29 Mar 2019

I have always found myself in a few interesting predicaments and I do have a persuasive nature about me, my first swapping experience was when I was 16. My best friends girlfriend had introduced me to her friend, in the hopes of us hitting it off and being a friendly double date scenario. Well hit it off we did and with the persuasive power of teenage hormones and alcohol, I talked them into swapping. For the first few minutes it was great until my friends girlfriend burst into tears and stormed out.

More recently we have been working overseas and we went for a farewell drink at a woman who worked with me,she is from Poland and she is lesbian. Now my brain is always working overtime looking for those little signs someone might just be interested in some naughty fun. Half a bottle of gin later I broached the subject of her working as a topless bar maid, as she is attractive and could make good money. My wife was mortified, she has a strict rule about not playing with non lifestyle people, my logic is we were all vanilla once. Well most of us anyway.

To my surprise the young lady was not offended and replied she is really flat chested so wouldn't have a problem showing her breasts. So I said show us then, my wife nearly had heart failure when she took her top off. I told my wife it wouldn't be fair for her to sit there and not show her boobs. With much pleading she eventually took her top and bra off and was sitting bare chested next to our friend on the couch.

Soon the two of them were embraced in some hot fondling and were now in their panties, my wife had her on her back and took off her panties. I don't think our lady friend was prepared to have a "straight girl'' go down on her. It wasn't long before she had her moaning and made her cum. I managed to work my way into the action and soon me and my wife were licking the same pussy.

Soon I had our friend sitting on top of me ridding my cock and she was looking straight into my eyes while she did it, my wife was right next to us touching herself and enjoying the performance. I pulled our friend off me and bent her over with her face between my wifes legs. She was eating my wifes pussy while I fucked her hard from behind. Best farewell drinks ever.