10 Oct 2016

Normally, these diaries are about some or other party I have been to or about some experience in the past.

This one is a little different.

First, some background.

As many of you will know, I have been friends with Simon, a man I have known all my life, as he is a friend of my Dads originally. We have been seeing each other since I was about 19, and he is very important to me. However, because he is much older than I am, we never really considered marriage- an age gap of 32 years just seemed to big. It was only last year that this changed, and in Jan 2016 we got married.

This story however starts before we got married.

In 2014, I was dating a guy named Paul. It was the first time in a long while that I had been quite serious about a guy. I even discussed it with my GF Gabi, because if it got serious, Gabi and I would have to break up. We both know that this may happen, so it was not a huge surprise.

I also stopped going top swinging parties, because Paul would never accept that. I once tried to see what he would say, and I told him about a fictitious friend who had a threesome.

He was not impressed, and said that she was one step away from being a whore, and that he would never do such a thing. This made swinging out of the question, I guessed!

Simon met Paul, and while he was polite, did not really like him. Simon said there was something he did not trust about him- I felt that he was maybe a bit jealous, but I said nothing.

Anyway, time passed, and Paul and I began to discuss a future together, in a roundabout way.

As far as I knew, we were ‘’exclusive’’, in that neither of us was seeing anyone else- I certainly was not.

One sunny day I was having lunch with my best friend Amanda. I could see that she was tense, but I hoped that a few glasses of wine would cheer her up. As we were having coffee, she put down her cup, looked at me, and said

‘’Tamz, there is something I need to tell you’’’

I stared at her, unsure what was coming.

‘’go on’’ I said.

‘’Tamz, there is a rumour going around that Paul is not as faithful as you may imagine. I am sorry to be the one to tell you, but I can’t let you carry on not knowing’’

I was stunned.

‘’how sure is this rumour? Who says so? I am sure they are wrong’’ etc. etc.

‘’It’s more than a rumour actually, Tammy. A friend of a friend overheard a woman telling her friend that she had been seeing this guy, Paul, from her office, in secret, behind his girlfriend’s back, and that the girlfriend name was Tamara. There can’t be many Paul’s dating Tamara’s, and I followed it up. It is your Paul, and the woman is Haley, who works in the same stockbroker firm that he does.

He sees her when he tells you he is going on a golfing weekend with the guys’’.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I did both after a while. I was more hurt than I could imagine. If this was true, then I was the biggest fool ever. I was going to break up with Gabi, give up swinging, and settle down to a normal domestic life for this guy, and he was fucking around behind my back!

I said to Amanda that I need to be 100% sure before I dumped him- I just could not believe it.

We planned what to do.

I wasn’t going to wait until he had another ‘’golf weekend’’. I wanted to know NOW.

I would tell Paul that I was going to a bachelorette party in Pretoria, and would sleep at Amanda’s house, which is in Pretoria, rather than drive back late at night. Then Amanda and I would wait in her car and see whether he went out, and where he went. I was sure she was wrong.

So that Saturday night I got dressed, kissed Paul goodbye, and went to Amanda’s house. We got into her car, and parked back near Paul’s house up the street so we could see whether he went out.

About 30 mins later I got a text from Paul saying he was going to meet the guys for a drink at the Keg, see you tomorrow.

We waited.

About another 30 minutes later Paul drove out of his driveway, turned left and drove off without seeing us.

Amanda and I followed at a distance. He has a bright red double-cab, so it’s quite easy to follow.

We drove for 15 kms, and then he turned into a suburb, down a few streets, and stopped outside a house.

Amanda looked at me.

’’I am so sorry to be right’’ she said.

‘’maybe he is picking someone up’’ I said.

We waited, and could see him talking on his cell phone.

The gate opened, and he drove in.

He parked, got out. Carrying a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers.

I just started crying. I felt SO stupid.

The door opened, and he went in, but we couldn’t see who had opened the door, and there was no name on the house or anything.

We sat and thought.

‘’if he thinks you are going to be out all night, he could stay here all night’’ said Amanda. ‘’we need to get him to leave at some time so we can see who says goodbye at the door’’

To be honest, I couldnt really see much, I was crying so much.

Amanda took my phone, and texted Paul: ‘’not staying at Amanda tonight, home at 12’’

‘’that will make him come out sometime before then’’ she said.

She moved the car with the lights off so that we could see into the doorway, but the car was hidden by shrubs on the pavement.

After a while we got hungry, so we called a friend to bring some pizza and wine to the car. She arrived at 9, and the three of us sat in the car and waited.

After Paul went into the house, the lights in most of the rooms were switched off, except for one room at the end on the house which looked like it had frilly bedroom curtains. After a while, that was also switched off.

At 23h30 the bedroom light came on, and 15 minutes later the front door light came on. The door opened, and Paul came out. Behind him was a brunette in a nighty. Even from that distance I could see she had nice boobs, and nothing under the nighty. They kissed and hugged, his hands under her nighty on her naked bum.

He patted her on her bum, got into his car, and reversed out of the driveway, turned away from us and drove off.

The woman watched him go, and closed the door.

I was devastated. I drove with Amanda back to her house, she texted Paul ‘’change of plan, I am staying at Amanda tonight’’ and we sat up drinking coffee and talking till early the next morning.

I knew that Paul had a bicycle race that morning so I waited till he would have left, went to his house, fetched my things and went back to my apartment.

