kissing is an expression of intimacy, not sex, so they don’t like it unless it’s with their partner), but I do like kissing regardless of whether it’s with Simon of just a fuck-buddy, so I turned to him and started to kiss him. He responded right away, so he liked it.

I French kissed him deeply, intimately, all the while with my nails feeling his cock getting harder. He put a hand on my breast, and without a bra my nipples went hard, pushing through the halter top. He lifted the top and put his hand under it, cupping my boob, playing with my erect nipples. I unzipped his jeans, but they were too tight to get his cock out with him sitting like that, so I first unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, and then took my halter top off. He immediately put his mouth onto my boobs, sucking on my nipples and licking the side and underside of my boobs - it felt delicious.

I got off the bed and knelt in front of him. I took off his shoes and socks, then pulled him to his feet and pulled his jeans down and off. His cock was almost erect, sticking up in his jocks. I played with it like that, rubbing it through his jocks, and then I put my mouth on it, over his jocks, and squeezed it with my mouth. He held the back of my head, playing with my hair, until I pulled his jocks over his hard-on and took them off.

He has a nice cock, uncut, and long, shaved. I pushed him back to sit on the bed again, and started to lick up and down his cock, from under his balls to the very tip and back. Then, holding his balls, I took the head into my mouth, sucking on it, and feeling the tip with my tongue. He played with the back of my neck, under my hair. (And here is a secret - my favorite place to be kissed (well, second favorite!) is under my hair on my neck. Sometimes Simon does that when we fuck, if he is behind me, and for some reason it makes me cum almost at once - strange!)

So Buddy tickling and stroking there was lovely, erotic for me, even if he didn’t know it!

I stood and took my skirt off and left my bikini panties on. Climbing onto the bed, I pushed Buddy so that he lay back, and straddled him, my cunt above his face. He pulled my panties aside and felt my slit with his fingers, then touched my clit with his tongue, starting to lick up and down my slit. I felt for his cock and masturbated him while he ate my cunt gently.

I looked across as Simon and Luanne. They were both naked, Simon sitting on the floor in front of her, her legs draped over the arms of the chair, wide open, his face buried in her cunt. Bo was standing next to her, his cock in her mouth, while Anna stood behind Bo, playing with his balls as Luanne sucked him.

Anna was also nude, and she had a great figure - small, very firm boobs, just two cones tipped by dark nipples, a flat tummy, small tight bum and a shaved pussy. Naked, she looked like a very young teen; although she had told me she is 23.

Simon stood, and led Luanne to the bed, where he positioned her next to her husband and me.

He lay her so that her legs were on the floor, her back on the bed.

I got off Buddy’s face, and he turned his head to see his wife next to him.

Simon opened Luanne’s legs wide, holding them apart with his arms, and positioned his cock at her cunt. He waited until Buddy was looking, and then looked straight at Buddy, in the eye. As he did so, he moved his cock into her, all the time watching Buddy. He kept eye contact with Buddy as his cock entered Luanne, and then drove it all the way in, making her yelp, as he started to fuck her. Buddy was riveted on the spectacle of his wife, right next to him, being fucked by Simon.

It was SUCH an erotic scene. Now Buddy wasn’t sitting on a chair away from her - he was right next to her, listening to her breathe as she panted as Simon fucked her hard, hearing Simon’s balls slapping on his wife’s pussy and his cock penetrating her innermost parts. He lay there, his head turned towards his wife, mesmerized.

For her part, she had her head thrown back; her eyes closed and was gripping into Simon's arms tightly.

I kept masturbating Buddy, took my panties off and climbed on top of him, and slid his cock into me, squatting over him, riding him slowly. He looked at me, and began to fondle my boobs, pulling on my erect nipples. I rode him for a while, then got off and went onto my hands and knees on the bed. He mounted me from the back, his cock pressing nicely against my upper pussy as he thrust in and out. I put my head on the bed, and he pulled hard on my hips with each stroke. Luanne, next to me, reached out and touched my boob, feeling my nipple, playing with it. I moved my head toward her, turned my face to hers and kissed her on her mouth. She seemed surprised at first, then kissed me back. I remembered that she has never fucked a woman, so I took it easy with her for now - her turn will come later, I thought. Anna and I may get to teach her about female fucking, with any luck!

