30 Mar 2019

I was in my very early 20's and had just started working at a very well known Media company in the CBD, our offices were located on the 9th floor, back then I was very much inexperienced and into heavy petting rather than penetrative sex.

Having met a lady online of a similar age group, interests and experiences to myself but at the same time a little more expressive about her fantasies than any other lady I had encountered before but still at the same time very reserved and shy about actually doing anything about the fantasies she had. We got to know each other pretty well and often had some nawty phone calls and chats

One saturday afternoon I was on standby for technical support when I got that dreaded call to come into the office, now that I was at the office and having completed my work I called up my friend, as luck would have it she was in the CBD doing some running around, after a few minutes of banter over the phone I invited her to come join me at the office, about a half hour later there I was scanning her into the building and up the elevator we went making our way to our brand spanking new office area, new black chairs nice desks , she commented on how different the geek area looked than she imagined

We sat down and enjoyed each others company, having a good laugh about what she though geeks get up to and how the geeks offices would have looked, I remember telling her that "I'm not your typical geek" which made her smile. Before long the chat took a bit of a turn and I hint at what an exciting experience it would be to do something nawty at the office, she looks at me and walks over to the very large windows which overlook the harbor leans forward and invites me over to join her, she looks around and asks "are there any cameras in the office" , to which I replied "no there aren't any", she smiles and says "well what are we waiting for, we have the place to ourselves, what do you think we could get up to" , I look at her not sure if shes just teasing (she was a big teaser) but when I felt her supple breasts push up against me, I could not help myself and went for it

I popped her onto the windowsill she leans back as I started to explore her body, she looks around nervously making sure that on one comes through the door , the idea of us almost getting caught is something we both found to be extremely erotic and it fuels even more, looking through the window we can see cars on the freeway passing by but they were not able to see in which also added to the experience , we are now at this point furiously groping each other and when i finally touched her between her legs she let out this loud moan which almost echo'd through the office area

She pushed me back and says lets try out these new chairs you have , I sit down and she undoes my pants and takes the tip of my penis into her mouth and breathes warm air over it, the sensation of it feels so good , she starts to really get into it and strokes me milking all the precum from my now very hard and throbbing cock , she start to lower her lips down onto my member and takes me in slowly all the way and continues until i cant hold myself back , I warn her that I'm about to cum but she does not care and takes it all and swallows every bit of it

Now its my turn to return the favor, I lead her over to my bosses desk, lay her down slowly lick my way up her legs kissing her between her legs through her now absolutely soaking wet panties. I remove her panties and continue to lap away at her smooth shaved vagina tasting and enjoying her , finally the tip of my tongue slips through her lips and over her clit making her grab on the desk enjoying my touch , her body moving with with my touch and her breathing getting more and more faster, she getting close to a orgasm I get up look at her and now for the first time my fingers slip into her wet tight pussy, her back arching hips grind to my touch , I look at her asking her to hold it back for as long as she could as i continue to play with her , slipping my finger in and out stroking her just right until she just can't hold it back anymore and releases , biting her lips trying not to scream, I have this thing that when a lady is orgasming that i do not stop playing with her until she asks me to stop and so i continued to finger her she came another 3 times and then jumped up and said "ok ok thats enough i can't anymore please stop" . she had never experienced that before and It took her a while to came down from the high she just experienced

When we were done we noticed we had made a bit of a mess and tidied up an bit before hitting the road, we both reminisced a bit about being able to tick one thing off our bucket list next time she said you helping me with another fantasy she said, but that's a story for another time