Written by TAMMY

29 Sep 2015

As you may know, I have a girlfriend who lives in Italy. When I am in Europe, we share the house we own in Venice, a few streets back from the Piazza San Marco in the old part of the city. Gabi and I have been together for a few years, but it is of course a strange arrangement, as she is there and I am here- but it works anyway, and we speak a lot on Skype and so on.

About 3 years ago however, we were going through a fairly rocky patch- I was frustrated that she would not accept that I was bi, not gay ( she is 100% gay), and she was putting pressure on me to not see guys at all, and to not see any other girl except her.

For me, this was a big ask. I like guys and girls, and I can’t sit in SA for months at a time like a nun, waiting for her to come here or me to go there.

So we decided to back off the relationship a bit- she would maybe see other girls, I would see other guys/girls, and we would see where that led us.

That’s pretty much how it stayed, and it works quite well. Its basically a ‘’don’t ask, don’t tell’’ relationship- we are best friends, we love each other in our own way, but it’s not a marriage and we both realise that one day we will each probably find someone who we want to settle down with (terrible phrase! Makes me think of old men with slippers by the heater and a mug of Bovril!)

Long story, and I don’t usually talk about Gabi, but I needed to explain about the one woman in the diary below.

Just after Gabi and I decided to move apart a bit, I was at a lunch with friends in Melville, where I met Caroline. She is a bit older than me, around 43, and I gathered that she was single. She is a stunningly beautiful red-head, slim, tight body, long curly red hair and an alabaster-white skin- she NEVER goes in the sun because she just burns immediately. Big green eyes, little freckles and a cute smile. (And I am an expert on red-heads- I can tell with one look whether it is genuine or not, and this was definitely genuine!)

We hit it off, and chatted right through lunch. When I left, I asked my friend about Caroline. I was told that she is divorced, no children, and has recently felt that she is more attracted to women than men, partly the reason for the divorce. She was in a 3 year relationship with a woman before getting married, but never really got comfortable with just men. In my view, this makes her more bi than anything, but anyway…

A few weeks later I saw Caroline by chance at the movies with some other people. We said hello, and we exchanged phone numbers. I called her; we met for coffee, a week later for dinner, and a week later for bed! We saw each other for quite a while, going out together, sleeping together, but never staying together.

She was wild in bed- imaginative, caring, and sensual. She knew about my swinging, but was not too interested in trying it, so I left it. She told me she had done it a twice with her ex-husband, where they swopped partners with another couple they knew well, and it was ok, but not a lifestyle for her.

We saw each other for a while, on and off, and then it drifted apart and we both moved on to other relationships, but it was fun while it lasted. I heard after this that she had either got married again, or had a boyfriend, but I had no contact with her directly

Anyway, weekend before last I was invited to a braai at a friend house. Marli and Johan are engaged at last, having been dating for what seems like decades. They met at school, and have been an item ever since.

Marli was a year behind me at school but I knew her quite well (we both spent a lot of time in detention, and sitting outside the principal’s office!) .From talking to her after she left school, it seems that her and Johan had a very adventurous physical relationship- they had tried swopping, voyeurism, public sex, some swinging, and he had arranged for two friends to fuck her while he filmed it. Marli is tall, with dark hair and a slim figure- she plays squash in a league, so is very fit. Johan is more the farmer-type- also tall, big-boned, muscled, cropped hair and blonde.

When Marli invited me, she said that Caroline would be there with her husband, so I was keen to see her again and catch up on old times. Marli has hosted sort of informal swinger-parties, just for close friends, and she said that there might be some playing if the guests were in the mood.

I drove to Marli’s smallholding near Brits late Saturday afternoon, and got there around 5 pm.it was a warm evening out there, and very peaceful- just what one needs after a hectic week in Johannesburg.

Caroline was already there, and she introduced me to her husband Geoff, a very good-looking, suave guy in his late 40’s, dressed in an immaculate pair of True Religion jeans and a beautiful Polo golfer. I could see why Caroline was attracted to him!