I broke up with him the next week without saying why, although he tried very hard to find out if I knew anything about this woman and him. I was humiliated enough without going through a whole ‘’divorce’’ scene, so I just said that I need more space etc., and left it at that.

So that was in 2014.

I subsequently found out that the woman’s name was Haley, she was 22, and a secretary at the firm where he worked. I heard that they never really dated at all as the company did not allow that. They just fucked occasionally, and then she got engaged and I lost interest in her anyway.

This last weekend, on Saturday night, I was having dinner with Amanda and two other girls at a restaurant in Atholl. Tracy, one of the girls, looked at the bar counter and said something to Amanda, who then also looked towards the bar.

Amanda then leaned over to me.

‘’Hun, you remember that slut that Paul was fucking behind your back year before last?’’

‘’not going to forget her in a hurry. What about her”? “I asked.

‘’see those guys at the bar? The guy on the extreme left is her new husband’’.

I looked. At the bar counter there was a group of three guys, sitting and having beers. The guy on the extreme left was blonde, stocky and, when he turned, quite good-looking.

‘’how do you know”? I asked.

‘’Tracy says that the slut is in her book-club. She was talking the other day about her wedding, and showed pics of her husband. Tracy says that’s him. Claude.’’

I tuned to Tracy.

‘’how sure are you?’’

‘’100% Tamz. I remember the short blonde hair and the goatee. They got married about 6 months ago’’

I sat and ate my food, thinking.

Then I got up, and went to the bathroom.

When I came back, I whispered in Amanda’s ear. She laughed, and I kept whispering. Eventually she nodded, and I leaned towards Genevieve on my other side, while Amanda leaned towards Tracy, all whispering like schoolgirls on an outing.

We paid the bill, and Amanda left. The three guys at the bar had had quite a lot to drink, and were quite boisterous.

Tracy, Genevieve and I got up, and went over to the bar. They went to the right of the three guys, and I went to the slut’s husband’s side.

We all pretended to be quite pissed, slurring our words a bit, and being very friendly.

I sat next to Claude, and chatted to him. The three of them were SO happy that these three loose chicks had arrived- they were talking up a storm, boasting and carrying on as guys do when they think they may get lucky.

As I talked to Claude, I rested my hand on his arm once or twice, and on his leg one or twice. I seemed to be battling to sit up on my own, so he put his arm around me at one stage as I slipped a bit on my bar-stool, and left it there after I ‘’recovered ‘’ my balance. (Those who know me will know that I don’t drink alcohol at all!)

They bought drinks for us, and the party got festive indeed.

After 15 minutes, I said to Claude

‘’where are the toilets?’’

He pointed them out to me

I slid off the barstool, and stumbled.

‘’Whew, I have had more to drink than I thought’’ I said to him.’’ won’t you walk with me to the toilets so I can hold onto you?’’

He stood up gallantly, and I put my arm around his waist as we made our way to the toilets.

As we entered the passage where the toilets were, the first door was the disabled toilet.

I opened the door, and before he could object, pulled him in, closed the door and locked it.

I turned to face him, put my arms around his neck and said

‘’I don’t really need the loo, but I need you’’ and kissed him on his mouth, sticking my tongue down his throat.

He resisted initially, and then kissed me back, holding me.

Still kissing him, I undid his shirt buttons, and ran my nails down his chest.

He put his hand on my boobs, and I obliged by quickly undoing my blouse and unclipping my bra in front.

He immediately took my boobs in his hands and began to kiss my nipples.

I undid his belt, unzipped his jeans, and pulled them and his jocks down to his ankles.

I dropped to my knees, and took his half-hard cock in my mouth and started giving him the blowjob of his life.

As his cock grew harder, I ran my tongue around the head, flicking the underside of it, and then licking all the way down the shaft to his balls. When the cock was back in my mouth, I tickled the underside of his balls with my nails.

I moved my hair out of my face, and he helpfully held it back behind my head so I could suck him better, pulling my head closer to his rigid cock.

I saw the curtains at the window move slightly, and I turned my head away from the window a bit. Claude was leaning back against the wall, looking down at the top of my head as I sucked his cock.

When I saw the curtains move again out of the corner of my eye, I counted to 60, still sucking hard.

Then I stood up, buttoned my blouse and said to him

‘’oooh, now I really have to go to the loo’’ opened the door and rushed out, leaving him standing there with his pants around his ankles and his cock pointing at the ceiling.

I nodded to Tracy and Genevieve at the bar, and left through the side door of the restaurant.

Amanda was waiting in her car. I got in, and we drove off, Tracy and Genevieve close behind.

‘’all ok?’’ I asked Amanda

“” yes’” she said. ‘’The window you opened earlier was a bit high, but I stood on a Coke crate so I could see in ‘’

‘’Great ‘’ I said.

I texted Tracy, who texted an email address back.

When we got to Amanda’s house, I went on her laptop and created a new Gmail account.

I thought that ‘’cheatingspouseclaude@gmail.com’’ was nice.

Then I attached the photo Amanda had taken through the open toilet window.

I think it is quite an erotic photo, in a way. Claude can be seen standing against the wall, looking down at the girl who has his cock in her mouth, and her hands on his balls. You can’t quite see her face, because she turned away just as the photo was taken, but you can certainly see his face and his cock in her mouth clearly enough.

I pressed send.

I would sure love to be a fly on the wall in Claude and his new slut-bride Haley’s house when she opened her emails the next morning.