Written by Dr know it all en more

19 Feb 2017

One evening I met up with my Lover gf and playmate and introduced her to a playmate from the site I have been chatting to set up a threesum fun for us as she enjoyed the chemistry as much as I do en the passion en adrenalin that flows.

She is very bi curious en we love watching each other en joining in as well all three hands touching carressing kissing sucking licking en cuddling to orgasmic hights.


Met up with playmate I chose with her and we met up in Benoni area as I was there for work.

She was married to

A man 20 years older than her and had no sex drive or sex fun or excited her.

We met at a parking area and she jumped into my car amd she was a Brunette hotty.

She didnt have a lot of time but started to kiss me en I love foreplay en she had her hand on my dick en out of my pants en swallowed me deep en sucked me deep en loved licking my dick.


Loved stroking her clit en fingering her deep en hard and she sucked en almost choked what she felt from her pussy en how I used what Inwas taught en gave advice to all my patients to evry day to better their sex life and relationships.

She had a huge orgasm while i was cumming in her mouth and loved evry second of it and had a series of mini orgasms and begged me to fuck her there and then.

I was so horny but said no I promised my lover we will fuck her together.


Next episode continued.