Written by TAMMY

14 Aug 2015

Last Saturday I was invited by a woman I met on a UK swinger-site (who now lives in SA) to a party. Cara is around 40 I guess, and when I met her in the UK she was married, but is now divorced. She is what would be called a “buxom blonde!’’ She is roughly the same height as I am, but a lot bigger - maybe a 38 or even a 40 C or D I imagine. But strangely, she is not really very fat, just big, in proportion.

I was at a party where she was a guest in the UK, and we got on very well, although I don’t recall that we actually played with each other at all that night. She was with a group of people and they were just taking turns with each other more than with anyone else I think. Certainly, I saw her with several different guys throughout the night, at one time doing a DP with 2 very nice-looking younger guys. We have kept in contact over the years, and when she moved to SA we met again. I went with her last year to a party, and now she invited me to one at her home.

She mailed me the invitation, which showed it was to be a fancy-dress party, with the theme of ‘’biker-babes and bad boys’’. As you know (if you live in JHB) the weather on Saturday was freezing, so one needed to wear warm clothes over the party-clothes, or get changed at the house (this party was a few weeks ago).

On Saturday morning I went quickly to the beauty salon for a wax and facial, and then to a friend’s house to watch the Grand Prix. After that, I went home to get changed.

I don’t have my motorcycle clothes in South Africa, as they are heavy to take on the plane, and my bike is in Italy in any case. But I do know quite a few people with bikes here, so I phoned around to see what I could borrow. Eventually I managed to get a silver Harley biker jacket and leather ‘’chaps’’ (those things cowboys wear over jeans - they are like pants-legs, with a belt, but no back part). I found a pair of goggles second-hand at a charity shop, and I have shirts of my own to match the theme.

I packed all the stuff in my car, and left at 7 pm. Cara lives on a golf estate near Pretoria, and I arrived there at 8 pm. I was one of the first to arrive, so I helped her set up some things, and then we went to change into our party-clothes. I put on a VERY tiny black leather bra (don’t ask!) and an equally tiny lace g-string. Over that, I put the bike jacket and the chaps. So….. my bum was bare because the chaps don’t have a back! I thought it looked good! I left the jacket open, so from the front, you could see my tiny bra and tummy, but my legs were covered - and from the back, you could see my bum and legs, but my top was covered!!

When I got back to the lounge, a few other people had arrived. I went over to Cara, and she introduced me to 2 couples sitting in the corner lounge-suite. I sat next to the one guy, and we just chatted a while. (I am always very shy at the beginning of a party - I am by nature not a very confident person, and I don’t like meeting lots of new people at one time - it makes me feel nervous, but I have learned to hide it and try to relax).

The guy I was sitting next to was quite a lot older than me, maybe 45 +, and an interesting person. His wife (I think) was also very sweet, with dark straight hair and a nice figure, from what I could see, with big boobs shown off in a very small halter neck with a Harley logo.

When all the guests had arrived, Cara turned the lights down, and introduced everyone. There were 4 couples, plus Cara and me. The one couple I could not take my eyes off!! He was huge - maybe 1.9 m, and looked like a professional body-builder - huge arms, chest, small waist, huge legs etc. good-looking too! His partner was no less impressive - a fairly tall, VERY muscular woman, also a body-builder I thought. She had more muscles than most guys I have seen! They really were dramatic together! He was wearing a very tight pair of leather jeans, and a "Victory Motorcycles" wife-beater vest, with a chrome helmet on his head. She was wearing the identical clothes, but without the helmet. She had no bra on under the vest, and her very silicone-enhanced very big boobs were on show under it - her nipples erect and poking through the thin fabric. They were introduced as Jenna and Luke.

The couples next to me were Sam and Emma (the couple I described earlier) and Mark and Linda. Mark was about 40 I guess, and nothing special to look at. Linda was a petite slim blonde of the same sort of age, with small boobs and a tiny waist. On the other side of the room was another couple. A lot younger than the others and younger than me, Michelle and Frans seemed very tense, and sat hugging each other! She was dark-haired and slim, with small boobs and nice legs, while Frans was a bit plump and nerdish-looking, with glasses.

Cara invited everyone to get a drink, which most did. The music was turned a bit louder. Cara announced that there was a rule in place for the evening - every 15 minutes a buzzer would sound. At the buzzer, you had to take off 1 item of clothing! I have seen this rule used before, and it works like a charm - everyone giggles, and inside of an hour everyone is nude, or almost nude!

