19 Aug 2019

So I was at work this Saturday and was flirting a bit on wattsap and my battery went low . So I put my phone to charge as I served a few customers . 2 hours later I took the phone off charge and there were several messages from  wattsap. I mentioned previously that there are many time wasters on this site as well as others but my curiosity got the better of me . I received a picture from a couple and the caption read " this is me waiting for you " . The pic was of a sexy young lady in a short black dress and socks.  So whilst I was looking at the pic and deciding whether to reply or not I received a call and it was from the couple . The lady Jessica spoke to me but since I had customers around still I could not answer her directly . So after the customers left I called Jessica again and spoke to her . She had this fantasy of being with a mature guy for a while now . She asked me to chat to her hubby Kyle. It was around 2pm and he asked me if I wanted to come over and fuck his wife . I wanted to but it was still 4 hours from closing time . I wanted to do this so I said yes but can only get there by 4pm . I packed all my stuff into the car and headed to their place in Unit 7 Chatsworth.  I hooted at the gate and the gate opened.

I was greeting by Kyle who told me to park at behind the house . I was escorted upstairs and met Jessica . She was in a that same short satin black dress and socks . I introduced myself and then I was told we have just 2 hours as their family would be returning from some ladies camp . Jessica was 28 and Kyle 32 . She was looking absolutely stunning with a nawty  smile .

So I asked her if she wanted a full body massage or sensual massage to which she replied " let's cut to the chase I just want you to eat my pussy in front of me hubby " I couldn't wait as she undid belt and jeans . I turned arounded and he said have fun . As she pulled my jean down my cock was already stiff waiting you be sucked . She told me that I have a lovely dick  for a 52 year old . I was all exited as she sucked my cock.  Kyle was sitting on the couch  playing with his cock which was stiff now . Kyle had a longer dick than mine but he was not as thick.  I got a big head she giggled. She then lay on the bed and opened her legs for me . Her pussy was pink neatly trimmed by now she was very wet . I sucked her and she shivered . She asked me if I have been with a lady that squirted and I said yes . I sucked on her pussy and fucked her deep with my tongue. She called her hubby to come and guide my cock into her pussy as she wanted me to go doggy . This is the first time I had a guy touch my cock . He guided my cock into her wet but very tight pussy . I went in very slowly as her pussy swallowed every inch of my cock . I started nice and slow but she wanted to control the pace . She turned me around and started to fuck my cock . We fucked a good 15 minutes and she must have cum at least twice . I was about to cum and she stopped me as she wanted to pee . Whilst she was in the loo hubby told me I must come in her mouth and he will video it . So she got back  and started to play with my cock which had gone a bit soft . I sucked  her beautiful firm breasts and I was up again ready to go . We fucked missionary  and doggy and she started squirting big time . I rubbed my cock on her clitoris she just kept going . I fucked her again and by now I was ready to cum too . Hubby asked her to sit on the floor as he wanted me to cum in her mouth as she blew me and she agreed. I removed the condom and she swallowed every last drop . I squeezed the last bit out by hand and onto her lips . Hubby filmed all this . This cum swallowing was his fantasy to watch . We both went into the shower together as it was getting late and the rest of the family start arriving . We agreed to meet this coming weekend for an all night session . I am so looking foward to eating  Jessica's pussy again . This time her hubby will be joining in .