14 May 2018

We had such a lovely dinner out on Saturday nite, Patrick's wife went to visit her sister and took her mother along. So i stayed over at Pat's for the W/End.

After dinner we went to the movies, felt kinda old with hundred of youngsters and teens. Wh got to the desk to buy our tickets and i asked for tickets for the most unpopular film. The lady gave me a quizzical look, said we just wanna relax and not have a lot of people around us. Sure enough the movie house was a quarter full . Great i thought as we sat down, my hand on Pat's thigh. The movies comes on after a lot of forthcoming attractions. Nice now i can tease him, my hand slides over his cock i squeeze it, he smiles at me, my finger slides in his zipper, he has button jeans, that open easy. I ease his cock out, it is getting hard, i give it little squeezes and feel it throbbing in my hand. Awesome, just about to go and suck on it and a youngster ask us to please excuse as he has a seat next to me, we let him pass and he sits down next to me.

Damn now all i can do is hold Pat's cock, i slowly slide my hand up and down it, i can see he is enjoying it, i so wanna suck it. I notice the youngster is watching my hand on Pat's cock, i see he is flushed, i smile at him, he looks away.

A little later my knee is rubbing his thigh, he glances at me i smile, at last he has the courage to smile back at me, i reach over a feel his thigh, rubbing my hand on the inside of his thigh. I feel his hardness through his pants. He helps and unzips his pants, i work his cock out, lovely size for a youngster, Pat is looking at what i'm doing to him, he undoes my shirt, and my boobs pop out. I take this young mans hand to my boob, he is uncertain, but starts squeezing and cupping them. mmmm feeling nice, i have both cocks in my hands and in a movie house (lol) i feel his cock is getting wetter and i whisper to him if i can suck his cock, he nods and says yes in a hushed scared voice. Being at the back of the cinema, i kneel on the floor and take his salty throbbing cock in my mouth and shuck,s so quickly i feel this pumping of alkaline salty cum shooting in my mouth, he is quitely gasping with pleasure as i drain him. I then turn on Pat and take him in my mouth and slowly suck his hard throbbing cock, i feel him tense up and woosh he cums in my mouth, i quietly gag a little, i rise up and kiss Pat filling his mouth with his own cum