Later on, a single woman arrived, a cousin of Caroline’s- Devon. She was younger than Caroline, maybe late 20’s , with long auburn hair and a stunning figure- when she turned to put the bottle of wine she brought into the fridge, I couldn’t help noticing her very cute bum in a pair of VERY tight jeans!

We had a few drinks, while the guys got the fire going, and when it was ready we braaied venison and some beef fillet- stunning (and another kilo added, I am sure!)

After dinner, we went indoors, and sat around in the lounge, the windows and sliding doors open. Around 10, Marli suggested that everyone might enjoy a swim or the hot-tub- she has a heated swimming pool, and next to it a huge hot-tub. Although it was chilly by now, everyone agreed it would be a good idea, so we all went to change (she had asked everyone to bring their swim stuff just in case- she knows that the heated pool and Jacuzzi is always a great attraction!)

I had debated what to bring- I wanted to look nice, but not TOO revealing, so I had brought a shimmer-silver halter-neck one-piece, with a very low back, very high-cut sides over my hips, and a plunging v in front, down to just above my belly-button.

I went with Devon to the nearest bathroom to change. She poured herself out of her jeans, took off her blouse, and her underwear. She was totally unselfconscious as she moved around getting her bikini out- and wow! did she have a figure to die for! Long, long legs, a small waist, flat tummy (cow!) and very nice, full boobs- firm and upturned with nice-size dark nipples. She was fully waxed, her pussy a neat line between her legs with quite a prominent mound.

She put on a tiny bikini, no more than enough to cover her nipples and pussy, wrapped a towel around her waist and went out. I followed a moment later also with a towel around my waist.

When I got to the outdoor heated pool, most of the guests were already there, in the water, with the steam rising into the cool night air. I put my towel down, and got it. There is nothing nicer that a really hot pool at night- it just seems so exotic and other-worldly!

Devon and Caroline were chatting in one corner, so I went over to join them. It appears that Devon actually stayed with Caroline and her parents for a few years at one stage when her own parents got divorced, so their relationship was more that of sisters than cousins in a way.

Marli and Johan were talking to Caroline’s husband, Geoff in the deep end of the pool. When Devon went to get a drink, Caroline and I had a chance talk for the first time since we stopped seeing each other. It was the usual girl-stuff, how we missed each other, how her marriage was going and so on. She said she still had strong feelings for me, and for women, but had decided to rather be married, although she had told her husband about her relationship with women in general and with me in particular, when she knew I would be at the braai. She said her husband was intrigued to meet me- he wanted to see what his wife’s former lover looked like I guess! (I thought I had noticed him looking at me more than I would have expected earlier!)

Later, we all got into the huge Jacuzzi, where everyone had shooters and cocktails. I was sitting next to Caroline, with Johan and Devon on the other side of me, Geoff and Marli sort of opposite us. (The Jacuzzi is hexagonal, so only 2 people can really sit literally next to each other). Caroline had an emerald green bikini on, quite small, which made her red hair and very pale skin look dramatic. She has big green eyes, and a very pretty face which lights up when she smiles- she looked stunning!

She had had quite a bit to drink I think, and as I was talking to Johan, I felt a hand on my knee. I looked down, and saw that Caroline was talking to Marli, but had put one hand on my knee under the water. One couldn’t see much, because of the bubbles from the water-jets, so I left it there.

As I talked, l felt her hand slide up and down my thigh, every time going higher and higher. She did not look at me, not I at her. When her hand got to touch my costume, she stopped, leaving her hand there. I waited.

Slowly, she inched one finger under the elastic of the costume on my inner thigh. I gave a little jump as her finger touched the side of my pussy, under the costume. I opened my legs a very little bit, so as not to be obvious. She pushed more of her finger under the costume, and I felt the tip of her finger touch my pussy lips properly. She could get much more of her finger under the costume without either breaking it, or making it obvious, so she just moved it a bit up and down, letting it slide along my slit a few inches each time.

Everyone was talking and laughing, and I thought that no-one had seen, until I looked at Caroline’s husband. He had seen. Whether she had got his attention, or whether he had just looked by chance, I could see that every so often he would look intently at my crotch when he thought I wasn’t looking. When he looked away, I looked at him more closely, and I could see his one hand resting under the water on his crotch- very unobtrusively touching his cock, I guessed.

