18 Dec 2015

We are a young couple. It was love at first sight when i met her. We have been dating for 2 odd hard years with challenges and massive tribulations. However our bond had kept us head above water. Its safe to say we were what many would call soulmates., A power couple! No matter what challenges hit us we were by each others sides. However we were now at breaking point- heart breaking but true. I felt we needed an escape or we would destroy each other .

i searched the internet in pursuit of a miracle. I never expected to call ourselves swingers. I was traditional that way. One lady for the rest of my days.

I found an upmarket club that offered people the chance to live out their fantasy. ( i was hooked) . People having sex with strangers. Roleplaying, voyeurism, starter glimps or light bdsm and No Strings attached sex. This i would have previously considered sleazy. However the lady who owned the club opened my eyes with this phrase, " she is not your possesion and you are not hers, you are partners, each others rocks, but sex has nothing to do with that"

It was life changing. I saw couples having intimate relationships with strangers. Shouts of ecstacy and pure pleasure, yet after all of this they went back to their partners excited to share their experiences.

this was beautiful! Couples having courage to let each other have everything they wanted in life, with the strength to turn jealousy into passion for one another.

My lover and i tip toed around the club. Not knowing what might jump out around the corner. We were nervous and our senses had been shocked by images of orgies on the dance floors, bars tables, fuck even against the windows. This was an escape. A place to let all the bullshit go, and fuck out the pain and bushit life hands you on a silver platter.

My angel was dressed as an elf. Santas little helper looking to get fucked till she drops. I wanted to bend her over and fuck her in every crack and corridor; however i was overwhelmed and she was too. The more we exposed ourselves to the fantasy rooms the more aroused we got. However we were to shy and green to get down and dirty.

We stumbled across a red room that made Christian Grey seem like a priest. The door was locked, and we heard a girl moaning and yelling pure bliss. There were peep holes that shone a red warm light- calling for an audience. My gorgeous placed her eyes against the wall and I saw her immediate arousal which caused me to become excited. We perved over a gorgeous couple. The girl tied up on a crucific bar. Merciless and helpless. Her lover pounding her till she shook from invluntary submission. I lifted my girls dress and gripped her tight cute ass. We looked at each other and read each others minds. We wanted to be a part of this. Nervously we knocked on the door. The moaning turned into a slight whisper, followed by a cheeky giggle. The latch shook free and the door invitingly swung open. We walked in. Greeted them like we were two nerds in a sex ed class. We had been pretty wild in bed but now we felt like rookies.

We anxiously looked at every piece of equipment and props to figure out how we would fuck or torchure? Each other. The good looking couple continued to lose themselves in fuck. Eventually tried to tie me up but the harness snapped. Fuck we were lame we thought. Fuck this! I turned her around. Bent her over a wooden bench and started to enter her from behind. The other pretty young thing was being fucked on a sex swing but staring at my girl as she was getting fucked . I noticed the other girl get turned on by this. Her eyes rolled back and she swung her partner into her.

We had just set the scene when suddenly the lights flicked and alarm went off. The owner of the club ( shitty timing) came in to announce the club was closing and that we will need to get dressed and leave.

I was like a kid who dropped his ice cream cone. I wanted to fuck my fantasies into the reality I could now have and I wanted it like an addict's last hit.

As we left the club the sexy couple had waited for us. The girl who looked drained from her ogasms looked my gorgeous in the eyes and said , "we had fun with you guys. Take my number and lets see where things go for us"....

A few weeks later and.we are seeing that couple for a "braai"tomorrow... needless to say i hope they have paper towels!