Written by Iluvtouching

27 May 2015

So we have known each other for a bit more than two weeks. We have met twice, once for coffee and once again for a more personal “get to know you”. But we haven’t actually bonked each others’ brains out – yet! Why not? We are intentionally taking it slowly, savouring every erotic step along the way, titivating, building the eroticism and anticipation, and really enjoying the journey!...

She first contacted me, a routine mail, asking for info about play venues. I replied, in some detail, providing options, and expressing opinions about some of the venues, and also commented on her profile (which I had quickly checked). She replied, not just the “thank you” that I had anticipated, but agreeing with some of my observations, explaining a bit about her circumstances, and asking further questions. Again I replied, providing factual information and opinion, and asking her a question or two. In her reply, at the end of the mail she offered the comment “I would not be averse to meeting up or chatting further on BBM or whatsapp”. My interest was definitely piqued! It’s not often that I get mails here from single ladies, and especially from ladies who are keen to stay in contact!

I decided to take the chance, and sent her my pin code. Next morning I received a message, saying “Hi, it’s me, ……….!!”, and we were connected. Early on we exchanged face-pics so that we had some idea who we were talking to. And since then we have had plenty of chats, some just exploring who we are, some suggestively sexy, and some just downright erotic.

We are both married, but obviously not to each other. She is in an essentially sexless marriage, been like that for years. Mine is boring, mundane, and the sex is pretty routine, so I’ve been playing around and doing other things to add some spice for a few years now. She has had a few traumatic life-experiences recently, and as a result made the conscious decision a few months back that there had to be more to life than what she was then experiencing, and decided to make some changes, get out there, and start having some fun.

During our messaging chats, after a few days, we made the decision to meet for coffee. She arrived at the coffee-shop a few minutes before me, and waited outside for me. We met up, and spontaneously hugged in greeting, then went in and found a quiet table, and ordered our coffees. And then the chatting started in earnest!

We found that we shared a lot of common values, and even had some growing-up experiences in common. The level of sharing deepened, and we got around to sharing some really raunchy stuff too, our experiences in losing our virginities, and some of the fun experiences we have had while here on this site. The area where we were sitting became too busy for our liking, so we relocated to a booth in a quieter area of the coffee-shop, and sat closer together, our legs touching. When it was time to go home, we walked out together, and found that we had coincidentally parked close to each other. Standing next to the cars in the dimly-lit carpark, we hugged again, with a bit more intensity than when we had first met up, and exchanged soft, gentle kisses (a hint of more to come!).

Our chatting continued over the next couple of days, becoming progressively more erotic.

Soon I received an invitation to view her Private Album, and I responded in kind. As our chats continued, we discussed the private and revealing pics, and the level of intimacy involved particularly for a girl in taking and sharing pussy pics. She had talked about having a full bush of pubic hair during one of her early encounters. Yet in her private pics her pubes were neatly trimmed. I commented on this, saying that I would love an opportunity to help keep her trimmed like that. She responded that I was a bit too late, as she had recently made the decision and gone for a full Brazilian waxing. Her next BBM response arrived about 15 minutes later – a picture of her hairless pussy! She said, “there you are – Kojak!” She had gone off to the loo at work, and taken the pic to send to me!

We had agreed that we both wanted to meet again, and found a date and time that suited us. She suggested that it would be nice if it could be somewhere a bit more “private” than the coffee-shop, asking if I could suggest any suitable places. I asked “Somewhere where we can be a bit more touchy-feely!?”, and she said “Yes!!!” I replied, providing a few options – we could rent a B&B or Motel room for an hour or two; there was also the possibility of just meeting up and sitting together in a car at one of the parks; and then also the option of going to Germiston Lake and walking to one of the lapas, enjoying the fresh air while we walked and talked.

We agreed that we felt the B&B / motel suggestion would be too much too soon. We both felt that we would appreciate more time to explore where we wanted to go with our involvement. So we decided to go to Germiston Lake, take our binocs and birdbooks, and have a bit of a picnic.

I then sent her a deliberately naughty suggestion – “Wear a loose-fitting skirt!” I referred her to a particular story I had read here on SH, and told her that if she read the story, she would understand why I suggested it. She replied that she didn’t have a suitable skirt, but that she would try and make a plan. She said she would read the story anyway.

Next day we met in the carpark at the lake. She was not wearing a skirt!

We each had a small carry bag with the things we felt we might need. We headed down to the waters edge, and then walked along the jogging path to the far end of the park, and chose to sit at the second last lapa. And for most of the time it was pretty private! But there were rowers and canoeists out on the lake, and the jogging path ran close by the lapa….

We sat close together, looking back along the jogging path towards the entrance. Initially we discussed some mundane issues, and then we started touching. She reached out and touched my arm or my leg as we talked. I put my arm on the back of the bench and started stroking her neck and shoulders. We looked at each other as we talked, occasionally remembering to look back along the path. We started kissing, not as gentle as our previous parting kisses in the carpark, but with more tongue, lingering and exploring. The level of passion increased. We embraced, and with my free hand I started to fondle one of her boobs. She reached down and rubbed my hardening cock though my jeans.

