Written by redbruce

20 Jun 2017

I had been away on holiday for a couple of weeks, and out of circulation as a result. When I was back I sent a message to some of the folks I know, telling them I was back, and asking if they knew of anything interesting happening. One of my friends (“S”) messaged back to say that he was hoping to organise something for the following day, if it came together it would be “not to be missed”, would I be around and interested? I told him I definitely would be. Next thing he sent me an image of the Rietvlei Nature Reserve map. I asked if that was his intended venue, to which he replied “yip”. I told him I had been there before, and knew of a great spot to use. He had not been to Rietvlei before, having only seen it being suggested as a venue for dogging, and wanted to know if it was safe and suitable. I confirmed that it was both of those.

I asked if there would be anyone else involved. He let me know that a mutual male friend of ours, “D”, who had been desperately hoping to “get lucky” in the dogging scene, would also be invited.

He said that the young lady that he would be meeting with was very young, and that this would be her first time out dogging, her first “public” sex, and that she would not want any touching or any participation from our side, we could be there as watchers only.

Next day he confirmed that the young lady was available, he would be picking her up in Centurion, and we confirmed a time to meet. I gave him directions to the spot that I had in mind. There are a number of different bird-hides at Rietvlei, but some are more suitable as dogging spots than others…

I got there a bit early, entered at the north gate and passed the chalets and the angling area. I stopped in at the first bird-hide (Island View) to check out the conditions. There was an elderly birding couple at that hide, both with binoculars, and the lady had a very fancy camera with a serious lens (at least 500mm), which she pointed at anything and everything! So that hide was definitely NOT the place for us to be that afternoon! Besides, the approach to that hide is quite short, and it is possible to be “surprised” by folks arriving with very little warning (as some of us know from a previous session there!). It is also a good hide for bird watching, so it’s quite popular with the serious birders.

I went on past the coffee-shop to the second hide, which is the one that I had in mind. This time there was no-one else there, all was quiet. The parking is up next to the road, there is a squeaky sprung gate at the entrance, and quite a long walk down a paved path to the hide, which means that there is quite a good “early warning system” when other folks arrive, as you can hear and see them approaching from some distance. This hide is also NOT really great as far as bird-watching is concerned, as there is no view of the water, just a massive reedbed, with not a great deal of birdlife in the winter months. Hence it tends to be fairly quiet. In fact, while I was waiting there alone, the couple with the camera with the long lens drove straight on past this hide, perhaps showing that they knew it wasn’t a great bird-watching area (although, in my view, THAT depends on what kind of birds you are wanting to watch!!!).

The bird-hide itself at that site is pretty basic, as they all are. But the nice thing about this site is that there is also a bench and fixed table in a shady (and screened-from-the-entrance) spot under a tree off along a side path. And further on, next to the hide, there is an excavated area (the “fairy grotto”), also screened from view, planted with a few trees, and with a heavy stone table and a couple of benches at the far end. So there are a number of different options as far as the actual play area is concerned….

I received a message from my friend S, saying he was running a bit late but had just picked up his young lady friend at the mall, and they were on their way. He asked if I could send a “location” to him and to friend “D”, which I did.

In due course, D arrived, but the couple managed to get lost, having come in the other entrance, and drove around a bit trying to find us. But when they arrived, it was definitely worth the wait!!! She was a lovely young lady, a student not long out of school, blonde, slim build, very attractive.

He had asked us to hold back when they arrived, so as not to put any pressure on her, as it would be her first time out in the open, first time with other guys present, first time being watched… They came walking down the path towards us hand-in-hand, smiling, but with her looking around rather nervously. We greeted briefly, and I pointed out the various areas available to them.

My friend had a very quick look at the hide, and then the “grotto”, took her by the hand again and without hesitation headed off into the grotto, to the table and benches at the far end. D and I hung back near the hide, following instruction, not wanting to interfere while they got started.

They didn’t waste any time at all (maybe because of getting there a bit late?), and were almost immediately in each other’s arms, kissing, and touching…. And then her pants were being taken off, and he lifted her up onto the table… He waved at us, beckoning us over, and we wasted no time in joining them! She was sitting, leaning back on the table, resting on her elbows, heels on the table, her knees up and spread apart, with her back towards us. He was facing us as we approached down the path, smiling broadly, fingering her energetically, and from the sound of it she was already very wet and willing. As we drew near she looked around, obviously still nervous, and then relaxed and smiled when she saw it was just D and myself. She asked “is it safe here?”, and I reassured her that it was, and that we would have good warning if anyone else arrived – they were well out of sight of the entrance. And I would be keeping a good lookout anyway.

S was fingering her, with the gusset of her panties pulled over to one side, but they were in his way. He motioned her to lift her bum, and pulled the panties off and placed them with her discarded leggings on the closest bench. Her clean-shaven pussy was now in full view, his middle finger again pistoning into her vigorously.

With the other hand, S pushed her T shirt up over her boobs, revealing that her bra was already loosened, with her boobs hanging free. Her boobs were quite small, maybe a 32 B cup, and firm with very prominent nipples, but still jiggling from the energy of him fingering her. The left nipple was pierced, with a large dumbbell through it. He caressed her boobs roughly, one then the other, and tugged gently on the piercing, rolling the nipple between thumb and finger.

Then he stopped fingering, bent down and started lapping at her pussy, licking loudly, and she started to moan and breathe heavily. With her boobs now free and still in view, I was tempted to try my luck, and leant in and whispered in her ear, asking if I could touch and lick her boobs. But she shook her head, saying, “no, sorry, I’m not comfortable with that”, so I respectfully backed off and just stood watching, D and I standing together, as the table was positioned off to one side of the pathway.

