15 Sep 2017

It started in high school.

I was in grade 9 and had to wait every day after school to be collected at around 5pm.

I waited in the same area overlooking the road. Usually alone and bored as hell.

Then she came.

Not yet.

She is beautiful today and was mind blowing then.

Lets call her N for now.

She comes from Zimbabwe and has found herself waiting in the same area as me. To be collected at around the same time.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her and she loved it.

She had well developed breasts and legs and an arse to make me cry.

It was cold and drizzling that afternoon.

We had been talking the day before. And getting along very well.

She told me she was cold and asked me to cuddle her.She was leaning against a low wall looking down at the road.

Being bessotted and the gentleman I am I wrapped my blazer around her and held her tight.

She wiggled her beautiful bum right onto my hardening cock and pushed three times into me. I was hard as rock and lifting back against her.

Oh thats nice I said. To which she replied yes.

There was no going back.

She told me next that she wasn't wearing any underwear and that it would be unfortunate if my zip slipped into her and we couldn't stop ourselves. While she carefully slipped down my zip and reached into my pants and slipped out my hard cock.

Oh your probably going to slip into me now and cum inside me she said.

I think I was Cumming in her hand already.

She carefully lifted her leg. And guided me into her drenched pussy. Oh boy. That is amazing!

Im a virgin I told her. To which she replied. We both are.

We stood there. Her back to me and me deep inside the best sensation I had ever felt in my life.

Wait she said. Before you start. How does this feel for you?

Beautiful N. Ive never felt anything like this. Its soft and wet and warm and I just want to go berserk.

Slowly I started pumping into her.

She took my ice cold hanfs and slipped them under her Jersey and up to her breasts.

No bra I questioned?

Not today she replied.

Her nipples were hard.

Her breasts super firm and her tummy firm yet soft.

By this time I was pumping deep and quickening.

Loving every stroke.

I could feel my orgasm coming on.

She was so wet I couldnt believe it.

N started tightening up around my cock.

She was pushing hard into me now.

She leant back and whispered into my ear. Im cumming. Oh god. Im cumming.

This took me over the edge and I spent myself deep inside her.

Thrusting until the sensation that had almost crippled me in pleasure had passed.

We stood there. Me inside her. Her breathing slowing down. Me carressing her breasts and tummy. Until i came out naturally. And rested between us.

This became a daily event.

We never got caught.

Later on we realised that N was to marry my brother. Oops.

Years down the line I visit her at her coffee shop. Where we visit the counter oberlooking the road. And re live those moments.