Written by Anonymous

13 Feb 2019

Saturday night started out the same as many others we all met up at a local restaurant from a few drinks and to catch up. Everyone was having a good time especially my wife and her dear friend Candice.

At some point the two were actually dancing together but nothing untoward as they are best friends and have been for as long as I can recall.

The evening was winding down and people

Saying their goodbyes. My wife asked if we would be able to drop Candice off as she had taken an Uber. No problem !

We get in the car and my wife gets in the back with Candice, odd, but they a both have had a few drinks so maybe they want to catch a nap. No napping my wife whispers in my ear to take the long way and watch what happens!!!!

There in the backseat my wife starts to fondle Candice’s boobs then they kiss. My cock is as hard as a diamond in a snow storm. They continue kissing and my wife is now nuzzling her neck and Candice reaches out and touches my shoulder. Candice pulls her top down exposing her gorgeous boobs. My wife sucks on her nipples ever so slightly only then do I notice that Candice is rubbing herself she must have been wet because she proceeded to put her finger in my wife’s mouth. I actually managed to make a wrong turn somewhere and had to backtrack. The girls just laughed. My wife said concentrate we gonna have some fun now and then when we get to Candice’s place I can join. Candice then told my wife to lay back and there in the back seat was Candice going down on my wife’s pussy! My wife twisting in extacy. We got to the security gate luckily my finger print is registered and I could get to Candice’s place fast enough. I parked and got out of the car releasing my straining cock from the depths on my jeans. The girls said I should get them something cold to drink and meet them upstairs. I quickly grabbed some waters and raced upstairs. In the bedroom the two are basically naked down to their g strings kissing and caressing. I go sit at the edge of the bed just watching and stroking my cock. I didn’t know if I want to join or just sit and watch ? My wife is the first to reach for me and tells me to “bring me that cock”. Now in my humble opinion my wife has been blessed with two serious talents in the bedroom, one being that she gives an amazing blowjob and the other that she is probably one of the most sensual kissers in forplay. There I am next to them on my knees with my wife kissing Candice then switching to my cock and then Candice having a go. Now there are few sites as sexy as seeing your wife guide your cock into her friends mouth and then engaging in a kissing session. My wife Lear’s Candice to suck my cock and moves down her totally smooth body finding her way between Candice’s legs. My wife starts to lick and kiss her pussy and she is fingering her wet pussy and running her finger all over Candice’s wet lips. Come down her and make her pussy feel good!!! Candice also motions me to go down and in no time I am pounding away at her gorgeous soft wet pussy. My wife is straddling Candice’s face Ina 69 and waiting for my cock to pop out. When I do she grabs it and jerks me hard and squeezes my cock and then sucks the head clean and pushes it back into Candice’s pussy. I don’t know how long this went on for but Candice says she had cummed a few times and her pussy is sore I should fuck my wife. I am so blown away by what’s happened I don’t know if I can cum. So then I start to fuck my wife and we were going at it hard but somewhere Candice had decided to do some exploring. My wife was on her knees on the bed me behind her pounding away when Candice squeezes in underneath she decided to taste my cock and my wife’s pussy. My wife was cumming hard and Candice was not missing a beat. We all lay there for a moment to catch our breath and drink some water. My wife asked if I wanted to cum I said I did but I was so turned on I don’t know if it would be possible. She said we will make you cum. I was sitting in the chair cock still hard when my wife went on her knees and started to suck my cock she licked me up and down Candice needed no second invitation and they took turns sucking and jerking me. My wife then climbed on top of me and my cock went straight into her pussy then she pulls me out and rubs my cock against her ass. Candice is down there also running my cock against my wife’s ass almost pushing it in but not yet. I must confess I am an ass guy, I do f know why, perhaps the taboo or the fact that so few people actually do it but whatever the reason I loose control. Candice rubs my cock against my wife’s ass and then she does something only

My wife has ever done, she rubs my ass hard not penetrating just rubbings. I start to cum I shoot cum half way up my wife’s back and Candice doesn’t stop she carries on rubbing my ass and my cummy cock against my wife’s ass and into her pussy. Needless to say the rest on the evening went on forever and Sunday was spent sleeping most the day. We scheduled to go out next week again I hope we can repeat. Thank you lovey and Candice it was an awesome aweso