I was on my way back from the bar, when Jenna (the bodybuilder) stopped me to chat. She said she loved the idea of the chaps with nothing underneath! I went with her to where Luke was sitting. We talked a while about this and that. Then the buzzer sounded! As predicted, everyone started laughing, and stood to take off an item of clothing. I took off my jacket and Jenna and Luke took off their vests. I just gawked at his chest - I don’t think I have ever seen such a huge and well-defined chest in my life! Jenna saw me looking, and laughed;

"He is a big boy, isn’t he?" she said.

You guys must do more than just work out - is this a profession or a hobby?" I asked.

"It’s both’" she said, "it’s very difficult to make money in South Africa with bodybuilding, but we try. We both compete locally, and we own a gym on the West Rand."

"You are both very impressive" I said. "I admire the dedication that must go into such physiques."

Her boobs were bigger than I had thought, and although they were clearly enhanced, they looked good. In particular her nipples turned me on - quite big and very erect .I reached out and touched her boobs. She smiled and stood a bit closer.

"Do you like girls as well, or only guys?" I asked.

"Honey, to be crude, I fuck anything I like when I am in the mood. Some of the best fucks I have had have been at competitions, backstage with other bodybuilder girls! The one time a girl and I fucked so long and hard I was sure the judges could see my clit was still hard when I went on stage!"

I stroked her boobs some more. She put her hand on my waist, and slid it around to my bum. Without waiting, she let her hand glide along my bum, between my legs, and touched my g-string over my pussy. She rubbed a finger along my pussy.

To be honest, I wasn’t ready yet for full-on girl sex. I was still a bit shy, getting to see what others were doing. I didn’t want to be the first to really get it on. I kissed her on her lips, and licked her nipples for a moment.

The next buzzer sounded. I took off my bikini top. Luke took off his helmet and leather jeans (with some difficulty!) as did Jenna. He had nothing on underneath. He stood there, looking around. I just stared. He was truly huge - bulging muscles everywhere. And a VERY long, thick cock, hanging down. He came closer to me, and touched my boobs, stroking them, feeling my nipples harden. I could see that his cock was starting to get a bit harder, getting thicker and lifting a bit.

"Tammy and I are chatting" she said to Luke, "give us a minute."

He grinned at her, and walked off - I gazed at his very tight butt and powerful legs as he went. He went over to where Michelle and Frans, the young couple were seated. I could see her eyes following him as he approached them, glancing from his cock to his face and back again! She had taken off all her clothes, and was sitting with her legs very tightly crossed, concealing her pussy, but her very cute and very firm little boobs and nipples were at attention all right!

When the next buzzer sounded, I took off my leather chaps, leaving just my g-string on. I was still sitting next to Jenna - I could see her eyeing me every time I looked away, glancing down at my boobs and my pussy. I wondered what she would do about it - she so obviously wanted to fuck!

Luke had stopped in front of the young couple, Michelle and Frans. He was talking to them, stroking his cock as he did so, very unselfconsciously. Michelle gathered up her courage and reached for his cock - by now it was almost hard, very long and very thick. She took it in her hands, and began to stroke it. That made it get hard quickly. I couldn’t really see all that well from behind him, but I could see her hands around his cock going up and down, and I could see how big it was as he turned slightly. She leaned forward and took the tip of his cock in her mouth, tentatively.

Frans was masturbating, watching his girlfriend suck Luke’s cock. No sooner had Michelle started to suck him, than Luke moved closer, leaned down and took Frans' cock in his hand. Frans nearly jumped off the seat! But Luke just started to jerk him off, and he was so horny watching Luke’s cock in Michelle’s mouth he just sat down again and let Luke play with his cock.

Jenna moved closer to me. I stood, and took my g-string off, standing in front of her nude, facing her. She put one hand on my pussy, feeling for my slit immediately. I parted my legs a bit, and her fingers found my slit. I was not all that wet yet, so she stroked along it gently, parting the lips a bit. Her other hand was between her legs, with one or two fingers deep in her own pussy, thrusting in and out quite quickly. Before I could really get aroused, she felt for her handbag and took out a large vibrator.

"I can’t wait - I must cum now before we play more, please" she said, handing me the vibrator.

I took it, and pushed it into her very wet pussy.

She leaned back, opened her legs very wide, and pulled my hand towards her.

Her tanned and hard tummy tapered into a puffed up pussy, her clit very big, standing out from the hood. I touched her clit, and stroked my fingers along her pussy, feeling that she was very wet.

"Very hard and very fast!" she said with a gasp, as I pushed it all the way into her.