Buddy seemed to be getting very aroused, gripping me, ramming his cock in me harder. I moved away so that his cock withdrew and lay on my back. He slid into me on top easily, and I let him dictate the pace, allowing him to build to a climax.

He was good, I must say, and changed the tempo and type of thrusting often, making it very nice. (There is nothing worse than a guy who fucks like a machine - same pace, same movement all the time.)

He had been supporting himself on his hands, on top of me, but now lay flat, clasping me to him as he came, his whole body jerking, his muscles tense and his bum tight as he spurted his load inside my pussy.

He slowed and lay there, panting, again looking at Luanne.

Simon gave a few really hard thrusts and Luanne came also, making loud squealing sounds, her legs wrapped around him, in the air. She came and came, slowing, and then faster, seeming to reach a few climaxes as Simon kept fucking her hard and fast.

Eventually she stopped, and settled, and Simon climbed off her - poor guy - he is no youngster and he seemed exhausted by her needs!

I sat up, Buddy sitting on the edge of the bed in front of me.

Bo and Anna were hard at it on the floor - she was on her hands and knees, and he was crouched above her, her legs wide apart, his big cock buried in her cunt as he pounded into her. She seemed to really enjoy it, ramming her arse back at him as he pumped her.

She turned over onto her back, and he squatted over her, his cock at her face, as she sucked his slippery and juice-covered cock as far as she could, her cunt gaping wide open, flushed and wet.

When they stopped, we all relaxed for a while, naked, satisfied for the time being.

After a few drinks, Bo and I lay on the bed and I fucked him gently, with me sitting on top of him, while Anna sat next to Luanne, her hand between Luanne’s legs, but only just touching her pussy I think.

Buddy and Simon sat on the chairs on the balcony.

I still wanted to play with Luanne, so when Bo and I had fucked for a while, I got off, and motioned to Anna and Luanne to come and sit on the bed with me.

I said to Anna “Luanne has never fucked a woman - what do you say we show her how it’s done?’’

Anna giggled and nodded.

I went to my cupboard and came back with my box of "toys". I have a few new toys, still in their wrappers, bought just for this cruise, so I put it down and opened it, taking out a large vibrator and a dildo, as well as some lubricants.

Luanne watched me, her eyes wide, but a smile on her face.

Anna and I got on the bed with Luanne. Anna lay next to her, and took her face in her hands, kissing her, stroking her hair and playing with her nipples as Luanne lay on the back on the bed.

I stroked Luanne’s thighs and tummy, tickling her lightly, running my fingers up and down her body, but not touching her sexually at all. Anna kept kissing her, and she was responding with passion, holding Anna’s face in her hands.

Her nipples were very hard, and I could see that she was still wet, her pussy exposed and ready. I touched her slit with a finger, letting it slide up a little into her lips, touching her clit ever so briefly. She opened her legs a little more, so I pushed a finger into her pussy, feeling the hot wet lips part as my finger entered her.

I started to probe into her cunt, deeper and deeper, then with two and then three fingers. She bent her knees, lifting her legs, and I masturbated her harder. When she seemed to be relaxed more I started to rub her clit, not touching it, but on top of it, pressing on the top of her pussy as I rubbed. I rubbed harder and harder, and she began to squirm and move her hips, pressing my hand harder against her with her hand.

Anna was sucking on her nipples, one hand playing with her own pussy, her finger deep in her.

I was very turned on now, very excited by Luanne and Anna's naked bodies next to me.

I put my mouth at Luanne’s pussy and began to lick her slit, tasting her juices. She gasped as she felt my tongue enter her pussy, and I felt her clit, hard and erect, and licked it with a circling motion.

