04 Dec 2015

So we chatted for over a week and I was starting to think his wasting my time.

It was on Monday morning when I received a message asking me "can you host?". So i reply with a yes and give him my address.

I go and put on a lacey pink thong and wait.

So finally I hear a knock on the door and his here, he walks in and takes a seat. We chat for a while and then I show him some porn on how I like to be throat fucked.

I then reach for his cock and to my surprise, that was huge(20-23cm).

I slowly suck it and he asks me if I'm ready to be his slut, I answer yes.

He then stands up, holds my head and slowly pushes is cock down my throat, soon I know his fucking my throat balls deep. He then takes his belt and ties up my hands behind me.

He says, now it's just your throat and my cock....

He grabs my head and starts to fuck my throat, It felt so good having him move in and out my throat.

My face was messed up from all that drool. I looked like a slut!!

He fucked my throat for about 45 minutes until I felt him moan and without warning, he shot his load deep in my throat and in my tummy. I couldn't even taste the cum.

He pulls out, cleans up and leaves.

I then wank myself and cum over my face.....