I kneeled in front of her, and rammed the vibrator in and out as she had asked for - hard and fast, slamming my hand against her pussy each time. With my other hand, I felt for her clit - I rubbed it hard, feeling it harden even more. I kept up the rhythm with the vibrator for a few minutes. Then, as she began to buck and writhe about, I rubbed her clit as hard as I could, mashing it into her. She yelped and squirmed about, but I kept it up, and I felt her begin to flood, juices running down my hand and onto my wrist. I kept going as she came, forcing her to stay there and get fucked by the dildo. Only when she grabbed my hand to pull the dildo out did I stop, flicking her clit a few times for good measure as I stopped, making her jump.

She lay back, panting, rubbing her pussy lightly. Her thighs were slick with sweat and juices, her abs and boobs glistening.

I got up and sat next to her, hugging her. We started kissing - it was a thrill to feel her hard body and muscles as I held her while we kissed. Our hands roamed over each others' bodies, stroking and tickling. Her boobs were very big and very firm from the augmentation, with hard, big dark brown nipples.

She had a clear 6-pack, tapering into a prominent mound, waxed smooth, with only a small dark runway of pubic hair at the top. I felt her pussy lips engorged and slick, and slid a finger into her again. As I did so, I saw Sam and Emma, the couple I had been sitting next to, walk over to where Jenna and I were sitting. Without a word, Sam knelt down in front of me, and Emma in front of Jenna. They were both nude of course by now - Sam was a bit plump, but shaved, with a nice cock. Emma had, as I thought, big boobs, but not very firm, with small nipples. She had a bikini wax, with a neat dark triangle of hair to the top of her pussy, although the lips were smooth.

Sam gently parted my legs, and began to stroke my pussy, while Emma did the same to Jenna. Sam had a very soft touch, just tickling the outer lips, then running his fingers along my thighs. Once he had established that I was wet, he parted the pussy lips, and pushed one finger into me, in and out. Then he leaned forward and began to lick my pussy, feeling for the entrance, and sticking his tongue into me. Jenna and I kept kissing while Sam and his wife ate us. Only when Emma began to really drive her tongue and finger deep into Jenna did she stop kissing me to lie back and breathe hard.

I became more and more aroused by Sam’s fingers and tongue. After a while, it got too sensitive, and I pulled his hand away. He got off the floor, and stood in front of me, his cock rock-hard and twitching slightly. I lay back on the couch. He put a condom on, and lay on top of me. I lifted my legs high into the air, and felt his cock slide into my wet pussy. He began to fuck quite quickly right away, kissing my nipples every so often.

I looked over at Jenna. Emma was still between her thighs, but Jenna had also lifted her legs high, over Michelle’s shoulders. Emma was licking her cunt and her bum-hole, putting her fingers into both from time to time. Jenna was gasping, and wriggling her hips as Emma probed and licked all over her slit and her anus, and anywhere in between. Emma took the dildo I had used on Jenna earlier, and slid it into Jenna’s anus, at the same time kissing her cunt. It didn’t take long for Jenna to cum again, crying out and almost locking Emma’s head between her muscular thighs. Sam was fucking faster now, and he came suddenly, clenching his bum and holding me tightly as he squirted into the condom in me. When he was done, he withdrew his cock and took off the condom. Emma immediately leaned across and sucked his cock, licking the cum and my juices off it. It was a very erotic experience, although I had not actually cum at any stage, it was still a thrill.

We all relaxed for a moment. I looked over to the other side of the room. Luke was still busy with Frans and Michelle. They were all naked. Luke was standing up, with Michelle wrapped around him, her tiny pointed boobs pressing against him. She was impaled on his cock, bouncing up and down, while Frans stood behind her and fondled her cunt (and presumably Luke’s cock). She had her head back, eyes closed, her small body dwarfed by Luke’s huge chest, arms and legs. Frans had one hand on his cock, masturbating quickly.

Cara, who had also been watching them, went over to them. She has really big boobs, very full, with very big pink areolas and small nipples. She knelt in front of Frans, sort of underneath Michelle, and began to suck Frans' cock. He was so ready to cum - he gave a few thrusts, and tried to take his cock out of Cara’s mouth. She shook her head, and sucked more, and he came in her mouth. She kept sucking him, and after a while he took his cock out, and Cara got up, went to a tissue box and spat his cum out into some tissues.

Michelle had seen Cara and Frans, and I guess the thrill of that drove her over the edge - she began to whimper and cry, hugging Luke and grinding her cunt onto his cock as she came. She seemed to go for quite a long time, subsiding a bit, then seeming to cum some more. When she was done, Luke held her tightly - she was as limp as a rag doll. Eventually he lifted her off his cock, and put her down gently on the couch, next to Frans. They hugged each other - I later found out that this was their first party experience - they had swopped with another couple once, but that was all.