At last Caroline took her hand out, looked at me with a smile, gave me a kiss on my cheek and winked at Geoff. So she had known he was watching! I was quite turned on by this, but I didn’t want to make a move on her, as I didn’t know how he would react, or how she would, for that matter.

When everyone had had enough in the Jacuzzi, Marli suggested we all go inside for coffee and cake, and of course liqueurs! We went to the bathrooms, girls to one, and guys to the other. Marli works as a designer for a clothing manufacturer, and often has lots of sample clothes lying around. For this evening she had found a pile of fleecy winter gowns, and had put several gowns in each bathroom, so we could wear that and be snug, rather than getting changed into our proper clothes if we wanted.

I wrapped a big fluffy gown around me, as did Marli, Devon and Caroline, and we went back to the main lounge area. The guys had also decided to wear gowns, so we all sat around , drank coffee, Irish Coffee and liqueurs and talked some more. Marli had put some music on, and was dancing with Johan. Geoff came over to me and asked whether I wanted to dance. Caroline was engrossed in a conversation with Marli, so I agreed, stood up, and went with him to the middle of the lounge.

As we danced, he held me quite close. He smelled nice, very masculine and fresh. I didn’t want to get too close, as he is my friend’s husband after all- but he pulled me closer.

He whispered in my ear

‘’Caroline has told me about your friendship with her. I was looking forward to meeting you. Now I can see why she was attracted to you!’’

‘’thank you. ’I said. ’She told me that she had told you’’

‘’so you are full bi?’’

‘’yes.' I have a girl-friend who lives in Italy, where we have a house, and I have guys and girls I see here in South Africa or wherever.’’

‘’and you have never made a choice one way or another?’’ he asked, curious as to how I thought.

‘’no. I am equally attracted to both, depending on whom I am with’’ I said with a smile. I know that people don’t really understand it, but that’s the way it is, for me.

We were dancing quite close together now. As he pressed closer to me, I could feel that he had an erection, his cock pushing against my pussy as we danced. This was interesting- I wasn’t sure how Caroline would feel about her husband rubbing his cock against me!

When we sat down again, I didn’t say anything to Caroline about it- I figured that nothing had happened- he hadn’t tried to touch me or anything, so why raise it?

Johan was dancing with Devon now. She was openly flirting with him, gyrating her body, with glimpses of her boobs and thighs as the gown parted a bit as she moved. I looked at Marli- she was watching them, a smile on her face. She could see what Devon was doing, and didn’t seem to mind at all. Johan pulled Devon closer, reached inside the gown and put his hand on her boob. She let the gown fall open, her breasts were firm and full, her nipples erect. He opened the gown more, and leaned forward to suck on her nipples. She closed her eyes, her head back, swaying in time to the music as Johan played with her boobs.

Marli and Geoff had gone to the bar. She was standing at the bar, getting a drink, with Geoff behind her. He put his hands around her, and let them slide under her gown. Without a pause, Marli let the gown fall from her shoulders. Her small very firm boobs were tanned, her pink nipples hard and pointed.

This was developing into a very interesting party! I had not expected this, but it seemed it was going to be fun. However, I knew that I had to be careful- in an arranged swinger party, everyone is there for the same thing- here, I wasn’t so sure who was willing to do what. Wife-swopping is not the same as full swinging- some couples are happy to swop with each other, but not with people they don’t know.

Caroline came to sit next to me.

‘’just you and me’’ she said.’’ Like old times”’

I nodded.

‘’do they all play’’ I asked

‘’now and then'. Geoff has only played once or twice, but he really likes Marli, so I don’t mind. He wants to play with you, but he is too shy to try- he is bothered about our relationship.’’

We chatted a while, the Devon came over and sat with us, her gown still a bit open. Marli and Geoff were kissing, sitting on a couch nearby, and Johan had gone off somewhere.

