22 Jun 2019

One saturday evening I was sitting at home, smart phone in hand and perusing the profiles and personals on the site...I see an ad pop up for a couple looking for some fun. Lets take a chance, and see if they might consider me for some fun?

I drop them a message...and a few minutes later that little red icon appears telling me I have a message!! Instant boner!

I reply...within seconds theres a reply with their whatsapp number.

I make contact...a picture swap, then those magical words appear...what are you up to?

"Headed to you?" I reply, hopefully.

Theres a pause on the other end of the whatsapp chat...they go offline. Then back on...and off again.

A few minutes later I get a reply..."Can you come now?"

Like Superman I reply, drop my clothes, shower and get redressed and head out the door.

The 20 minute drive is exciting. I arrive at their place, I see the curtain move, the gate opens and in I go!!

My hearts in my throat as I approach the door...the husband walks out, greets me and in I go.

He and I sit and chat for a few minutes before his wife walks in...and when she does, I just about cum in my pants there and then!! She is wearing a black slutty outfit...and boy is she working it!!

The thing I love best about this lifestyle is this, we all know what we want. I greet her, she wastes no time in running her hand over my cock, and I reciprocate and run my hand up her thigh. We are both wet. Within seconds she is on her knees, my cock in her mouth...her husbands cock in her other hand. Its a storybook moment.

We take turns fucking her. She rides me to point that I think my chest looks like I went a round with Wolverine...then she does the most amazing magical thing...she climbs off my cock, slips said cock into her mouth and proceeds to give me the most amazing blowjob ever. Within a couple minutes I am shooting my load into her mouth...she doesnt let a single drop out. It is simply amazing.

Round two comes a short while later...I get hard again while standing behind her as she rides her hubby...she slides off, offers me her ass and I resume fucking her. The wet skin, the slapping noises...the moans...its all too good to be true!!

Eventually I cum again and she tags out!!

I leave them a short while later...head home and look at my watch. Hard to believe just 4 hours earlier I was wondering if there was any kinkyness in my life that night!!!

You never know what those personal ads might bring...