We all went and had a drink and relaxed for a while. Emma and Sam were with Mark and Linda. Mark was fucking Emma doggy-style, while Sam and Linda watched their spouses getting it on. (Sam, having just cum in me, needed a break I guess!)

Cara and I were sitting next to each other. I glanced at Luke as he walked past, his huge cock half-soft, swinging, thick and juicy!

"He is a fantastic fuck" said Cara. "Jenna and he often fuck a guy or girl together - we once had a threesome and I came so hard I thought I would pass out."

I watched his tight bum and slim waist, with huge thighs and enormous back and shoulders, his muscles gleaming from sweat after fucking Michelle.

Michelle and Frans had in the meantime gone over to Mark and Linda. Mark was fucking Michelle, her second of the evening, also on all fours, while Frans had his cock in Linda’s pussy. So when Jenna came over and joined us I was happy when she said,

"Luke has been eyeing you all night. Do you want to join us?"

We went to where Luke was sitting. He was still nude, relaxing with a glass of wine in his hand. He really was an impressive specimen of a man. He was sitting cross-legged on the (heated) floor, leaning against the chair. His cock was sort of half erect, long and thick, dangling down. It fitted his body size and I was instantly aroused, looking at it. Jenna motioned to him to get up. He did so, towering over me. Jenna walked ahead of us, her muscular legs and firm bum leading us.

I wasn’t sure where we were going, as she led us out of the lounge and into the small gym that Cara had set up - it was probably a study at one time.

"You interested in playing in a different way?" asked Luke.

"Like what?"

"You will see - you will enjoy it, I promise" he said.

"As long as it’s not BDSM , I am fine with it" I said.

"It will feel better without a condom, but it’s up to you" she said. "Luke and I are both tested at every competition for banned substances, and it includes an STD/HIV test every time - we are probably the most tested group of people in the country."

I thought about it.

"Fine, we don’t need to use a condom" I said.

Jenna asked me to lie down on one of the exercise mats. Luke went to fetch something, and came back with four strips of black cloth.

"Put your hand above your head, as you are lying there. I won’t tie them properly, but for this you need to be reminded not to use your hands, but you will actually be able to pull the cloth apart if you want."

I hesitated a moment, not sure what to do.

Cara came into the room. I decided that if she was there it would be fine, whatever "it" was!

Luke tied the one strip of cloth lightly around my wrists, with my hands above my head. The second strip he placed over my eyes, and tied loosely around the back of my head. The last cloths he tied to each ankle, spread my legs, and I felt them restrained, tied to something at the side of each foot, legs wide apart. The room was dim to start with, and was now very dark for me. I lay there, waiting, spread out on the floor, my whole body, from my hands to my feet, my boobs, and my pussy, vulnerable, exposed.

I felt hands stroke my face, my throat, and my boobs. I recognised Jenna’s perfume. She fondled my nipples, and moved down, licking my boobs, my tummy, the very top of my pussy, very slowly. At the same time, I felt Luke part my legs gently. His fingers tickled up the inside of my thighs, not touching my pussy.

They swopped, Luke’s rougher skin grazed up my tummy, nibbling, while Jenna licked all around the inside of my thighs, right near my pussy.

It was a delicious feeling - the two of them touching, kissing, and licking. I was getting more and more turned on, and it was weird not being able to touch or feel them with my hands. Weird but sensual. I could feel my pussy getting very wet, but could not touch it. My nipples were hard and sensitive as Luke bit gently on them, circling them with his tongue, licking under my boobs and around the sides.

Jenna’s tongue touched the edge of my pussy, probing. She licked inside, parting the lips with her tongue, licking. She did this, deeper and deeper, but without using her hands at all, while Luke bit lightly on my nipples. I REALLY wanted her or him to actually fuck now, and I pushed my hips up towards Jenna’s face, but she just lifted her head as I did, the pressure remaining the same. It was so frustrating, and yet erotic.

Suddenly, everything stopped. The room was silent. No-one touching me. I waited my nipples hard, my pussy wet.

I heard them moving about. Then, very gently, I felt something touching my pussy, pushing. I could hear and feel Luke near me, but was not sure what he was doing or where he was facing. The pressure on my pussy grew, and it slid in slowly. Luke’s cock! He pushed deeper, opening my pussy, stretching it. Deeper and deeper, filling me. What was strange was that nothing else was touching me. Just his cock in me. I couldn’t figure out where he was positioned. Now he withdrew his cock almost all the way.

Then he began to fuck properly, his cock feeling like it was going to hit my tummy from the inside - but he was gentle, aware of the fact that he was at the limit of what I could take. The sheer size of his cock made me get aroused to the stage where I could cum very quickly. As I started to move in rhythm with him, he sensed that I was getting ready, and stopped dead!