For some reason, Devon and Caroline started having a sort of friendly argument about who was fitter and stronger. It seemed that this was an argument that went back to when they lived together at Caroline’s parents home. Carolines father was a wrseling coach at the boys high school, and when the girls got too argumentative, he taught them to settle their differences with ‘’soft’’ wrestling- no hitting, hair –pulling, biting- and they had to start by kneeling , facing each other, so that no-one got hurt by taking a big fall.

The girls loved it and played at it whenever there was tension between them.

Caroline had also told me, when we were seeing each other, that it was the first time she realised how much she liked the feel of another woman- up to then she had dated boys only, but wrestling with Devon she felt how a woman’s body feels up close, and liked it.

The argument got louder and louder, with the alcohol doing most of the talking. Suddenly Devon said to Caroline

‘’remember how we used to settle arguments when we were younger?’’

‘’sure’’ said Caroline’.

‘’ok, so lets settle it. Best of 3’’ said Devon

‘’what does she mean?’’ Marli asked Caroline

She explained that when Devon stayed with her parents, they would settle arguments by wrestling, the winner being the one who pinned the other first. Although Devon was younger, she was strong, and they were evenly matched. She said that the rules were no biting, scratching, hair-pulling or hitting, just normal ‘’soft’’ wrestling.

Both women are very fit, quite lean and muscular, so I could see that they would be a good match.

Devon stood up, her gown open in front. Her breasts were exciting, firm, and as she moved I caught a glimpse of her slit, shaved , with a faint tan—line just above the top of her slit.

Caroline stood, laughing, facing Devon. Everyone had stopped whatever they were doing, and were watching.

‘’Devon and I are going to wrestle ‘’said Caroline to all of us, grinning, ‘’and I am going to whip her ass!’’

They dragged 4 of the pool lounger cushions into the lounge and arranged them in a square.

They kneeled , facing each other for a minute. Then, with a fast lunge, Devon grabbed Caroline’s waist, turned behind her, and pulled her to the ground. They grappled on the ground, legs and arms intertwining – it was clear that they were both trying to wrestle, but without actually hurting each other.

As they wrestled, their gowns opened. They were both naked, the gowns only really on their shoulders with their arms in the sleeves. All one could see were boobs, legs, pussy, locking, moving, grappling. Devon had almost pinned Caroline, lying in top of her, her legs spread wide to give her balance, her pussy and bum-hole clearly visible. Caroline wriggled to get out from under her. Then seeing she could not move Devon unless Devon rolled away, she reached with one hand over Devon’s bum, and stuck her fingers into Devon’s pussy from the back. Devon gave a yelp, lifted her pussy away from Caroline’s hand, and that was all the gap Caroline needed to get out from under her!

‘’not fair’’ yelled Devon

‘’sure its fair’’ said Caroline, sitting on her haunches, her gown completely open.’’ We always have allowed that’’

They were both giggling hysterically now

‘’well, you asked for it’’ said Devon. She shrugged her gown off her shoulders, and, naked, lunged at Caroline, who moved to one side, and grabbed Devon’s legs just as Devon grabbed hers. They were locked in a sort of 69 position, Caroline’s gown also off now, both women naked, panting, grabbing each other.

It was one of the most erotic things I have seen- the two women were both strong and lean- Devon had bigger boobs, but Caroline’s were just as firm. Devon was tanned all over, olive skin, shaved, whereas Caroline was pale with small freckles in places, and had a triangle of trimmed red pubic hair, slightly darker that the hair on her head.

I looked at her body- I knew it so well and got very aroused seeing her lying with Devon, their bodies locked together.

Devon suddenly grabbed Caroline’s legs, forced them open, and thrust her hand onto Caroline’s pussy. She held her legs open, felt for her slit, and stuck a finger into her. Caroline started laughing harder and harder, barely able to breathe. She returned the favour by taking Devon’s ankles, holding them apart, and putting her face at Devon’s crotch. Devon felt her face there, and began to wriggle even harder, gasping for breath as she laughed. Caroline parted Devon’s legs as wide as they could go, and put her tongue into Devon’s pussy, licking and probing.

