Written by adventurecpl5

28 Sep 2017

In the last few months weve met amazing peeps.We never ever thought that this lifestyle would be such a game changer.Vanilla yes . Slightly careful and not sure what to do .So many couples are so friendly we actually were overwhelmed

My wife is super hot and has the confidence and friendliness that everyone loves.Invited to a few private parties we always felt so welcome .Its so amazing that so many peeps have visited our house and we had such a great time chatting having a beer braai and off course the ladies some wine and we become such good friends that were actually became house friends not play friends.One couple that's quite familiar on site husband became so ill he landed icu cardio unit .We stood by them all the way visiting him every night .The tough bliksem made it trough .My wife stood by his wife all the time 24 7.Today were best friends. .

Then we went to a familiar plot just outside Pretoria east

What a great place to meet awesome respectful people that respect your wishes and rules.

In a 4 month time frame weve met more than 40 amazing couples with a massive variety of preferences from observers to hardcore .No one judge you its so awesome and we love softplay .Yes some couples are not properly informed of your rules .Being approached by other couples in such a respectful way makes it awesome

Then the day came when you meet such a awesome couple and wihtin minutes you click .That's the couple you wanna take that special step futher .We focus on the sensuality of our wives .Both are stunning off the scale . no LUST just the sensual side of 2 stunning ladies entertaining us Massaging softplay oral but penetration own partner rules .

Were all 4 vanillas .so were taking the steps slowly together .

Weve met many amazing friends in this lifestyle and love it we will play soft with other classy in shape couples .

But that special couple weve met