I had a vibrator in my hand, and I switched it on to a slow pulse, slid it into her, and licked her clit as it slid in. Deeper and deeper it went, until all of it was in her pussy, throbbing and humming as it excited her. She was moving a lot now, pulling hard on her nipples as Anna kissed her.

I sucked on her clit, with a finger in her pussy, looking for her g spot.

When I took my mouth away, I saw that the three men had surrounded the bed, watching us fuck Luanne, their cocks erect, masturbating.

It was a stunningly erotic sight.

Luanne started to cum, her hips jerking into the air, pulling on my head. I kept licking her clit as she orgasmed, her hips arching off the bed as she came. I tasted her juices change as she came, the copper-penny taste of her orgasm on my tongue.

As she lay back I fingered myself, looking at her, her neck and throat flushed with arousal, her legs wide apart and her pussy red and wet.

Anna must have felt the same, because she left Luanne and turned to me. Lying upside down to me, she put her mouth on my cunt and began to eat my pussy feverishly. I did the same to her, her tight pussy wet and slippery as my fingers and my tongue played with her. She felt very tight, as tight as I am I think, and very different to Luanne. We sucked and fingered for ages, while Luanne stroked first me, then Anna, then back to me.

I felt Anna move away, and lay on my back. Luanne crouched above me and lowered her head to my cunt. Very carefully, she licked at my slit, then with more confidence. Her pussy was above me, so I pulled her hips down and licked along her slit again.

I was on the verge of cumming, so I pushed her head harder to my cunt, and as she pushed a finger into me I came, my whole body trembling. She didn’t stop, thank goodness, and I kept cumming for a long time, more and more juices flowing out of me.

When I did stop, she lifted her head away from my pussy and sat up.

"That was unreal’’ she said. "A woman made me cum, and I made a woman cum!’’

I lay next to Anna, put the smaller dildo into her pussy, and a finger in her arsehole, and fucked her, sucking on her clit every so often.

It didn’t take long before she came, yelping and jerking as the orgasm took hold of her.

We lay there, our pussys wet, our bodies sweaty and aroused.

The guys were still standing there next to the bed, erect and masturbating.

Luanne turned to me.

"I want the men to cum on me, like they do in the porn movies’’ she said softly.

I laughed.

"It's messy hun, are you sure?’’

She nodded.

I turned to Simon.

‘’Luanne want you guys to cum on her’’ I said.

The guys laughed and moved closer.

Anna and I moved off the bed to let the guys get close to Luanne. They stood over her, jerking their cocks, looking at her.

She reached up and played with Simon's cock with one hand, and Bo’s with the other.

Soon enough, Simon stood right over her and jerked his cock at her, his cum shooting over her boobs and tummy.

He had hardly finished when Bo came, his long thick ropes of cum covering her boobs and a bit on her face also.

Buddy, who had cum not that long ago, also came again, pointing his cock at his wife’s face, his cum going over her eyes and into her mouth.

The three of us girls then lay on the bed, Luanne covered in cum.

The guys went to wipe themselves, one by one in the small bathroom, and then each of us went, Luanne first.

A while later the others left, and Simon and I went to bed.

Thursday 10 May

We are in Aalesund today, and are going to kayak near the fjord and harbor.

Luanne and I have a massage planned at the spa later.

She says that she and Buddy really enjoyed the party - they are SO keen to try and find a way to party back home.

Says her pussy and nipples are tender though!

Friday 11 May

I didn’t see Luanne, Buddy or Bo today at all. We went for a downhill cycle ride from the snow-fields above Geiringer at the end of the Geiringer Fjord.

Tonight, we leave for Copenhagen again, at sea on Saturday and we dock in Copenhagen on Sunday morning.

Then I fly to France to do a charter, and Simon flies to Monte Carlo with friends for the F1 Grand Prix the next weekend.

All in all, it was a wonderful cruise - stunning scenery, very relaxing, and great sex!

I will be back on the 26th May.