Devon lay still, the wrestling forgotten for a moment. Caroline’s red hair covered Devon’s pussy as her head moved between her legs. Devon had two fingers in Caroline’s pussy, thrusting in and out. They were still now, girl-fucking. I looked around. The guys were riveted by this. All of them had their hand inside their gowns, masturbating. Johan opened his gown, and I could see his big thick cock rock-hard, clean shaven.

Marli glanced at me and grinned. She mouthed ‘’nice?’’. I nodded.

I let my hand under my gown, my pussy was sopping wet, with juice on the outside already. I put two fingers into my pussy, playing slowly. With my other hand I tweaked my nipples. I was getting very turned on. They had stopped wrestling, and were just playing now. Caroline had her tongue deep into Devon’s cunt. I knew how that felt- she had often done that to me, and I would cum several times in succession.

Caroline took her face away from Devon, and looked around. Seeing me, she motioned for me to come to her. I stood, dropped my gown, and went to them. I could feel the guy’s eyes on me as I walked over. Caroline took my hand and pulled me down next to her. She opened Devon’s legs wider, and moved away a bit. I looked at Devon’s very cute cunt. A bit puffy, just a clean slit with very little lips showing, wet from Caroline’s mouth. I probed at her clit with my tongue, tasting her juices - the metallic taste of a girl excited.

Devon realised that it was not Caroline, and looked up. I looked at her and smiled, my mouth wet with her juices.

''more!'' she said, and closed her eyes again.

I went back to her cunt, pushing a finger into her at the same time. She was tight, her skin firm and taut. I licked at her clit- it was quite big and hard, easy to find. Each time I licked at it, I felt her react, a slight tensing- enjoying it.

Caroline had moved away, and came back now. She lay behind me, but upside down, the same was as Devon was laying, with me a sandwich between them. Felt her stroking my back, my bum, between my legs. I lifted one knee. She reached between my legs, and stroked my pussy I felt her part my pussy-lips, and then felt a thick vibrating between my legs as she pushed a vibrator slowly into my cunt. It felt huge, shaking me. More and more went in, it seemed never-ending!

The vibration now felt like it was in my tummy, it was in so deep. My whole pussy was vibrating!

She began to fuck me with it, taking it right out, then all the way back in. I kept licking at Devon’s cunt; she was getting wetter and wetter, her juices running onto my lips and chin. I started to move my hips in rhythm to her movements. I felt her fingers touch my pussy, then a finger at my bum-hole. She inserted a finger into my bum, a little at first, then deeper, Caroline still fucking me with the vibrator.

I wondered whether Devon liked having her bum played with. I felt between her legs, found her bum-hole, and rubbed my finger around the edges. She moaned, and flexed her hips. I pushed the tip of my finger into her bum. It went in easily, deeper and deeper- she had definitely been fucked in the ass before! She relaxed her bum, and I drove my finger all the way into her bum. With my other hand, I thrust two fingers as deep into her cunt as I could. I could feel my fingers ''touch'' between her bum and her cunt. She began to jerk her hips, back and forth. I pumped both sides into her alternating the finger in her bum with the two in her cunt. She gave a loud shout, and then moaned several times as she came. I kept finger-fucking her, more and more juices running out her cunt. She slowed and stopped.

Caroline had slowed as she heard Devon cumming, but now she started with the vibrator again, getting me to the edge of cumming. Devon leaned forward, and I felt her tongue lick at my clit from the front, as Caroline thrust the vibrator in and out. That was all it took. With Caroline using the vibrator in my cunt and playing with my bum, and Devon licking at my clit, I came in a huge rush, the orgasm flooding through me. Lifting my hips high with each wave.

I kept cumming as they played, till eventually it stopped and I collapsed, panting.

We lay there, spent for the time being.

Looking up, I saw Marli with her husband, Johan, and Caroline’s husband, Geoff. Geoff was lying on top of her, her legs wrapped around his waist, fucking her rapidly, while Johan has his cock in her mouth, face-fucking her hard.