The young lady orgasmed as S licked her pussy, and shuddered and groaned. S stood up, wiped his mouth, and unzipped his pants. She sat up, leant forward, reached for his cock and started wanking it. It wasn’t long at all before he was fully erect. She slipped forward off the table, crouched at his feet, and started giving him a great blowjob, taking him down deep.

D meanwhile realised that it would be better if the table was in the middle of the pathway rather, and together we shifted it to a more central position, while the BJ was going on off to the side.

S gently pushed her off his cock, and reached into his pocket for a condom. She helped him put it on, and then hopped back up onto the table, and lay back. S lifted her hips and pulled her back towards the edge of the table (which was at JUST the right height!), positioned his cock at her pussy opening, and slowly pushed into her. D and I were now standing close by on either side of the table, looking down at this action. The young lady was looking at S as he entered her, but once he started fucking her, leaning back so that we could clearly see cock pushing into pussy, she looked up at D and myself and smiled shyly. We told her how good she looked, and how well she was doing, and she really seemed to be enjoying herself, and started to relax a lot more.

S has great stamina. After fucking her on the table for a while, he stopped and pulled out, pulled her off the table and turned her around, she bent forward over the table, and they continued fucking in the doggy position. And after a while, back to her lying on the table again…

For D, this was a first, being able to watch a couple fucking from so close up. I’ve obviously done it a number of times before, but we were both clearly delighted at what we were witnessing, and let the couple hear our appreciation. By this stage, both D and I had unzipped and were wanking our own cocks. S motioned us to come a whole lot closer, then took the young lady’s hands and made it obvious that he wanted her to take us in hand and wank us, while he continued fucking. She seemed quite happy to do that, so long as we didn’t touch her. After a while of this attention, I needed to stop her, and let things subside… I walked back along the path towards the hide, from where I could again check the gate and the parking area, having indeed forgotten for a while that I was supposed to be on lookout duty! Fortunately, things were still very quiet (this being a weekday afternoon).

They continued for a while, maybe 20 or 30 minutes, changing position every now and then, alternating as before. The young lady came a couple of times, but friend S managed to keep going! At one point she said that she was really thirsty. We offered her a bottle of water, and she asked if they could take a break for a bit. S pulled out, she stood up and had a big slug of water, and then reached for her lacy white G-string panties and pulled them on before sitting down on the bench next to S. We chatted a bit, about how this was not their first time together, but was their first time in public together. And how she was finding that she DID like being watched, as S had suggested... I asked how come only her left nipple was pierced, and she explained with a laugh that it had been her intention to have both done, but that after the pain of the first one she had decided against it!!

Once she felt rested, it was time to continue! She wanked and sucked S back to full erection, condom back on, and she bent over the table again… By now the day was getting on a bit, and S decided that it was time to draw things to a close. He fucked her vigorously, and she was moaning loudly! D and I had our cocks back out, wanking again. Standing at the top of the table, I had a lovely view down the neck of her loose-fitting blouse, watching her young boobs swaying with every thrust that S gave.

I thought I heard the sound of an approaching car (above the sound of their energetic table-top sex!), slipped my cock back into my pants and walked back along the path towards the hide, from where I could check the entrance again. I didn’t want to disturb the activities unnecessarily, and fortunately this car too carried on past our spot. All was well!

As I came back along the path towards them, I saw that she now had D’s cock in her mouth, while wanking him hard. And S was really going for it. As I got back to them, S gave a loud groan and grimaced as he thrust in hard and came. D had also just cum, and was wiping off his dick with a tissue. The young lady had her mouth closed. As S withdrew, she hopped off the table, and spat out a mouthful of D’s cum to the side of the path, and reached for the bottle of water to rinse her mouth. She looked up with a naughty smile and said – “so is everybody happy?” I was the only one who had not yet orgasmed, but my erection had also subsided while checking out the gate, and I decided to just leave it at that – I was totally happy with what I had experienced that day! And it really was time to get going…

The guys cleaned up, and the young lady put her panties and leggings and shoes back on, fastened her bra again, and patted her hair back into place. D and I thanked the couple profusely for making it such a great dogging session, and particularly for inviting the two of us to be a part of it, sharing in her “first experience”! S explained that he didn’t want a crowd of guys there, overwhelming her and perhaps destroying the situation. He knew us, and knew he could trust us to behave ourselves. And we had as a result been rewarded with this “not to be missed” scenario that had played itself out in our presence!

So this site at Rietvlei, the Fern Fountain bird-hide, is definitely an ideal dogging spot during the week. It’s probably not such an ideal spot on weekends (likely to be a bit busier), and it’s not accessible in the evenings when the reserve’s gates are closed. If you are using the “grotto” to have your fun in, then you do need to have a lookout, as it is more difficult to hear the gate squeak if you are having a lot of fun and making a lot of noise… If you’re getting carried away, and are not listening out, birders or picnickers could well arrive and walk down to the hide, hear your loving noises and choose to have a look up into the grotto, and be surprised (pleasantly or maybe not!) at what you are up to in there. Someone has even suggested that you could take your own padlock and chain, and lock the gate once you are inside, to ensure privacy (I wonder what the reserve staff might do, if they found the gate locked in that way?). But the fact that it is not an ideal hide from which to watch feathered birds probably contributes to it being such an ideal site for rather watching birds with beautiful boobs, going about their mating rituals, such as D and I had just experienced.