She was wearing a loose jersey over a buttoned blouse. As she responded to my fondling, I put one and then both hands in under her jersey, and started unbuttoning her blouse. I continued fondling her boobs through her bra, feeling her nipples erect through her bra cups. She moaned softly in enjoyment. She reached behind her back and undid her bra, and I lifted her cups, allowing her boobs to swing free. Her nipples were erect, very erect!

She undid my shirt buttons, reciprocating my touches by running her fingers through my chest hair and then stroking my nipples and cupping my man-boobs. I found that very arousing.

Fortunately we happened to look up, and saw the security guard approaching along the path. We stopped our fondling while he walked past, trying to pretend that he wasn’t interested in watching us. I thought to ask him when they close the entrance gates, so that we knew when we needed to be out of there. Then we waited while he moved off continuing on his rounds, gently touching each other until he was out of sight.

Soon as he was gone, I got down on my knees at her feet, lifted her jersey to expose her free-swinging boobs, and started suckling on her nipples. Her loosened bra hindered my access, and so she removed it, sliding the shoulder straps out along her arms, and put it in her bag. That was better! I love sucking nipples which respond so beautifully to my attentions!

When my knees started to tire, I sat back on the bench. She immediately undid my belt and fly, took my erect cock out and started playing with it. She found I was leaking pre-cum, and rubbed it around the head of my cock. Then she gently wanked me. By this time I was rubbing her pussy through her pants.

Once again we were interrupted, this time by a jogger. So we put all our naughty bits away as he approached, and waited for him to carry on past.

As I continued to stroke her pussy through her pants, she commented that she had not been able to find a suitable skirt in time, but that she had intentionally worn pants that were very loose-fitting! And her eyes twinkled with sexy naughtiness as she said so! I did not need a second invitation! It was obvious that she wanted me touching her. I undid her button and zipper, and slipped my hand inside, stroking her pussy through her panty gusset.

Her smooth pussy was so, so wet!!!! Even touching lightly through her panties, the wetness was so evident, her pussy juices having soaked straight through the gusset. Although her pants were loose, her panties were tight. I slid my hand inside her panties, finding her clit and an unbelievably wet slit. But my hand was constrained a bit by the tight panties. She obligingly stood briefly, and moved her panties down, to allow me easier access. I played gently with her pussy, alternating between concentrating on her clit and running my middle finger along her slit, sometimes gently penetrating her pussy opening. She moaned and whimpered as I touched her.

Before she reached orgasm, we were interrupted again by a jogger! We sat pretending to look at birds on the lake, all innocent!

As soon as he was gone past, we resumed our play, and my hand went straight back inside her pants. I teased her clit, rubbing my fingers through the moisture from her slit, fingering her more often and progressively deeper and deeper, until she orgasmed. She moaned with pleasure at the climax. But she wasn’t finished! Our kissing became even more passionate. After a slight pause, I continued the manual stimulation, and after a short while she came again, an intense orgasm, her body stiffening and quivering, pushing hard against me, her moans of enjoyment sounding in my ears.

Then she decided it was my turn. Once more, she got my cock out, and rubbed my leaking pre-cum round and round the head of my dick. She pulled down on my cock, so that the helmet stuck out like the head of a nail. She lowered her face to my cock, and gently enclosed me with her lips, licking on my tip, licking around the sensitive edges, and slowly took me deeper into her mouth, gently riding her mouth up and down the length of my cock to prolong my pleasure.

I am sure you can guess what happened next? Once again a jogger approached along the path, and I had to close up my pants once again. But this guy didn’t carry on past. Close by our lapa, he stopped at the nearby exercise equipment to do his gym routine. Damn, damn, damn!!!!!

With him remaining so close by, and the fact that it was only ten minutes to gate-closing time, we decided to call it a day and head back to the cars.

She managed unobtrusively to get her panties back into place, fastened her pants, and re-buttoned her blouse, but left her bra off. We packed up our few things, and walked back to the entrance, holding hands along the way back.

Before our date, I had established that she didn’t own a vibrator. So I had bought her one, and had it with me in my bag at the lapa, intending to use it when opportunity arose, and would likely have done so if she had been wearing a skirt!! Back at the cars, as a parting gift, I presented her with the vibrator, complete with a set of batteries. She was thrilled! How we wished we had had the chance to use it!

So, after two “dates”, there are still a lot of things we haven’t yet gotten to…

We haven’t had penetrative sexual intercourse. She also never got to complete the blow job and bring me to orgasm. We didn’t make use of the vibrator that I bought her (we have decided that we will “christen it” together!). I haven’t licked her clit as I so definitely want to, or even seen her Kojak pussy. I want to undress her, to free her boobs and lift her nipples in turn to my waiting mouth. I want to slowly peel off her panties, and reveal her most intimate secret place….

There is so much still to do, to try out, to explore, as we continue along our journey. Are we going to? All in good time! We have our next “date” planned, we just need to agree on the venue, depending on how far we next wish to proceed along the route! …

Are we both enjoying this very sexy journey? Damn sure we are!!

And this story is sub-titled "His Perspective", in the hope that she might one day be encouraged to tell her side of the story too...