Geoff saw that the three of us had stopped, and got off Marli. He had a really nice cock- very long and slightly curved. He came over to us and stood over us. Devon sat up, and then kneeled. She took his cock in her mouth, deeply, and began to give him a blow-job. Caroline and I stood up, and went to sit on the couch, still nude. Marli and Johan came over. Marli had also taken her gown off- her very toned and fit body was glistening with perspiration- she had certainly been doing someone somewhere! She had a landing strip wax, with a prominent mound; her pussy lips were swollen and visible.

Caroline reached out to her, and pulled her closer, then put her head between Marli's legs and licked her cunt. Johan watched, playing with his cock. Devon was still sucking Geoff's cock, so I led Johan over to where they were, and knelt next to her, positioning Johan next to Geoff.

I took Johan’s cock, and licked the head, then the shaft- the head in my mouth, swallowing as much as I could. Geoff was fucking Devon quite hard in her mouth, looking like he was getting ready to cum.

After I had sucked Johan for a bit, I took his cock out of my mouth and said to Devon

''lets swop''.

She nodded, and moved to in front of Johan. Marli was still having her cunt licked by Caroline, and looked across at her husband and Caroline’s husband. Caroline also looked across.

Seeing me with her husband’s cock in my hand, she mouthed

'fuck him hard!' then went back to Marli's cunt.

I pulled Geoff down to the floor, and lay him on his back.

His cock was rigid, wet. I put a condom onto his cock, and then I lowered myself on his cock, guiding it into my cunt.

It was nice and big, filling me. Once he was fully in, I began to ride him, gripping his cock with my cunt, making it tight. I rode him increasingly quickly, ramming my cunt down onto him with each stroke.

He was gasping, thrusting at me at the same time. I was gripping him so tightly that he couldn’t take his cock out, even if he wanted to! He felt like he was going to cum- I know I was! Between thrusts he gasped

''can I cum in your face?'

'No,'' I said, ''you can cum on me, but not in my face''.

I let him withdraw his cock, still sitting on him, his cock in front of me.

I took the condom off, feeling the slippery lubricant mixed with my juices, and jerked him a few times. It didn’t take long before he began to groan, his eyes focussed on mine. I looked at him as I jerked him faster, and he came with long hot jets of cum squirting into the air, landing on my tummy and boobs, then some more on his tummy .

I got off him, still very horny. Johan was kneeling pulled behind Devon, fucking her. I pulled him off, and said

'my turn''

She giggled and thrust her hands between her legs, masturbating hard

I lay on my back, and pulled Johan on top of me.

'fuck me now till I cum!'' I said, putting a condom on his very big cock.

He did- very hard and very fast, bouncing me hard into the floor each time, hurting a bit. He kept it up, and I let the feeling build and build, encouraging him to keep going. He was very strong and fit, and kept up the rapid pace for what seemed ages.

I felt the rush start, then build, taking me over the edge as I came with long shudders, my whole body shaking. He kept fucking and I kept cumming. I felt the warmth of my pussy-liquid rushing down my thighs, dripping into my bum-crack

Eventually, when I could take it no more, I cried out

'stop, please!'

He did, staying still, his cock deep in my swollen and wet cunt.

Devon was lying there, still with her hand deep in her cunt. Johan went over to her. She immediately turned onto all fours. He went behind her, but before he could enter her, she shook her head, wiped her hand on her wet cunt, then on his cock, and guided his cock into her bum. He went in slowly, and then once he was in fucked her a bit faster, crouching behind her. We were all watching them now.

She had her head back, her mouth open, grunting with each stroke. He didn’t have a condom on, and when he came, he had his cock almost out of her bum. He fucked her as he came, cum dripping out of her bum when he had finished.

She stayed like that, panting. Geoff went to her, his cock hard again. She let him enter her bum also. He fucked her for a few minutes, but didn’t cum again. He said later that this was his first anal, other than with Caroline.

Later, Caroline and I fucked each other with dildos till be both came, and Geoff and Johan took turns fucking Marli and Devon, till both of them had cum again a little.

Before I left in the early hours of the morning, Marli said that both Johan and Geoff wanted to play again, and had asked that she invite me also next time. So we will see- maybe I will get to share Caroline with her new husband. I must see if I can take Annie and one of Jono- it should make for an interesting evening!