14 Jul 2019

So we went to Maglis for a hike today,

the weather was good,

we had lunch at the summit, we could see a bit of dam at the far end,

we even had fun at the rock garden!

all is very well, but i just feel something is still missing...

on our way down, we passed a huge rock,

suddenly, i realise what's missing....

"we should take a break here?" i ask the lady,

"sure, it's got a nice view too" she replied,

"i wonder if we can have a quickie....."

"we totally should"

she's sweaty, we had to be discreet, but the birds were chirping,

the wind were breezing on our naked butt,

her breast were sweaty, i could feel her bum cheeks cold as i hump in behind her,

keep it silent i reminded her,

there could very well be other hikers walk-by,

bt we couldnt care much,

she was horny n wet AF and as for me,,,

well, lets jst say, with my stick in my pant, i will never make it down to the exit...

we humped until she cum, quickly get dressed,

and off we went toward the exits,

if this aint Happy ending,

i dont know what is....

Tags: adventure, dogging, wild