Written by Guy47

09 Nov 2016

I am 47, been with 1 woman all my life and sex became boring as it is to be expected. I never thought I would end up looking for an "affair" as we were taught to be loyal till death do us part. Fortunately my ex wife did the 1st "wrong" move and after 3 years I discovered the affair.

Needles to say I went looking to see what it was like been a divorced male in the dating market. Well, thanks to SH I met some very interesting people and to my suprise I have realised that there is many people out there in the same boat looking for love and to satisfy our natural need for realease.

This is where on 1 Saturday morning at about 6 30 am I met her....She is one amazing woman. We started chatting and then she went off line, damn I thought she blew me off... My 1st reaction was what did I say wrong ? I was puzzled as I am a gentleman and wasn't pushy or rude.

I flew down to meet her, we just clicked from the 1st time we touched... Anyway that night we were like 2 teens both waiting and anticipating for the big moment that we would get naked and satisfy our mutual curiosity...It happened so natural and before we knew it we were both in the throws of lovemaking... She was hot, sexy and had a body that was tight.

All this just made me want to impress her and slowly but surely the time passed and we just couldn't stop and didn't want it to end. We spent almost 2 hours intwined with each other until we were both exhausted. It was beautiful and amazing.

I had suddenly discovered stamina I never knew I had and we went to sleep in each others arms.

I woke up at about 5 am still lying behind her and feeling her cute bum against my penis I became so hard it almost hurt... Morning glory I thought what a time....I slowly made my way into her and I could hear her murmur but she never "woke" up...Needles to say she was awake shortly and she started moaning and moving against me... I then realised what love was. We stayed in that position moving in fast sessions then slowing down then a combination of quick thrusts followed by deliberate slow motions...This went on for almost and hour.....It was heaven....It was beautiful it was perfect.

I have discovered a stamina that is both intense and I cannot sya its maybe as a man my age we want more than just a quick lovemaking session but to taste the "Marrow of life...." or it's an awakening like the movie "Awakenings", I have come alive and I have realised that life is good. When we together now that's how we wake up.....and I miss it if I don't wake up next to her....Now I am beginning to understand what it means to ache for somebody...