I felt and heard him breathing above me - but that’s all.

I pushed a few more times, but he withdrew his cock completely. I waited, aroused and ready. I felt Jenna between my legs. She resumed licking my swollen pussy, but staying away from my clit, which was hard as a button. Round and round her tongue went - keeping me aroused, but not enough to get me going again. Just when I was getting used to her tongue, she stopped.

I waited.

Luke’s cock entered me again, now fucking quite quickly. I STILL could not feel anything or anyone on top of me - it was like having a live dildo, not attached to anyone!

ALL the sensation in my body, the entire focus of my arousal was at my pussy. It was amazing!

As Luke’s cock slid in and out, building me towards a climax again, Jenna’s hand touched my clit and started rubbing it. I immediately thrust my pussy toward her, but her hand and Luke’s cock stayed at the same level on intensity.

Just when I felt I was going to cum again, he stopped. Withdrew. Jenna took over, licking, but not enough to let me cum!!!

Again and again. Luke fucking me, taking me to a climax, Jenna massaging my clit. Luke stopping, Jenna licking, till I subsided.

Four times, five times, six times. The change-overs were going faster now, I was crying out for him not to stop, but each time he did.

I was more aroused than I have been for years. The feeling in me was kept just short of me cumming. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore. I was not aware of anything in the room, no sounds except the sound of his cock in my cunt. And STILL nothing except his cock touched me - no part of his body.

I heard another sound, and realised it was me, almost sobbing with frustration and desire.

I lost count how often I almost came, or how long we had been fucking. Time seemed to stand still, my cunt felt like the centre of my being, the centre of my universe.

Suddenly Luke began to fuck harder and faster. My climax built and built. I was thrusting back hard, driving his huge cock into me. There was a huge pressure in me, I felt literally like I would burst! Without warning, Luke stopped, Jenna’s fingers rammed into me, her other hand rubbing my clit hard, her wrist pressing just above my pussy, pushing down on my lower tummy area.

I couldn’t hold it back – I felt a huge orgasm explode as she kept pushing on my tummy and rubbing my clit. I felt a rush of warm liquid pouring out of my cunt. More and more, squirting onto Jenna’s hands. It was like a flood-gate had opened as I squirted again and again. My legs were trembling uncontrollably, my whole body shaking. I was crying now, gasping at the same time, trying to get air. It was one of the most intense orgasms, complete with lots of squirting, I have ever had.

Jenna took my hands and legs out of the bIack cloths and off my face, and I curled up into a ball on my side, totally spent and exhausted.

From my curled up position, I looked around the room. Cara was sitting at the side of the room, leaning against the wall, her legs spread wide apart, her hand vigorously rubbing her clit, with some fingers in her cunt. Her very large breasts were dramatic in the semi-darkness, her nipples erect.

Jenna was sitting next to me, wiping her hands with a towel, stroking my legs. Luke was standing between Jenna and Cara, his cock massive and erect, breathing hard.

He wiped his cock with a towel, and walked over to Cara. Taking her roughly by the hand, he pulled her onto her back. Without a word he mounted her, his cock going all the way in with one movement. She lifted her plump legs high into the air, straight up, and he lifted himself into a bridge position above her, resting only on his hands and feet, his cock the only join between them. I now realised how he had been positioned above me, and why I had not felt anything other than his cock touching me.

He began to fuck Cara very hard and very fast. She began to gasp almost immediately, very aroused already I guessed. They fucked like that for only a minute or two, before Cara let out a long shuddering cry, and wrapped her legs around him as best she could, her nails like claws digging into his bum-cheeks. She came with a series of panting cries. As she did so, he gave a series of loud grunts, and slammed his cock into her so hard that she moved on the floor, as he came inside her. He kept pumping and cumming for ages. When he was done, he lay on top of her, holding her, kissing her neck. Then he took his cock out of her, and rolled onto his back, his cock covered in cum and pussy-juice.

Cara lay flat on her back, her legs wide apart. I could see some cum drooling out of her plump and swollen cunt, down between her legs to her bum.

When we had all recovered a bit, we cleaned up. There was a significant large wet patch on the mat where I had been lying - testimony to the great sex!

Later that night we played some more, although to be honest I had had enough fucking for a while! Michelle and Luke fucked again, her sitting on top of him riding him like a racehorse till she came and almost fell off him! Cara and Frans played some more, with her trying to get him to do anal, which he didn’t like!

I left around a.m., satiated and happy, with a tender pussy the next morning to remind me of the night before. Jenna certainly is a lucky girl!